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Starfire has an additional issue. The most popularly held reference for Starfire for an entire generation of people is the Teen Titans cartoon. In fact, its probably best to say that, in spite of sharing some general similarities, it really isn't the same character at all. And the decision to introduce this Starfire in the way that this comic did seems to at least suggest that they were actively trying to distance their Starfire from the cartoon one. And the cartoon one was beloved by children of both genders, and was portrayed as a generally non sexual, female-audience-friendly teenager.

Superhero sex art

Since the dawn of the superhero comic, the genre has been infused with a sexual suggestiveness that has grown and evolved over time. Now, I might be a bit biased here because Captain Marvel is my favorite superhero, but Captain Guys shitting in girls pussies is the best superhero. While some show Spider-Man brushing his teeth and Superman picking his nose, perhaps the most disturbing is the one featuring Reed Richards, aka Mr. Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky are comedic masters, and Suze's narration is completely natural and relatable. The image is just a bust of Batman, but with Superhero sex art zombie spin. There's a certain level of titillation inherent in a naked Wonder Woman, but it never tips over that edge and becomes the primary focus. Also I've never understood why superheros need such a low bodyfat content, aka a six pack. On the other end of the spectrum, we have Benes's polar opposite, Cliff Chiang, who is currently the primary artist on Wonder Woman. The great Superhero sex art about the current run of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is that writer Ryan North knows all this, and embraces Doreen's ridiculousness with all the love she deserves. Click here.

Adult ghost busters halloween costume. Saatchi Art Digest

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Bootleg Super-Hero iPhone Apps Are Hilariously Unlicensed Here at ComicsAlliance, we are absolutely fascinated by bootleg super-hero merchandise, but as we move ever onward into the digital age, it's come to our attention that unlicensed knockoffs aren't just for Batman toys and The Greatest Backpack Ever

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  • There's no sex in this 3D comic, but there are plenty of naked superheroines getting defeated by villains.

Fans are passionate people. Then there are some fans that take it to the next level. They eat, sleep, and breathe their fandoms. One of the most common ways they can get their love of superheroes out there is through art. Sure, a lot of the fan art out there is fairly normal and unsurprising. The art portrays their heroes doing very heroic things. However, some of these fans take their love of superheroes to incredibly odd places.

Sometimes they like to imagine two unlikely heroes involved in more explicit scenarios. Other times they like to take a beloved all-ages hero and make them terrifying. There are even some who enjoy making Batman pregnant. The bottom line is there are a good amount of fans out there that love their heroes so much that they transform them into something truly unique. Starting this list off with a bang is this piece of art that will at equal times horrify and intrigue you, depending on your opinions on life.

There are just so many questions. Never in your life have you seen a picture of Batman and Superman together that is so sweet, yet also so disturbing. The picture is a lovely black and white image of the two biggest superheroes in the world on their moon base, where Superman is caressing a pregnant Batman. How is Batman pregnant? Is Batman fighting crime in his third trimester? Imagine the series Super Sons that was about the actual children of Batman and Supes, though!

While some show Spider-Man brushing his teeth and Superman picking his nose, perhaps the most disturbing is the one featuring Reed Richards, aka Mr. It shows Mr. It also leads to the juvenile question — does every bit stretch? One such image is this fairly standard picture of Spider-Man. Artist Eric Wayne has a series of grotesquely drawn heroes, and this Spider-Man stands out from the rest. Of all the superheroes, Spider-Man is drawn as flexible, muscular, and graceful. Not here.

Tom Lishman is an artist from the U. He is able to draw realistic characters that are truly captivating. However, he likes to venture into the dark and disturbing, as well. The image is just a bust of Batman, but with a zombie spin. This Batman has been through some stuff and his cowl and face show horrifying signs of battle damage. The detail in the image is what puts this art on the list. You can see the bloody bits, the rotting flesh, and the dead look in his eyes. Guys and gals love drawing Black Widow, Catwoman, and other female characters is various states of undress.

At first glance, you might actually think Robert Downey, Jr. It goes from being silly and ridiculous to being weird and realistic. It makes you feel like maybe you want to hide your eyes, but still peek through the fingers.

The most disturbing is Superman. Without a doubt, it is truly disturbing, and a credit to the talents of Nicolas. We stumbled upon this image of the Powerpuff Girls and our lives will never be the same. There is truly nothing cuter than the Powerpuff Girls. When artist Paul Ribera got his hand on the characters, he decided to imagine them as little drug addicts. The result is terrifying. When you look at the Powerpuff Girls, you instantly notice their large, cute eyes, right? Then you notice the little pills on their tongues as their mouths salivate.

You may not have cared about their lack of noses before, but when you see them salivating with pills on their tongues, the lack of nose might just be the scariest part. When you watched Doug as a kid, you used to love his Quailman bits.

They were adorable and silly. Sure, he looked ridiculous, but it was cute because he was such a loveable character. Somehow that whole idea gets flipped on its head when you see Quailman and Quail-Dog drawn as realistic characters. What you see is a mentally ill individual. Deviant Art user Matteo , aka Emmemmeit, has a ton of pieces of art that are unique. The image depicts Batman in front of a smorgasbord of food and treats.

He has ice cream, turkey, burgers, and other items all over a table as he eats. This character who is supposed to be the example of what society often deems as the peak of human fitness is now shown as about pounds of hero.

The art style clearly doesn't take itself too seriously, but is actually all the more effective because of it. His art shows true beauty. However, sometimes, he likes to venture into the more disturbing side of fan art; or perhaps it could be called simply more "human.

This is another example of art that opens up a ton of questions. Does he need a special toilet? Anime and manga fans are an incredibly passionate group. Of course, many of the fan art images that are out there are pretty explicit, and not safe for CBR, but those are so plentiful that it almost makes them normal.

However, one that stands out from the rest is an image of the legendary Sailor Moon. The scene seems to take place in the kitchen with the body sprawled on the counter top. Adding a little flair to the drawing is Luna, the black cat, in the background chomping on a bowl of entrails.

Disturbing to say the least. Wonder Woman is an Amazonian beauty. Of course you would! No, he made sure to add the bangles, the lasso, tiara, and even the long, curly hair! Sex appeal! Deviant Art user Nancher sure thinks so. Pikachu is normally portrayed as a mouse-like creature, but not here.

Nancher made sure to give Pikachu the curves of a Playboy Playmate. Clearly, the artist is trying to keep this family-friendly. This image with either ruin your childhood, or open up an entire new world for you. You have the skull, spine, lungs, brain, tongue, and just about every other organ and bodily system on display.

The amount of detail in the art is impressive, to say the least. This is a true artist at work, showcasing just how gross our bodies are, but in a beautiful way. NOTE: We ran the image above through grayscale to make it slightly less gruesome. In this image from Deviant Art user Stalker probably not his real name , we have Shrek and Batman sharing a banana.

If you are to believe the situation presented here, Batman is so hungry for a banana that his pal Shrek is willing to share his, as long as he eats it out of his mouth. Once you see this image, it will lead you down a spiral of weird Shrek art. This is just a unique hug that involves Thor approaching from behind and pressing Loki into the wall.

Nothing weird about that. Just kidding. This is an example of the thousands of pieces of art showing Thor and Loki in various states of lovemaking. There is fan fiction, art, and roleplay groups all over devoted to the love affair between these two brothers. Tags: superman , batman , avengers. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Share Tweet Comment. Leave A Comment.

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Superhero sex art

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It may not surprise you to learn that essentially all of the original superheroines dreamt up during the '40s and '50s—including characters that would later become icons like Wonder Woman and Supergirl—were created by male writers and artists for a primarily male audience. And as with all art, since comics are a reflection of the time in which they are made, this occasionally led to some not-so-flattering portrayals.

In the '60s and '70s, though, thanks to second-wave feminism, we began to see some improvements to women's representation on the page. There was Marvel Girl's transformation into Phoenix from the weakest to the strongest member of the X-Men and founding Avengers member Wasp's sudden intellectual prowess. And despite the overwhelming lack of female creators and a perceived disinterest in comics from female readers, over time we've seen all kinds of inspiring female superheroes grace our comics, from disco queen Dazzler to former Wakandan Queen Storm.

But just because we've come a long way since the days of "every woman is naturally the weakest member of her super-team," doesn't mean that the comic book industry has overcome its bent for sexism.

For example, despite Marvel's mostly successful push toward diversity and inclusivity, they once hired an erotica artist to draw a variant cover for the first issue of the new Spider-Woman. Not to mention when the current creative team on DC's New 52 Wonder Woman turned her into an infantilized, pouty bobblehead who was depicted carrying a teddy bear into battle. Not exactly the best way to bring lady readers on board.

For all their missteps in representation, though, major comic publishers are making big strides forward. Marvel in particular has a huge range of female-led titles at the moment: Thor! Black Widow! Silk and Storm feature women of color; Angela: Asgard's Assassin has a trans woman in a major role.

So how are you to know which comics are walking the Girl Power walk? Below, a helpful ranking of the most feminist superheroes on the market. You can pick up these trades that's the term for a "book" of comics, usually comprised of about six single issues at any major bookstore or online retailer these days—but I would recommend you do a quick search to find a local comic book store.

Now, I might be a bit biased here because Captain Marvel is my favorite superhero, but Captain Marvel is the best superhero. Yeah, I said it. Even before she received her flight and energy-beam superpowers in an alien explosion, Carol Danvers was an Air Force pilot who could and probably would kick your butt.

She lives in an apartment at the top of the Statue of Liberty, is best friends with Spider-Woman, and is one of the Avengers. In her most recent run, penned by sass-master Kelly Sue DeConnick, Carol jets off into space with her cat, Chewie she's a big Star Wars fan, clearly to keep an eye on the Avengers' cosmic affairs…and also on the Guardians of the Galaxy, who tend to get themselves into some trouble.

She's one of the toughest women on Earth and off it. One other amazing thing: Captain Marvel used to be a dude character, before Carol took over his powers.

Now, she wears his exact same costume, no high heels or deep-V's added. She would roll her eyes at the very suggestion. Feminism Ranking: 3 Leslie Knope inspirational speeches. Red Sonja is the Viking warrior queen of your dreams, able to booze, bang, or brandish her sword at any moment with ease.

Sonja's been around in various forms since , almost a full decade before Wonder Woman lasso'd her way onto the scene, first in the pages of Conan and then in her own solo series. Current writer Gail Simone one of the most talented and prominent female voices in comics has described Sonja as " mayhem, blood, sex, and red hair ," and " lusty, a bit of a drunkard [who] does what she wants, says what she wants, and if you give her any shit, it's entirely possible she'll slay you and your best friend and your best friend's cat.

She's pretty rad. You can jump right into the current run of Sonja without any background knowledge—the story stands on its own. Plus, though Sonja's look is classic metal beach-wear , she rocks that bikini because it makes her feel hella fierce in battle, not because some dude happens to think she looks hot in it, and she won't let you forget it.

Feminism Ranking: 4 Rosie the Riveter bandanas. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman DC Comics. There's nothing worse than a female superhero who's all male gaze'd up with gratuitous crotch - shots and poses that are physically impossible if you have internal organs. Lucky for all of us, there's army brat Kate Kane, who would actually jump off the page and kick your face in with her very sturdy flat boots if you even tried to draw her like that. Forced to abandon her military career after she refuses to hide her sexuality, Kane uses her privilege as a moneyed socialite to take on a side gig as Batwoman, vigilante crime-fighter with the best hair in the Bat-family.

We don't deserve a queer, ginger, Jewish superheroine, but we definitely need her. As an added bonus, Elegy writer Greg Rucka has eloquently taken down misogynists in the geek community with rants decrying the myth of the "Fake Geek Girl" when gatekeeping neckbeards act like women only like comics in order to impress men. Where To Start: Saga Vol. Vaughan and Fiona Staples Image Comics. Alana might not think of herself as a superhero—she has no "powers" in the traditional sense—but I certainly do.

Caught up on one side of an endless intergalactic war, Alana falls in love with Marko, and together they have a child who narrates the book. Saga won Hugo, Eisner, and Harvey awards in for being so damn awesome, and it includes some of the best portrayals of women in comics of all time.

None of them take anyone's crap—Alana least of all. Saga is a true high-sci-fi graphic novel people with TVs for heads having sex with each other and armless topless half-human half-spider hybrid ladies abound , but don't let that put you off; with beautiful art from Fiona Staples and an excellent story from one of the masters of comic writing, Brian K. Vaughan, the book is a true character study.

At its heart, Saga is really just about two star-crossed lovers, fighting to save their little family from a war. And Alana will chop the hell out of you with her sword if you so much as glance wrong at Hazel, I swear.

Feminism Ranking: 5 Princess Leia hair buns. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch Image Comics. Rat Queens passes the Bechdel Test on almost every page without pandering or proselytizing, and it's one of the few comics that will make you laugh out loud constantly.

The Rat Queens might not give a damn what you think of them, but I know you're going to love them. Feminism Ranking: 5 Dragon Age: Inquisition playthroughs. Squirrel Girl is ridiculous. She's just ridiculous! There's no getting around it. She's a girl with the equivalent physical powers of a squirrel yes, you read that correctly and she can also talk to squirrels.

The great thing about the current run of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is that writer Ryan North knows all this, and embraces Doreen's ridiculousness with all the love she deserves. Easily the funniest comic superhero comic out there right now so many puns, it's nuts! Also, Doreen hides her conspicuous squirrel tail in the back of her pants, which Erica Henderson uses to her advantage by drawing Squirrel Girl in the most body-positive, bootylicious way possible.

Comic history bonus time: Back in , Squirrel Girl single-handedly defeated Thanos—you know, big scary purple Josh Brolin from Guardians of the Galaxy —with squirrels.

Never underestimate Squirrel Girl, friends. Feminism Ranking: 6 Single Ladies hand-dances. Where To Start: Batgirl Vol. After recovering from a spinal injury that left her paralyzed for three years, Barbara Gordon has just graduated from college with a degree in forensic psychology and is living the typical early-twenties life in Burnside, Gotham's very own version of Brooklyn.

Sorry, did I say typical? I meant that she's trying to navigate having a normal life while also attempting to bring down a psychopath with a revenge porn ring so twisted it will make you want to set up two-step verification on every account you have, immediately. Babs rocks the most functional crime-fighting outfit ever seen in comics Doc Martens! A leather jacket! A snap-off cape! She's you, if you also happened to have an eidetic memory and a black belt.

As a bonus, the book's current creative team is outspoken in their love for feminism and diversity in comics, and they responded incredibly well to some recent controversy over their representation of trans characters which, while imperfect, shows they're trying and listening to communities traditionally under-represented in comics.

Plus, Babs Tarr's art makes the Burnside crew look like they belong in the next episode of Broad City. If you're looking to pick up your first DC cape book, I recommend the first Burnside trade—and then you'll be hooked for life. Feminism Ranking: 7 Daniel Mallory Ortberg articles. Buffy paved the way for badass women on-screen in the late '90s, and she continues to be just as pioneering and perky in comic books today.

The first volume of Buffy Season Eight picks up not long after the series finale and continues to tell the story of all your Buffy faves, including Xander, Willow, Giles, and Faith …and even Dawn, ugh.

Whedon has admitted that, without the restraints of a small-screen VFX budget, they may have gone a bit off the deep end, creatively at one point, Dawn becomes a centaur? It's weird , but doesn't everyone want to see what Buffy Summers would have done with her life after leaving Sunnydale?

And have Buffy go on and on and never end? Thanks to the miracle of comics, we get just that. Yes, our favorite '90s feminist icon can live forever. For some people, it might feel like time metaphorically stops when you have sex; but for Suze, it literally does.

Whenever she achieves the big O, everything freezes, and Suze can wander freely around what she calls "The Quiet. But Suze and Jon aren't the only people who can find their way to The Quiet—the Sex Police, led by one Kegel Face, are after them, and our intrepid couple have to find their way out of some pretty unsexy trouble. Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky are comedic masters, and Suze's narration is completely natural and relatable.

Sure, the book is vulgar, but not in the ways you might think. Plus, the end of every volume of Sex Criminals comes with a series of sex tips , including helpful hints like "Nipple clamps are excellent for keeping nipples in place," "Butt stuff," and "Have sex with me please. Where To Start: Ms. Marvel Vol. Kamala Khan has changed the face of superhero comics forever. A year-old Muslim Pakistani American girl in Jersey City, Kamala obsesses over the Avengers her fanfic is doing really well online, guys , finds her strict parents tough to deal with, and struggles to fit in, like any other teen.

After sneaking out to a party one night, Kamala finds herself engulfed in a mysterious fog that bestows upon her epic powers of shape-shifting and healing. She grows into her powers as she grows into her own self, learning what it means to be "super" in more ways than one. But she still has to go to high school.

Marvel is written by G. Willow Wilson Muslim herself , and is full of hilarious, you-spend-half-your-life-on-the-internet references that will have you falling in love with Kamala before you can say, "Wow, such superhero, very inhuman.

Superhero sex art

Superhero sex art

Superhero sex art