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The merchant navy uniform is a matter of great pride and respect for those working at sea. It takes years of hard work, discipline and dedication for a maritime professional to become worthy of wearing the prestigious merchant marine uniform. These smart uniforms are also a matter of great fascination not just for those in the industry but also for those who have no clue what maritime professionals do or the industry is all about. For some, the uniform is not just two pieces of clothes, but an experience, an achievement, and an attachment to an industry which has made them what they are today. However, one needs to work hard to earn that privilege.

This insignia depicts an eagle behind a shield of stars and stripes with two crossed anchors behind marinf. The merchant navy uniform is a matter of great pride and respect for those working at sea. Please stay us up to date like this. It is similar to the previous insignia with the eagle. When not at work, he likes to read, click photographs and go for a ride on his bike.

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Drews more comfortable, casual clothes create a looser environment and less attentiveness to detail? The RRF was called upon St louis adult personal provide humanitarian assistance to gulf coast areas following Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita landfalls in September Current Charles butt Conflicts Wars Civil affairs Officers' clubs. Merchant Marine Flag". Marine Cafe Blog. Or is it going to immediately tell viewers especially those in-the-know that I went for 'stereotype' instead of doing my homework? Strictly forbids, the transfer, sale, or donation of service unirorm, to the general public, period complied uniform law If you were to wear it aboard my vessel I would have you put ashore while alerting Homeland Security of an imposter in an unlawful uniform. On many ships, Assistant Engineers stand periodic watches, overseeing the safe operation of engines and other machinery. For example, worldwide demand for natural gas led to the growth of the global liquefied natural gas Marie tanker fleet, which reached vessels as of Wood Drdss. The United States Maritime Service as an organization is a comparative newcomer, particularly when compared to the Army and Navy. Its basic form of a blue jacket with red trim dates back to the 19th century. It is hoped that every officer Us merchant marine dress uniform take upon himself responsibility for the development of that esprit Us merchant marine dress uniform corps which is the common factor dres pride binding all members of any service together. It is also the standard cap badge for all uniform covers.

Aspiring cadets and seamen are always fascinated by the way a Merchant Marine Officer dress ups in his uniform, hence I would like to present a better picture of various uniforms in trend in history as well as in modern times.

  • Both the civilian mariners and the merchant vessels are managed by a combination of the government and private sectors, and engage in commerce or transportation of goods and services in and out of the navigable waters of the United States.
  • Uniformity of Uniforms With the wearing of the uniform, there are certain responsibilities, the principle of which is that the uniform be worn as designed with no additions or subtractions.
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Code The U. Maritime Service falls under the authority of the Maritime Administration of the U. Department of Transportation. By law, the U. Maritime Service's rank structure must be the same as that of the U. Coast Guard , [4] but uniforms worn are those of the U. Merchant Marine Academy are required to report annually to the Maritime Administration to comply with their service obligations. Superintendents or presidents of the seven maritime academies in the U. Additionally, some administrators and instructors at the maritime academies may be assigned rank in the Maritime Service.

Those with U. The merchant marine in the United States was in a state of decline in the mids. At that time, few ships were being built, existing ships were old and inefficient, maritime unions were at war with one another, ship owners were at odds with the unions, and the crews' efficiency and morale were at an ebb. Congress took action to fix the problems in Maritime Commission "to further the development and maintenance of an adequate and well balanced American merchant marine, to promote the commerce of the United States, and to aid in the national defense.

The commission realized that a trained merchant marine work force was vital to the national interest. Waesche , Commandant of the Coast Guard , to formulate a training program for merchant-marine personnel.

Called the U. Maritime Service , the new training program was inaugurated in It used a combination of civilian Maritime Commission and uniformed Coast Guard instructors to advance the professional training of merchant mariners.

As with the other military services, the entry of the United States into the Second World War necessitated the immediate growth of the merchant marine and the Coast Guard. This new agency received a number of functions considered vital to the war effort, including maritime training.

Several weeks after the creation of the new agency, however, the Maritime Service was transferred again to the Coast Guard on 28 February of that year, under Executive Order ; the marine safety aspects of the Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation BuMIN were also transferred to the Coast Guard at this time. The transfer allowed the War Shipping Administration to concentrate on organizing American merchant shipping, building new ships, and carrying cargoes where they were needed most. The Maritime Service was later transferred to another agency, while marine inspection and licensing continued to be Coast Guard missions.

The need for administering the merchant marine during wartime was demonstrated during the First World War. Commerce warfare, carried on by submarines and merchant raiders, had a disastrous effect on the Allied merchant fleet.

With the resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare in , U-boats sank ships faster than replacements could be built. The United States intended to meet this crisis with large numbers of mass-produced freighters and transports.

When World War II loomed, the Maritime Commission began a crash shipbuilding program utilizing every available resource. The experienced shipyards built complicated vessels, such as warships.

New shipyards, which opened almost overnight around the country, generally built less sophisticated ships such as the emergency construction Liberty ships. By the shipyards had completed more than 2, "Liberty" ships and hundreds of Victory ships , tankers and transports. My Lads, Heave Ho! All of these new ships needed trained officers and crews to operate them.

The Coast Guard provided much of the advanced training for merchant marine personnel to augment the training of state merchant marine academies. The Maritime Commission requested that the Coast Guard provide training in when the Maritime Service was created.

The Maritime Service established several training centers throughout the United States:. Training ships manned by the Coast Guard included the maritime-commissioned American Mariner.

Licensed and unlicensed merchant marine personnel enrolled in the service. The ranks, grades, and ratings for the Maritime Service were based on those of the Coast Guard. Training for experienced personnel lasted three months; while inexperienced personnel trained for six months. Pay was based on the person's highest certified position in merchant service, and new students received cadet wages. American citizens at least 19 years old, with one year of service on American merchant vessels of more than gross tons, were eligible for enrollment.

Coast Guard training of merchant mariners was vital to winning the war. Thousands of the sailors who manned the new American merchant fleet trained under the watchful eyes of the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard only continued the administration of the Maritime Service for ten months after the United States entered the war. Merchant marine training and most aspects of merchant marine activity transferred to the newly created War Shipping Administration on 1 September The transfer allowed the Coast Guard to take a more active role in the war and concentrated government administration of the merchant marine in one agency.

However, just as the transfer removed the merchant marine training role from the Coast Guard, the service assumed the role of licensing seamen and inspecting merchant vessels. One of the differences is visible on the shoulder boards and the dress uniforms worn by the officers.

The symbol of the gold anchor and the wreath is not the same for all United States Maritime Service officers. Like the United States Armed Forces, there are different jobs that need to be done aboard ships. For the sake of identification, the wreath symbol that rests above the shoulder board striping indicates the occupation of the officer. The symbols and occupations are as follows:. Another difference is seen in the cap devices worn on the combination cover.

For the Navy, the device depicts an eagle perched on top of a shield of stars and stripes with two crossed anchors behind it. For the Maritime Service, the device shows an eagle perched on a shield covered by a gold anchor. The shield was also circled by a wreath of gold leaves. The collar devices which denote rank are almost identical to the U. Navy ranks. The exception comes from the rank denoted by a silver star.

In the Navy, a single silver star represents the rank of Rear Admiral Lower Half , and progressive numbers of stars represent other admiral or "flag" ranks up to Fleet Admiral which contains five stars. In the U. S Maritime Service, one silver star denoted the rank of Commodore. Despite the many differences, the uniforms of the two services are very similar.

Both services wear a khaki uniform. However, the U. Maritime Service wears their rank devices on the right collar and wears their collar device for their occupation on the left collar, similarly to staff corps officers in the U. Another unique device that is seen worn with the uniform is a breast insignia worn over the front left pocket. This was formerly known as the Navy Reserve Merchant Marine Insignia , and earned by those officers who were also commissioned officers in the United States Naval Reserve.

This insignia depicts an eagle behind a shield of stars and stripes with two crossed anchors behind it. At the bottom of the insignia, there is a scroll that reads "U.

It is similar to the previous insignia with the eagle. This insignia has an eagle that is behind two crossed swords, a shield of stars and stripes and an anchor in the front. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. United States Maritime Service Seal. Rear Admiral Mark H. Buzby , USN, Ret. Retrieved Retrieved 26 September American Merchant Marine at War.

Agencies under the United States Department of Transportation. Bradbury , Acting Deputy Secretary of Transportation. Maritime Academies in the United States. United States Merchant Marine Academy.

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The New York Times. The various designations are listed in descending order of formality:. Would be disrespectful. The connection between the American colonies and Europe, with shipping as its only conduit, would continue to grow unhindered for almost two hundred years. The United States Maritime Service as an organization is a comparative newcomer, particularly when compared to the Army and Navy. On August 15, two ships departed Southampton, England with more than colon The sinking of merchant vessels and the rapid expansion of shipbuilding facilities necessitated a shift of emphasis to provide the new men and officers for the fleet.

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Aspiring cadets and seamen are always fascinated by the way a Merchant Marine Officer dress ups in his uniform, hence I would like to present a better picture of various uniforms in trend in history as well as in modern times. Uniforms display rank and are a source of pride for their wearers.

Many members of the Merchant Navy were never required to wear a uniform. Uniforms came into popular culture of Merchant navy when large shipping companies which carried passengers started using systems of stripes and badges.

These helped to identify crew from passengers, officers from seamen or ratings, as well as encouraging discipline, this was the birth of Merchant Navy uniforms in Britain and part of Europe. In India till date we are using the same Merchant Navy cap badges that were issued in ,In great Britain. However the official uniform insignia issued by Admiralty,Britain, Is not in popular culture, many companies at the same time retained their badges that were in popular culture, these uniforms were always kept optional,Hence it is well understood that uniforms were exclusively made for Royal Navy Naval force and were optional for the administration of Merchant Navy in particular Nation,upon the companies and administration under which they serve.

These uniforms closely resemble to those of the Royal Navy. Prior to officers, and captains of ships in particular, had worn what they pleased. It has been recorded that one captain had worn a plain black tailcoat and a white top hat. This type of headgear may seem out of place at sea but was commonly worn until or later. These buttons depict, how buttons were used in uniforms of a Merchant Navy Officer,these were similar to Royal Navy buttons.

The raised design depicts a slightly modified naval crown before an anchor within a braided rope surround. Macleod 6 Rd The official uniform of the Merchant Navy was introduced by the Board of Trade in Companies often used to assign their own badges. I have done a through study of Uniform trends in Merchant Navy since its inception, there are quite a few amazing facts regarding these uniforms and insignias. This article is written for fellow Seafarers and aspiring Seafarers, to know and understand the complex system under which the merchant navy works and demonstrates its golden stripes.

Different trades of Officers wear different insignia,although the basic system of stripes remains same for equivalent ranks on the vessel. In it was decided that British naval engineers would wear a purple,that colour coding transferred to the British Merchant navy engineer officers,this is sometimes also said that it is a devoted symbol for engineers in Titanic with their purple boiler suits.

This was particularly a Royal Navy thing in the past and later transfered to the British Merchant Navy, and came to India, as commonwealth Nation. This insignia is in popular,in Merchant Navy. Indian administration approves this insignia,as DG Shipping regulations state that diamond can only be used for Officers having certificate of competency COC , Unless DG Shipping permits anyone to do so.

This insignia came into force in under the British, and during second world war, this uniform is extensively used. This consists of a middle diamond with side stripes,being denser with rank.

Here as given in the picture the level of picture depicts his seniority level. Traditionally radio officers have been using the insignia as wavy stripes with a diamond in between, which as per seniority can go up to two stripes for senior radio officers.

Modern day Seafarers are not as what they used to be a years back, seafaring today is not just about sailing, its about passion and pride.

Merchant Navy Officers and Men are now getting trendy with time, hence Uniforms have now improved, and have attained a new level. With increasing fashion in the look and design of the uniforms. This poster created by me will help you to see what kind of Uniforms will suit the spirit and dynamic personality of a Merchant Navy Officer. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing. Want to put together an authentic uniform for myself that does not mis-represent but that also accurately represents my rank, status, and any medals I may be allowed to wear.

Pretty well retired now. I too am looking for authentic uniform items and am wondering what you found out and might share. Lighthouse Uniforms in Seattle has a lot of items my issue is one of timing. Precision Medals for other items. Lighthouse Uniforms is no longer a timing issue. Ben, the manager, went above and beyond to ensure the order going out on time. Dear Sir, I am writing to you so much time that I am ashamed to email you this time.

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Its your call, whether you want to work with largest Engines of the world or else want to navigate the largest ships! Wish I can find out more of the respective countries and corporate insignias. From what I sould see. I overheard her talking-most likely American. Later saw a 2 nd Purser Officer- Looked like Italian insignia. But later saw a 1st Purser Officer- looked American to me. Please keep me posted. I am fascinated with various insginia.

Have a bit of a collection myself. Thank you! Please keep sharing your experiences,and would be great if you share your collections with us. In the Philippines, we patterned our uniform from the US it could be due to our colonial past , but the only difference is that we are using the fouled anchor. Nice article, well done. Merchant Marine Officer uniform. I wear my Chief Engineer uniform proudly. Thanks very much for this.

I work in a heritage team and we had a donation of a jacket and hat badge and this website has helped so much. Thanks again. Nice information, please I want. To know the official ceremonial uniform for merchant navy wedding and the colour.

Awesome page. My dad was in the British merchant navy. I have some buttons and badges and am trying to find out the value of these. Are they collectable items etc. Where do I start? Do you have an email address where I could send them. Its in regards to buttons, cap badge and sleeve insignia.

Our prices are much competitive. Epaulettes 3. Uniform Complete. Many candidates who are new to the merchant navy are not much aware about the different batches of the tags involved in the merchant navy uniforms. The uniforms are also made as such it gives great respect. I am trying to confirm identity of a uniform said to be that of a deck officer of the merchant marine, probably Deck cadet- No colours, its all golden.

Engine Cadet- Purple colour in between. ETO cadet- Green colour in between. Medical if applicable- Red colour in between. Oilers too form the part of the ratings on the ship, and the uniform designated for ratings,will be applicable to oilers too. In modern Merchant Marines oilers dress up in their company Boiler suites.

Now the research says unless you are graduating from the Academy day then you wear the uniform your company decides on. Until then just continue taking a dump on the USMM. What do I get for my service? A USMM job market that is in the toilet. Look up USMS uniforms on google. They have pics for Officer and Enlisted.

That was what the WWII seamen wore. What the Academies wear are pretty much just for Academy dress. Except for the staff that is. Quick question would there be a reason why a Merchant captain would be wearing a Royal Navy uniform? Picture I have is from just after the Second World War. There were certainly some designated uniforms to be worn by Merchant Navies of some countries, but by large it has not been a structured and complaint thing.