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Grandma, cover your eyes: Bra straps are cool. The undergarment whose absence once symbolized rebellion has returned in a most visible way. After cropping up in New York and Los Angeles several years ago, the exposed strap has become a national phenomenon among under women, fashion experts say. Young women chortle when reminded that their mothers once took great pains, occasionally rigging safety pins, to prevent the horrifying fashion faux pas of an errant strap. Why bother going to any length to obscure something everyone knows, they ask.

These embarrassing bra straps

These embarrassing bra straps

These embarrassing bra straps

These embarrassing bra straps

These embarrassing bra straps

I was wearing this one bra that I don't wear anymore but the cups actually folded inward somehow, but the wire was still supporting me That, my friend, is a bra. So helpful and more ladylike with different tops and dresses. I'm not very These embarrassing bra straps when it comes to showcasing undergarments, and the undergarment I'm least concerned about is my bra. So these bra straps are not lingerie at all; they're a part of my life. The plastic clips will work well when I'm wearing tops with a more closed in neck as they pull the bra straps into a halter top style.

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Search Advanced search…. At such times, your boobs command to be well-supported in the best push up bra for D cup, DD cup. It's good to wear and not visible through different clothing items. Advice: You want to bend over at your waist, and place the bottom of the cups at the bottomand lift and you embarrassing so the top part is giving you lift. Such self-control is best learnt as early as possible in your husband's bra training, ideally from the very first time he wears a bra. These Peg kehret facts great for low back Theee suits and I am going These embarrassing bra straps get SO much use out of them. Better than I expected I was skeptical when my daughter insisted These embarrassing bra straps get these for her formal dress. I was a little worried that any self adhesive bra would actually stay in place. Good strapless support These are great for summer sundresses and tshirts. You can also do some bicep curls and push-ups. Most of it is a part of the glands that form your top bulk. English Choose a language for shopping. Search titles only.

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  • If your husband is to wear a bra in the presence of other people without it being noticed - in front of colleagues at work, for instance - it is of the utmost importance that he should know how to dress and act so as to avoid revealing his embarrassing secret.
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Close Cart. Your cart. Add to Cart. Tired of your bra straps showing under your favorite tops? These Bra Strap Clips make it easy for you to conceal the straps by clipping them together in black.

The Smart Bra Strap is the ultimate bra strap solution. Perfectly hide your bra straps under your dresses, sports tops, tank tops and more.

It redistributes the weight from your chest and guides your shoulder back for more perfect posture. Instantly get a lift that makes you look one cup size bigger! These Bra Strap Clips are a great alternative to buying a bra just for y-back or thinner strap shirt or tank.

No need to remove the bra , just slip it right between the straps. Barbara W. These work exactly as expected. It's best to loop one strap on in front of you. The item is as the description. Very good. It is arrived in less than a month. All very exactly 9 pieces. I recommend this seller and this product. I haven't been able to put it on yet myself. I highly recommemd these! The bra clips. I love all of the items!

So helpful and more ladylike with different tops and dresses. A lady must have!! Very comfortable. I am happy with this seller. Good quality. Easy and convenient to use. Fast delivery. Good price. I recommend this seller. These bra strap clips are amazing.

My days used to be filled with pulling up my bra straps every few minutes so embarrassing and annoying not anymore these are the best. You have to get them they're a must. Love these. The plastic clips will work well when I'm wearing tops with a more closed in neck as they pull the bra straps into a halter top style.

I recommend.

Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, it does hurt just a tad when removing them. The adhesive is also still just as sticky as it was to start, which is already winning in my book. I quickly grabbed one of the ropes and shielded her from the class while she adjusted her shirt. Once he has worn a bra in front of people without anyone noticing it, he will find he has no grounds for complaint should you expect him to start doing so on a regular basis. Women's Lingerie. By Ohsugarcc.

These embarrassing bra straps

These embarrassing bra straps

These embarrassing bra straps

These embarrassing bra straps

These embarrassing bra straps. How should he keep his bra wearing a secret?

They Really Stick Got these because bra straps are the bane of my existence. I have had a breast reduction and thought that I would be over the bra strap digging issue but with the not as perfect symmetry and nipple position of my remade boobs, bras are still a bit of an issue. I got these not knowing what to expect except that reviews said they stick, and that they do!

The image is of E size which fit but has some limitations probably due to reduction surgery issues. I was gifted with areoles that sit a bit farther from center so had to account for that when placing on breasts to avoid nip rip. The center clip really pulls you together! It was something akin to uniboob from my old sports bra days but did center my breasts and added some lift. By Brandy C.

Solid coverage and fit the need for backless This bra is perfect for certain needs and circumstances. For me 36DD , it fit my need for coverage, no bulges, secure stick, and deep plunge front perfectly. The bra is very easy to use - start with clean, dry skin obviously.

I leaned forward, making sure to place any sensitive areas in the "non stick" part. The coverage was good - it comes in both Nude and Black, and even the nude is solidly opaque with no show through. The sticky parts did not hurt too much to remove, and re-applying the plastic covering I feel it would be good for several re-uses. There is a center clasp to boost the "hold together" part of the cleavage.

The plunge area in the center is low cut enough to be no show under most clothing I own. Soft and comfy I was a little hesitant on purchasing these bras but gave it a shot and am so glad I did! Not only are they super comfy and hold "the girls" in, the price point for two is unmatchable! It does run almost a size smaller around the chest, so size up if you are on the fence on which size to go with.

I am a 38C and purchased a large which fits but is a bit snug. I may exchange it for an XL. Will be getting them in black too! Read more. By Mamabhr. Great support I bought this bra for sleeping but it is so comfortable and provides such great support that I will wear it as a regular bra and for fitness also. It comes with cups with a removable liner.

I actually prefer the lining in the bra for more support. I wear a 34B regularly and the size medium fits me just right. The stretch bands across the front I can wear on all 3 settings, depending on how much lift I want.

It is a great bra and a great price too. I had been seeing many advertisements for this style of bra recently and wanted to try them.

By Eagle. I had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery 4 years ago and have struggled to find a bra that is comfortable. I decided to try out this bra because it looked both comfy and cute. I am happy to say that it is even cuter in person and that it is comfortable enough for me to wear the entire day without feeling sore!

I would definitely recommend this bra to anyone. I will be buying more in each color. By Janae Hastings. Super Super nice thing! I have dress with opened long sleeve,but simple bra is not good for it. When I purchased that amazing product,I loved it. It's like a hidden bra, but on the same time vary easy and helpful. It's doesn't take a lot of space in my travel bag also.

By iuliia gradoboeva. Better than I expected I was skeptical when my daughter insisted to get these for her formal dress. She tried them at home for an evening, and said they were comfortable. She is petit though, so it may not be for everyone. By May. By Julia. Awesome for Strappy Dresses I have tried many strapless and backless bras under dresses or shirts that you can't wear a traditional bra with. Every single one I've tried has either slipped down traditional strapless bra or I felt like there wasn't enough coverage with backless bras.

When I saw this one, I knew I had to try it. It was great! I never felt like I was exposed, I felt like I was appropriately covered and the bra never moved! By Ashley. Seriously loved it Wow! This adhesive bra has seriously made a difference in the way I look. I have received so many compliments from friends on the way my chest now looks in shirts. It did a very good job for me and I love it. The material is realistic feeling, which I prefer.

Typically if I sweat in an adhesive bra, I wipe myself off and the bra stays adhesive. By Payal. This medical grade adhesive is super sticky and stays on well, do not have to push up frequently, have no worries of it falling off. Super easy to put on and take off. Very comfortable use. Good for dresses or shirts without a back. Good for going out or parties. Front sturdy clip design, super easy to put on and take off. It lifts, supports and squeezes your breasts close together and bring nice cleavage.

It is special designed for swimming suit. Easy to clean because its waterproof. And after wash, re use. Either way, very easy to clean. Mostly universal size because your just cupping the breast and bringing them together.

By Amer. Stay in place all day, not issues and great full coverage for D breasts! OK, I absolutely love backless bras and as a 36D type of gal it is pretty difficult to find a good backless bra that is full coverage and can push up the girls I have to say this bra does the trick!

It does't have the annoying drawstring that some bras have. The outer material feel like a regular bra and does not have the silicone feel which I personally like but won't ding this bra because this is more of a personal preference that other bras have. I have worn it twice and it has not fallen off or slide off it has stay is place all day! It is not as deep plunge as I would prefer but it does the trick and a perfect bra for your summer wardrobe! Overall, great bra that comes with instructions for proper placement and would definitely recommend!

By EP. Better bra out of most sticky bras Size 34D or 36C. Pros-Probably the best version of the sticky bra concept. This one also has larger cup sizes. It will get the job done and it won't give you the weird coney, sticky bra, boobs. I feel like some sticky bras were created by men without any idea where the nipple is located on the curvature breast.

Pro and con- I like that it lays on the breast, so it will stay on you but it will weigh your breast down if you have some of the larger size. Cons- it doesn't come with all of the "perks" as the picture.

My breasts are pretty perky for their size but the bra lays on the top of the beast, creating a slight saggy boob look. Regardless, it is probably still your option when comparing other sticky bras. By Anna. Not as supportive as I'd like, but works well for its purpose I don't usually wear adhesive bras so this review is coming from someone who doesn't have much experience with them, but I thought this one was pretty good.

The instructions to attach and clean the bra make sense, the bra provides good coverage and doesn't create any unflattering lines under tops, and it stays on securely. I didn't rate this product higher because the stickiness is somewhat uncomfortable if you sweat in the bra and because I personally prefer more support along my sides.

Otherwise, this bra works well for backless dresses or tops with large cutouts. Disclaimer: I received this product to test, but my opinions are still my own. By Florence Yuan. By Acexy. Two for the price of one This invisible bra work good they are very sticky and comfortable stay on. By Alice king. Very comfy Saw these strapless bras for awhile and have been skeptical about purchasing one, but I needed one with an evening gown.

I am hooked on this bras now. Love them. Soooo comfy and the hold is amazingly great. No more pulling up those annoying bra straps and correcting constantly that bra after movement - love this bra. By Mark Seifarth. These are amazing! I actually thought I was only buying one color so what a surprise when both colors came in.

Looking forward o summer clothes now that I found these. By Karen King. By Addbuty. Good strapless support These are great for summer sundresses and tshirts. They're also good for party dresses. Everything stays in place without embarrassing bra straps showing and ruining the look.

They're easy to put on, clean up well and can be reused. By Benjamin Trotter. Cleavage My wife in love with this bra. It just shows the perfect amount of cleavage. The adhesive works really well and she can use it a few times. Remember to keep the plastic that came with it so you can use more than once.

By vdt. Perfect Bra for summer tank tops! The bra is very comfortable The tie in the middle is similar to a shoe lace and is very sturdy and easy to use. They are really sticky! They clean easy too! Easy to follow directions and pull them together before putting on. By SIHE. By Sha. Five Stars It works. By msb By Laura Skinner. By Aopueys. Great Product for the price! Works as described. Great product! Functions beautifully. Sticks well. I would encourages all to apply after you have dried off well from a shower.

I also sprayed alcohol on my skin real quick to get rid of excess oils. My only criticism is that this isn't going to work the best for size D girls.

I am a D and i kept thinking that this would work far better on a B or C. Unless you are naturally very perky. But that's not due to product error.

I did appreciate having this option for a certain outfit mind you. But, I would love it so much more if my girls were smaller. Stayed perfectly all day long. By Rockelle.

Must have for backless I cannot believe these really work as described! I am not the biggest by any means but these totally give me volume for not having as much support as a full bra. I have other backless and none give me the support like this. These are great for low back body suits and I am going to get SO much use out of them.

Sticks I wear a size D , which is a bit on the larger side. It definitely works with some creativity and extra tape. I recommend sizing up a bit if you have bigger chest.

By amy. By Manda. Great even for large chested women Great even for larger chests. I was very hesitant on how well this would work but it is super sticky and stayed in place for my entire event. I have not had great luck with these types of bras in the past and I wasn't sure that I could find one that stayed put. This is very sticky without hurting your skin and no one could tell but I had a bra on under my formal dress. I definitely recommend! Very supportive and durable adhesive bra I am pleasantly surprised!

I've bought a few adhesive bras before and never cared for them as they never seem to give me the right support and the adhesive wears out easily. However, these already seem much more durable!

I wore one out to a formal dinner with my backless dress and I had no issues with support for the entire night! Never had to re-adjust anything. The adhesive is also still just as sticky as it was to start, which is already winning in my book.

Can't wait to go to the club this weekend and see how round 2 goes! By Leigh. Holds the girls nicely! I never used anything like this so this was my first time. Love these! Holds up nicely and they actually stay in place. I was skeptical about the adhesive but no problem there. Great for using with any clothing.

You won't even know they are there. Just make sure you follow the directions that is included. You won't be disappointed! By willie. I really like this bra This bra is so sticky that it holds my girls up. I really like this bra. It allows me to wear a back-less shirt or dress without any problems.

I really recommend this bra to anyone who needs it! By Kathleen. Perfect This is honestly one of the best purchases I've ever made. We wear this to attend annual diner, it sticks extremely well and doesn't come unstuck even through sweat! We danced for hours and never had a problem with it.

Nice shape. Now I've worn few times and the adhesive has not lessened! By Kindle Customer. Works for even bigger chested girls! Ok, ladies. I was in the middle of teaching a choreography sequence, so I had to just go with it. As soon as I could though, I grabbed a towel and tried to discreetly wipe the fleece away, cracking a joke about the effect it had produced. We were running and using various arm moves, including chest-level rows. Before I knew it, straps and cups were flying everywhere!

I left a front-row participant in charge of the class while I ran to the bathroom. Next day, I tightened all my bra hooks with pliers. One was a running shoe, the other a hi-top. I woke up at ! That was extremely embarrassing. There was another class starting at the same time in a second studio at my facility, so the participants went to that class instead. The instructor of the second class was awesome, taking charge and inviting my group to join hers when she saw I wasn't there.

After that, I offered my participants a free class and apologized profusely! They were all extremely understanding. Christine Ekeroth, freelance health and fitness editor, former group fitness instructor. I worked at a private spa, leading hikes and doing weigh-ins for guests. I filled in for a class a day or two after having foot surgery and my toes were numb. I couldn't feel them and tripped. One of my proudest moments is getting up to finish the class instead of dying right on the spot.

I taught for another five years after that. It felt like I was in slow motion for a moment until I hit the ground. There was a loud gasp from the class. I quickly got myself up and laughed it off. After class, I realized I had a nasty ankle sprain. The worst part was that it was a new combination I'd been bragging about. The energy was high and I was going around the room motivating everyone.

All of a sudden there was a wardrobe malfunction that left her exposed on top—she was in shock! I quickly grabbed one of the ropes and shielded her from the class while she adjusted her shirt. She later thanked me for keeping cool, not embarrassing her and making it a great class.

23 Awkward Bra Moments Every Girl Knows Too Well

To all my fellow humans who love sporting visible bra straps : This is an ode to the very visible straps on each and every one one of your shoulders. Bra straps need not be hidden, they should be showcased and shown love; but that doesn't mean that every once in a while, you won't come across someone who just won't have it.

They'll point it out, say something rude, and walk away as if it were no big deal. But it is a big deal. Because these bra straps are meant to be embraced, and that's a decision I will make on my own!

Wow, that got a little heated. But seriously, why are people so averse to seeing someone's bra straps? Almost every woman wears bras and if you don't, all the more power to you , and I personally wear one every day because of the support and lift it gives my chest.

So, since most women wear it, and let's be real, most men are quite familiar with bras, why is it such a faux pas? I'm not very shy when it comes to showcasing undergarments, and the undergarment I'm least concerned about is my bra. My bra is a part of my wardrobe, after all, and I often like to dress around my bra or bralette or brassiere , but just embrace it for what it is while being comfortable and having the correct support.

But if I come across someone who absolutely refuses to have it, I always seem to hear about it. And it doesn't just stop at one person. So, in an effort to make bra straps a little more commonplace, and to sympathize with all my peers who also couldn't care less if their bra straps are showing — and maybe even enjoy it — here are seven things women who let their bra straps show are sick of hearing. Because seriously, it's my bra and I'll do what I want with it.

That, my friend, is a bra. Also known as a brasserie, which helps support women's chests. They're very common in the modern world. In fact, most women wear them. And surprise, surprise, I do too. Need I go on? Some people like to pretend that they don't know what a bra is when they see it in real life, regular situations. Yes, I'm wearing a bra. Yes, it's slightly visible through my sheer shirt and behind my thin tank top straps.

No, that does not give you permission to point it out and make a scene. Sure, I have a strapless bra. But if I wanted to wear it or cared about my bra straps showing, I would have worn it. But I don't, so boo hoo. I wore a strapless bra only once, and I hated every minute of it. They fall off you, I always end up messing with them, and they're terribly uncomfortable.

Plus, they just ruin the whole point of even wearing a strapless piece of clothing. In my opinion, wearing a cute bra in a bright color with a strapless dress is easier, more convenient, and especially more comfortable than a strapless bra. In all honestly, I would rather go braless than wear a strapless bra. And that's the truth. I cannot tell you how many death stares and friends I've lost because they've grabbed my bra straps, pulled them as far away from me as possible, and just let go.

The pain of being snapped by a bra strap is excruciating, and I think all us women know that. Obviously I'm being a little dramatic, but it's seriously not a joke to mess with a woman's bra straps.

Just because my bra straps are showing doesn't invite you to hurt me and put me through inexplicable pain. So do me a favor, and just don't snap me. Whoa, hold up. My bra isn't showing so you can make assumptions about what kind of undergarments I wear. That "mom bra" is actually a super sexy , lacy brassiere with two inches of push-up padding and an under wire that can easily poke your eyes out. So you better watch your back. Straps don't necessarily reveal a lot about the bra you're wearing, whether it be lacy, brightly-colored, or just a basic elastic.

And plus, guessing what kind of bra someone is wearing sounds like a terrible game. Count me out. I admit that showing off your bra straps at a professional setting , or any kind of formal setting, might be a little unsightly. It's better to just simply follow the dress code, or choose something to wear that covers your shoulders so you can still wear the support you need in that atmosphere.

But when I'm out on the town, having drinks with friends, and trying to have a good time, you better believe I'm going to show off my sexy, pretty underwear. And my bra straps are right at the top of that list. And if you're so offended by it, just stop looking and everyone can be happy. Like I said before, bras are very common in today's day and age.

In fact, a woman who doesn't wear a bra is arguably more uncommon than one who does. So no, I wouldn't consider a bra lingerie, and I definitely would never say it needs to be left in the bedroom.

My bras are meant to be worn on a daily basis, providing me with the comfort and support I need to stay focused and on task throughout the day. Otherwise, I would just be distracted all day by my chest area, and no one wants that. So these bra straps are not lingerie at all; they're a part of my life. Mind your own business. I've got to admit that this one is definitely not something I am asked regularly, but I'm sure it's happened at least once or twice. Because let's be real, letting your bra straps show is going to trigger some kind of reaction — especially from male counterparts — in a casual setting like a bar or club.

So while it is kind of funny, it's also annoying. Because we're not wearing bras for anyone but ourselves, and if we choose to let our straps show, that's what's going to happen.

These embarrassing bra straps

These embarrassing bra straps