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Top definition. A term meaning extreme contempt toward the person it is told to. Just another way tell someone to fuck off. Some old fuck was yelling at me for no reason, so I walked past hi, gave him the finger and yelled, "Ahhh, bite my ass, you peckerwood son-of-a-bitch! When someone is profoming oral sex on your ass.

Ass biting people

It's gotten to the point where it would be tedious to list the things I want to do so I try to go the opposite route. Jun 12, 8, 0 0 Toronto, ON. Bifing Scaries Come join us and add your Penis mushroom spores magic mushrooms to the daily discourse. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Out of spite, Vince claimed it still counted as kissing his ass, as his lips still made contact with his Ass biting people. But it turns out we were wrong: that alligator was sexually harassing that woman. Hakushon Daimao: Bullko, the bulldog, did this to both Kan-chan and Hakushon, complete with underwear exposure and in Kan's case, butt exposure twice. I hope you enjoy it. This has been an Expression episode.

Celeberties masterbating. bite (someone) in the ass

It may not Girl pantie show intentional, but that is Ass biting people behavior. Most dogs and puppies engage in mouthing, nipping or play biting, which is normal. Look to see if your dog is biting and: Relaxed: Your dog will have a calm stance and relaxed facial muscles with peopoe open mouth. Iggy Amore gets punished by stepdad 8 min Laurasis - If your vet determines a cause for the grumpiness and biting, treatment may be recommended that can stop the biting. This teaches the biitng good canine citizenship. If your Ass biting people or dog was provoked by excessive teasing or threat of injury protecting himselfyou can train him yourself—as long as there was no human injury involved. Click here to Ass biting people your story. Categories: Dog Biting. Every year in the United States there are over 4. It's important to determine this since you'll need to deal with your dog differently depending on whether he's biting from playfulness or aggression. If you own a dog that bites, you can be held financially responsible for any injuries your dog may cause. Tips If you can't tell if your dog is biting out of aggression or playfulness, consult a professional dog trainer or behavior expert.

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  • Every year in the United States there are over 4.
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Top definition. A term meaning extreme contempt toward the person it is told to. Just another way tell someone to fuck off. Some old fuck was yelling at me for no reason, so I walked past hi, gave him the finger and yelled, "Ahhh, bite my ass, you peckerwood son-of-a-bitch!

When someone is profoming oral sex on your ass. Rori told me to bite her ass so in school i bit her ass. Anastasija National Kiss a Tall Person day Zin 2 BC Zin Andrej Sundaze Oct 28th Sunday Scaries October National ask out a Joey day!

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Never allow children or adults to tease dogs. Did you try these steps? Ass lickers love dick. Ask your vet if this medication would be a good fit. How do I open my dog's mouth if it's biting another dog and won't let go? For example, if your dog is scared of men in hats, but hasn't run away when watching a man in a hat, have the man gently toss a few treats towards your dog.

Ass biting people

Ass biting people

Ass biting people.


Butt Biter - TV Tropes

Animals are one of nature's beauties of the earth. Some are cute and cuddly while others can be rather shy. However, there's this kind of animal, the biting kind that can literally bite you on the butt if you're not careful. This breed of animal is what's known as a Butt Biter; they can be dogs, cats, pigs, ferrets, any other animal you can think of.

The next time you come across this type of animal, beware. Often results in the butt-biter making off with a piece of trouser fabric, leaving a hole behind through which Goofy Print Underwear may be visible. A much less violent variant is someone getting their pants pulled down by a biting animal, often while attempting to escape.

Usually happens to men, but women are not immune to this. Is likely to cause a Pain-Powered Leap. Has nothing to do with Beavis And Butthead , even though one of Butthead's favorite insults was "buttmunch. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. No need for such a biting response, Calvin. Got an awful tear! Took a little nibble from my derriere! I will get you in ze end, dog! You'll regret you bit me, chum! Ooooh, I am so irritated I got bitten in ze bum! The famous Coppertone sunblock dog. Her large buttocks are implied to look very tasty indeed.

Not really getting bitten, but JP from Digimon Frontier gets pinched in the butt by a crab. First with a flesh-eating slime, then with a wolf. It quickly becomes his Berserk Button. Happens to King Dedede near the end of that episode of Kirby of the Stars with the Dedede dolls as a result of one of said dolls being bitten by a mole shortly after being buried in the ground as an attempt to prevent it from menacing anyone.

Dedede then proceeds to thrash around, causing the doll to attack the innocent one last time before Kirby swallows the doll, causing Dedede to for some reason fly off into outer space and fly past a planet shaped like him. In the manga Fullmetal Alchemist Den the Rockbell family dog bites Heinkel's butt when he believes them to be intruders upon seeing them threatening Winry believing her to also be an intruder.

In the anime, it is Darius's butt he bites. The whole thing is just a comical misunderstanding. A dog does this to Shinobu in Love Hina. What makes it worse is that this is after she had already failed some tests at school. The same dog also bites Keitaro earlier on in the manga. In an episode of City Hunter , a guard dog bites Kaori, ripping the seat of her pants. In an episode of Doraemon , when Nobita accidentally kicks a can onto a dog, the dog chases him and bites off the seat of his shorts.

Believe it or not, Chris actually fell victim to this trope once, at the end of the Moses episode of Superbook. Chris tried pinning the blame for breaking his father's vase on his dog Ruffles. Ruffles, not taking too kindly to being his scapegoat , began chasing after Chris, until halfway down the stairs, when she clearly looks like she had just bitten him on the rump. Early in Eyeshield 21 , Monta falls victim to this from Cerberus.

After that, he has a discussion with Sena about joining the football team and decides that he's not ready to give up on his dream of becoming a baseball player just yet.

As he gets up to leave, Sena calls out for him to stop In the Korean animated series Dooly the Little Dinosaur , a dinosaur takes a bite out of a wicked witch's backside, exposing her underpants to the villagers she was threatening, before being chased by the monster. As the DVD text describes, "when bitten by a Bottom Biting Bug, people with hunched backs will have their posture corrected, depressed people will start to laugh, and people who had no confidence will suddenly become self-assured - those bitten are cheered up until they seem like entirely different people".

Amongst the things they do is one of them biting Clemont's butt. Hakushon Daimao: Bullko, the bulldog, did this to both Kan-chan and Hakushon, complete with underwear exposure and in Kan's case, butt exposure twice. Comic Books. De cape et de crocs : Justified in that the main characters are a wolf and a fox, and are tied up. This even leads to a sadly-untranslatable Double Entendre : the others are using various puns based on what body part is being attacked forehead, eye, throat, the guy getting bitten stops short of saying he's being sodomized.

Also the purple fly in the Animated Adaptation counterpart "The Purple Smurfs", although there the actual butt-biting is never shown. Since he's very small, he also has no trouble clinging to the butt he's biting, which usually results in the subject most often a Roman running around while yelling.

On several occasions Snowy saves the ass of his master by biting someone else's. Catwoman : In her When in Rome miniseries, she got chased by some dogs and ended up bitten in the ass by one of them, getting the seat of her catsuit ripped off. Unfortunately for her, she wasn't wearing any underwear , giving readers a view of her buttocks.

The Simpsons : One issue has Santa's Little Helper become an advertising hit by doing this to Krusty, every time he says " sink your teeth into something Krusty ". Krusty quickly gets tired of it, and the resultant pain of getting bit in the ass every time he makes a commercial. Comic Strips. Calvin and Hobbes : Pictured above, Calvin got bitten by a fish while he was out fishing.

Happens to Rat in a Pearls Before Swine strip. During one series of Popeye Sundays, Wimpy got an Angry Guard Dog attached to the seat of his pants after trying to steal it's owner's ducks.

Not even sending it to the dry cleaners would remove the dog. Wimpy walked through an alley full of strays in hopes the biter would let go and play with the other dogs, only for those other dogs to start biting too! In Dennis the Menace , Gnasher does this to the postman. One story revealed he had a collection of ripped seats from blue uniform trousers. Garfield : The October 10, strip has Jon put a rubber hot dog in Garfield's food dish and get bitten on the butt in retaliation.

This Bites! After joining the crew, Lassoo chomps Usopp on the rear in retaliation for some of his actions against Lassoo during Usopp and Chopper's battle with Lassoo and his former owners. Merry in her child form; she bites Garp hard enough to leave marks and rip off his shorts. Films — Animation. Disney Animated Canon : Happens in multiple films. Aladdin : Implied to have happened. We see Prince Achmed with a bite off his pants, and then we see Rajah the tiger with fabric on his mouth.

The Aristocats : Edgar is attacked by angry guard dogs Napoleon and Lafayette, who bite off the seat of his pants. They even discuss it beforehand: Napoleon: Now you go for the tires, and I go right for the seat of the problem. Lafayette: How come you always grab the tender part for yourself? Napoleon: Cause I outrank ya, that's why! Marty: You're biting my butt! Alex: [looks down] No I'm not. Films — Live-Action. The Mask. While wearing the title item, Milo the dog bites one of Dorian Tyrell's mooks on the bottom.

In Inspector Gadget , Brain the intelligent dog bites the evil Dr. Claw, ripping off at the same time his blue boxers no nudity, it's a Disney movie. It happens to Skinner and Le Pelt in both movies based on Dalmatians. In the Disney independent film The Duke , a dog takes her revenge towards her owner by biting her bottom.

The sorceress played by Kathleen Turner in A Simple Wish gets bitten on the bum by her own assistant, changed into a dog earlier in the movie. In many of the Our Gang-Little Rascals film series, the kids' pet dog would not hesitate to even the score with any bad person with a well-placed bite to that person's tush!

A zombie attacks a cheerleader by biting her on the ass in Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave. Later Phil thinks he's been bitten, and after much deliberation, Mitch prepares to suck the venom out only to see that Phil just sat on a cactus.

In Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse , when the zombified Crazy Cat Lady next door attacks the protagonists, she manages to catch one by his shorts, pull them down and proceeds to try and bite him in the ass In Extinction War of the Spider Queen series , a warrior told how an upstart mage of his House once tried to "teach him his place" by polymorphing him into a riding lizard and saddling him.

This didn't quite work as planned, in that the transgressor was unable to sit for some time, blaming it on a "riding accident". Lea actually seems a slightly taken aback. In the Discworld novel Jingo , Angua, a werewolf, mentions having bitten someone on the bum. When discussing becoming a bird or a fish in Dr. Franklin's Island , Semi says that she would like to be a great white shark and bite Doctor Skinner's bum. Bite it right off. Defied in The Silver Sword.

Jan wants to set Ludwig the dog on an official who is determined to see that all refugees in the area are sent home in the hope of seeing the dog bite a hole in the man's trousers. However, Ruth restrains Ludwig until the man has gone.

Ass biting people