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In this episode, Beth and Jenna chat with Megan Hjelmstad, wife and mom who is in the Army Reserves and an advocate for women suffering from endometriosis as she did for years. We talk about being witnesses and evangelizing in our own spheres of influence whether it be at home, at work, or even at the grocery story. This week on the podcast, Jenna and Beth chat about insecurity—from childhood rejection to stepping into new roles—and how, in the face of shame or self-doubt, we can root ourselves in the Father's perfect love for us. We'd love to hear your tips and tricks for battling uncertainty. Winseman and Donald O.

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BIG thank you to Dara and Dara, you're amazing! Is it something you shy away from? In this episode we talk about friendship, how important friendships are, how stimky cultivate friendships, and what it ztinky to open the doors of our [squeaky ] hearts. Take a listen and share! In addition, many people without active diseases report allergic or allergic-like symptoms as a result of exposure to ETS e. There are a Tgp stinky of acute, noxious effects of exposure to ETS by nonsmokers that may occur. Tgp stinky, D. Acute effects of environmental tobacco smoke. Show notes. Lindvall, editor;and J.

Cock giant male. Environmental Tobacco Smoke: Measuring Exposures and Assessing Health Effects.

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NCBI Bookshelf. In this chapter, the acute sensory reactions from exposure to ETS are discussed. These reactions include perception of odor and irritation of eyes and upper airways.

Methods for evaluating these psychosensory phenomena include controlled chamber studies, where ventilation and smoking rates are manipulated and evaluated in terms of reported perception by a small number of subjects.

The perception of odor is often the earliest indicator of exposure to many airborne contaminants, but not for all. For some individuals, odor may merely be a nuisance.

For others, odor is an early indicator of a complex reaction to exposure to ETS involving allergic and other physiologic responses. Considerations of sensory reactions have a central role in the development of guidelines for ventilation requirements for occupied spaces.

The amount of ventilation, or number of air exchanges, needed to eliminate unacceptable odors and irritation commonly exceeds that required to meet any other needs, such as control of carbon dioxide. For a number of years, quite apart from concerns about possible adverse health from exposure to ETS, ventilation engineers have viewed ETS as the most problematic common indoor contaminant Leonardos and Kendall, Efforts to derive functional relationships between the amount of a contaminant generated in a space and the amount of outdoor air, i.

Function C in Figure is derived from experiments of Yaglou et al. The function depicts the combination of air space per person and ventilation rate of the air space outdoor air per person necessary to maintain odor at a moderate, acceptable level under steady-state conditions. Relationships between ventilation rate and air space per person in an environmental chamber according to three criteria: A maintenance of oxygen concentration; B control of carbon dioxide to a level of 0.

The decrease in curve C at low occupancy density large air space per person resulted most likely from the instability of occupancy body odor in Yaglou's chamber. That is, occupancy odor decays relatively rapidly on its own Yaglou and Witheridge, ; Clausen et al.

Tobacco smoke odor, on the other hand, exhibits relative stability. When smoking has ceased in an unventilated room, the odor will remain at the about same level over many hours Yaglou and Witheridge, ; Clausen et al. In a diagram such as Figure , a function for tobacco smoke odor, like functions A and B, would be independent of the size of the space or of air space per occupant.

In this respect, tobacco smoke odor behaves as a simple contaminant and ventilation requirements for reducing tobacco smoke odor should depend strictly on rate of smoking.

Twenty years after his study on occupancy odor, Yaglou reported a small experiment on tobacco smoke odor. Studying the very high smoking rate of 24 cigarettes per hour generated by six of nine occupants in his 1,cubic-foot chamber, he reported the need for 40 cfm cubic feet per minute per smoker, or cubic feet per cigarette, in order to achieve moderate, acceptable odor.

At about the same time, Kerka and Humphreys , using similar psychophysical techniques, estimated the requirement at 2, cubic feet per cigarette, or cfm per smoker smoking 8 cigarettes per hour.

At a smoking rate of 2 cigarettes per hour, this would be 75 cfm per smoker. Recent results have estimated ventilation needs closer to those of Kerka and Humphreys than those of Yaglou , but have also uncovered limitations on ventilation as a solution to the odor problems produced by ETS.

Figure shows how tobacco smoke odor varied over time for three smoking rates and various ventilation rates Cain et al. The line connecting the open squares in the left panel depicts the level of odor generated by nonsmoking occupancy with low ventilation. It shows that even in the presence of higher ventilation rates, smoking generated more odor than simple occupancy. Intensity of odor during and after smoking in an environmental chamber for three different rates of cigarettes smoked per hour.

Measurement of odor intensity was parts per million butanol matched to the test odor according to ASTM standard E Each more The psychophysical judges in the experiment, a mixed group of smokers and nonsmokers, assessed acceptability in addition to perceived intensity.

Figure shows the percent of dissatisfaction as a function of ventilation rate per cigarette. Data from Cain et al.

Such recommendations did not result from experiment, but rather from a consensus procedure of expert heating and refrigerating engineers that weighed available information. The standard was, however, the first to specify the need for 4 to 5 times greater ventilation rates during smoking occupancy as compared with nonsmoking occupancy. The most common rate specified for smoking occupancy is 35 cfm per occupant, whereas 7 cfm per occupant is the most common rate specified for nonsmoking occupancy.

This means that in a space where smoking is allowed, the pollution generated by smoking creates the greatest need for ventilation. According to the data of Cain et al. Data suggest that the difference in satisfaction between smoking and nonsmoking occupancy, and hence the difference in recommended ventilation rates, arises largely because of the intensity of the odors Figure , rather than the quality of the odors.

At equal odor intensity, the occupancy odor and tobacco smoke odor are disliked about equally. Percent of judgments of unacceptable odor quality of air versus odor intensity assessed by means of a graphic rating procedure during various conditions of smoking and nonsmoking occupancy. Each point represents the outcome from a particular combination more An additional factor affecting annoyance with odor is that nonsmokers are much more likely than smokers to object to tobacco smoke odor.

Figure depicts relative dissatisfaction with tobacco smoke odor at various intensities, expressed in terms of equivalent levels of butanol. In terms of practical solutions to the odor problem caused by tobacco smoke, the difference between smokers and nonsmokers may prove insurmountable. Under usual levels of smoking, no realistic level of ventilation will drive tobacco smoke odor as low as the equivalent of 32 ppm butanol butanol level 2. Percent of judgments of unacceptable odor quality of air derived from tobacco smoke odor related to equivalent level of butanol parts per million at top; log 2 at bottom.

Judgments accumulated across all conditions of smoking 2, judgments. Left: more Ventilating and air-conditioning engineers have typically concerned themselves with the reactions of visitors to enclosed spaces on the assumption that visitors will exhibit more sensitivity than occupants. As society has become more concerned with the health risks of smoking in the recent past, research on consequences of ETS exposure has focused on the occupant.

Included within this concern have been the sensory reactions of occupants. Figure illustrates changes in tobacco smoke odor and irritation over time for occupants. Whereas perceived odor magnitude may fade due to olfactory adaptation, irritation may increase. Also apparent in this figure is a relationship between relative humidity and odor or irritation perception.

In the low relative humidity conditions, both odor and irritation were exacerbated. Changes in odor and irritation during continuous, short-term exposure to cigarette smoke generated in a chamber. Receptors for irritation exist throughout the nasal, pharyngeal, and laryngeal areas and on the surface of the eyes.

The receptors comprise free nerve endings of the fifth, ninth, and tenth cranial nerves and form the mediating elements of what is known as the common chemical sense. Although particularly sensitive to corrosive stimuli, the common chemical sense responds to almost any airborne organic material at high concentration Cain, The common chemical sense or irritation perception is characterized by a tendency to respond more vigorously over time Cometto-Muniz and Cain, A person in an environment with a low-level irritant may even fail to notice any irritation at first.

Once irritation has begun, however, it may persist even after removal of the stimulus. A number of chamber studies have examined irritation and odor from tobacco smoke Weber et al.

The major findings include:. Eye irritation related to duration of exposure and concentration parts per million carbon monoxide of ETS.

Left: Eye irritation index. Right: Eye blink rate. From Weber One of the more important issues with respect to control of ETS is whether filtration of the particles will reduce discomfort. As indicated above, Weber and colleagues found only a small reduction of annoyance when they filtered the particles with Cambridge pads.

Since their criteria for annoyance largely assessed odor, their data largely agree with those of Clausen et al. Nevertheless, Weber and associates did find that filtration reduced reported eye irritation considerably. This led them to draw the conclusion that eye irritation derived largely from the particulate phase of ETS. Cain et al. This disparity suggests the need for a more direct comparison of the sensory effects of the two filtration methods and for chemical analysis in order to determine whether Cambridge pads remove a vapor-phase constitutent of ETS that is left airborne by electrostatic precipitation.

Winnecke et al. It is suggested that when undistracted, occupants of chambers in experimental studies might complain about circumstances that would go unnoticed in life situations. On the other hand, irritation may prove relatively resistant to distraction. Restaurants would seem to offer a realistic proving ground for the interpretation of the chamber studies. Weber et al. There was a direct relationship between reported irritation and CO concentration in four restaurants surveyed.

In a study of more than 40 workrooms, Weber and Fischer also found a similar association between the concentration of CO and reported eye irritation. Judgments of dissatisfaction, whether taken inside a chamber or in the field, may well vary as the social acceptance of certain odors, including ETS, changes with time.

For this reason, judgments of some attribute, such as eye irritation, or judgments of odor intensity, particularly those that entail a reference such as butanol, should form the information of interest for long-term considerations. Dissatisfaction measures may be more variable. Individuals with chronic lung diseases, such as asthma and vasomotor rhinitis, may be more sensitive to the acute irritating effects of exposure to ETS see Chapter In addition, many people without active diseases report allergic or allergic-like symptoms as a result of exposure to ETS e.

Reported symptoms include eye irritation, nasal symptoms, headache, cough, wheezing, sore throat, and nausea. The percent of people who report these responses varies with the nature of the exposure.

These reports have led to the belief that a tobacco smoke allergy may exist. Several investigators have studied immediate cutaneous hypersensitivity to extracts of tobacco leaves. All of them did develop erythema during the intradermal tests. Becker et al.

Reports of immediate skin reactivity suggest an immunological basis for clinical sensitivity to tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke has been shown to contain immunogens that can stimulate immune responses to tobacco leaf extract in experimental animals Lehrer et al. However, the extracts differ and there is controversy concerning the purity of tobacco glycoprotein isolates Becker et al. In a recent study of Lehrer et al.

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Sign up Log in. We will gather together with you at the table to talk about what YOU want to talk about, ask about, share about. Let's take a seat at the table next to one another, dive into prayer together, and grow in love as daughters of the King. Listen on. More places to listen. Father shares with us his wisdom on spiritual warfare, the ways Satan tempts us individually, and practical ways to protect yourself in the battle. Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

In this episode, Beth and Jenna talk about how the Lord is calling both of them and all of us! They talk all about a woman's divine need to be seen, what it can look like to right-order our relationships with each other, and how the Father's gaze never leaves us. They talk all about what they were like as kids, the scary necessity of drawing boundaries, and God's desire for healing and restoration in all areas of our lives, but especially within our families. Grab your Bible and join us!

Can We Pray Right Now? In this episode, Beth and Jenna talk about the life-changing work of stepping out in boldness to pray over our friends in the moment, their feelings about Rosary Club, and they hand out their first ever Podcast Homework assignment. Do you have a "Kim" in your life? Are you "Kim" in someone else's life? Father Muir is the Pastor at St. Parks and Fr.

Prayer And In this episode, Beth and Jenna chat about what they've been up to, the Houston BISretreat, reading Scripture, and what we do to search for balance in our lives.

Share your "prayer and What's Your Anthem? Let's talk on Facebook or Twitter! Debbie shares her beautiful and unbelievable! Do you believe God is calling you to use your story to bring people to Him? In this episode, Beth and Jenna chat about how deep friendships help build up your relationship with the Lord, and about some really fun ways Blessed is She can be a part of that over this summer. Do you struggle to have Christ-centered friendships?

They chat all about life verses, the inspiring lives of the saints, Edmund's long-term plan for evangelization in local parishes, and what it has in common with the structure of AA. In this episode, Beth and Jenna chat about what Apostles they identify with and what, in their personal lives, inspired them to pursue personal holiness.

We chat all about what it was like to grow up in the faith and ways we can pour into younger Catholics going forward. In this episode, Beth and Jenna talk about why we turn to so many things before we turn to the Lord, and how He is the One who truly satisfies us. Or dehydrated! We chat about what makes Holy Week special as a priest and what makes Good Friday so, so good for us all. In this episode, Beth and Jenna chat with Jenny Uebbing, the writer behind Mama Needs Coffee, about getting older, her reversion in college, and how a transformative experience during Mass completely revolutionized her body image.

Why does Jesus ask what people want when they obviously want healing? Prayer actually works, friend. So let's pray. In this episode, Beth and Jenna talk aaaalllll about failure. They share about how different their perceptions of failure are, what intimate risk looks like, and the idea of radical trust. What are your thoughts on failure? Is it something you shy away from? Do you have a fear of failure?

They explore what it means to be Kingdom-minded in a world where so many bad things happen and so many world leaders let us down. Resources mentioned: "I call heaven and earth today to witness against you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken.

If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness.

But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. To love is to be vulnerable. Lewis, The Four Loves. You can find out more about Chris and purchase his book at reallifecatholic. In this episode, Beth and Jenna talk about shame, sexual sin, pornography, the Lord's restoration and grace, and the importance of recognizing spiritual warfare in our struggles with sin.

We invite each woman listening to this episode to join us this weekend in going to Jesus in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. As we said in the episode, you are not alone. We are growing in hope with you, we are opening ourselves up to His grace with you, we are believing in freedom. You will be free. We kick off this season with one of our favorite friends and season 1 guest! Heather Khym of the Abiding Together podcast.

In this candid conversation, we chat about inviting Jesus into the story of our life as well as everyday moments to speak the truth about us. Emily is such a breath of fresh air, inspiring each of us to go after whatever the Lord has called on our life. She lays down a ton of truth about championing other women, remembering our belovedness, and how to deal with longing and even jealousy. Be sure to share this episode with your bestie who sees the goodness in you.

We talk about evangelization and how it's not quite as hard as you think! Do you have hobbies?? Share with us on Twitter!

In this episode, Beth and Jenna chat with wife, mother, and writer Lisa Brenninkmeyer. Lisa founded the beautiful ministry Walking With Purpose. We talk about praying with Scripture, speaking truth to yourself, emotional healing, and freedom.

We talk about history with God, Matt's own conversion moment, and all about his new album and children's book!! Take a listen below or over on iTunes and give us a rating while you're over there. In this episode, Beth and Jenna chat with the lovely Kendra Tierney, wife, mom, writer, and liturgical living extraordinaire.

She shares how we can look at the Church year and rhythms of the Church and integrate it [more seamlessly] into our lives. In this episode, Beth and Jenna chat about Bearing Light, the new Advent devotional from Blessed is She, the BIS team retreat, and opening up your heart to new people even if you think you're already full! In this episode, Beth and Jenna chat with Megan Hjelmstad, wife and mom who is in the Army Reserves and an advocate for women suffering from endometriosis as she did for years.

We talk about being witnesses and evangelizing in our own spheres of influence whether it be at home, at work, or even at the grocery story. This week on the podcast, Jenna and Beth chat about insecurity—from childhood rejection to stepping into new roles—and how, in the face of shame or self-doubt, we can root ourselves in the Father's perfect love for us.

We'd love to hear your tips and tricks for battling uncertainty. Winseman and Donald O. In this episode, Beth and Jenna talk with Blythe Fike, one of the Blessed is She writers who shares her experience with spiritual direction, regular confession and prayer times even in the midst of busy life.

A wife, mom, and lover of the beautiful devotions in our Church, Blythe shares about the beauty and depth of the Catholic faith. And how Mary nudges us along like only a good Mother does! They talk about how stories change our opinions and views of another, and the power of hearing another's story.

Join in on the discussion about viewing "the other" in each one of our lives, loving our enemies even when they're in the Church , and how freedom comes when we remember the truth about God: He is for the oppressed, the outcast, the vulnerable. He is for you. Beth and Jenna talk about how our lives turn out differently than we ever anticipated or planned.

We would LOVE to hear how your life has worked out differently than you ever thought it would. Tell us over on Twitter or in our Facebook Regional Groups blessedisshe. If you or someone you know has ever been hurt by the Church's hierarchy, this episode is for you. We are praying for you. Please share. Today's talk is all about Sarah's surprise when she got to college, how we approach sin as Christians, and how vulnerability is simply about being uncomfortably honest.

Take a listen and share! We chat about Lindsay's experience with her introduction into the Catholic faith via Blessed is She, taking leaps with the Lord, and being grateful to Him for the small ways He loves on us. You are a gift. Thank you for your presence. We look forward to walking alongside you, learning from you, and growing with you. As stated on this show, we keep reminding ourselves and each other to say over and over again, "You belong to me.

Tgp stinky

Tgp stinky

Tgp stinky