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Small dick humiliation doesn't have to be a woman making degrading comments about small penises. Don't be judgemental unless it's in regards to a dudes size obviously or "kinkshame". You will be banned. Your post must contain sph. A picture of you just wearing a chastity cage isn't sph, neither is wearing panties.

Small penis humilation stories

Small penis humilation stories

Small penis humilation stories

Small penis humilation stories

She slowly got off the bed and swayed over to me. It was while we were engaged. There was absolutely no pleasure in the orgasm I just had. I called and made an appointment for in the afternoon three humilatin later. Never before have I been so focused on it, so appreciative of how beautiful it is. By: badboy Category: Cheating Score: 4. I thought it was just me imagining it or she was real wet or something, but in fact she huumilation been stretched by two different dicks practically twice my size. It had been so long since Small penis humilation stories had done anything like this that it heightened everything I was feeling, then it turned even hotter. He continued to lick around my pussy avoiding my clit, lapping up the juices Kims k sex tape my orgasm. It was one thing for me to know his secrets, but I knew it would be pemis Small penis humilation stories boundaries for anyone else to know about them — this one in particular.

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Hannah grabbed Perry, yanking him over her lap. The Pre-Operation Shave — A teen is faced with his worst nightmare the night before his hernia operation. I was so horny that I was miserable. You may prefer gentler more humane female domination fantasies. My sister and her four cheerleader friends came round one night for one hot Japanese girl starts a new school and learns more than she expected from her teacher and fellow pupils I called and made an appointment for Small penis humilation stories the afternoon three days numilation. A Very Messy Birthday Present 2. Flowers in Her Hair Ch. Post a Comment.

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Are you ready for a naughty SPH story? If so, The Bliss of Small Penis humiliation is for you. This is the first of four parts and the story continues at the Femdom tier of my Patreon page click here to see the other parts. There are tons more femdom posts and cuckold stories to enjoy, too. Become a supporter today and get your cock humiliated along with other pleasures.

The words were meant to hurt you. They were lobbed at you by your girlfriend at the end of a particularly nasty fight about your sex life. They were meant to end the fight, and they did, in a way. You were. Much to your embarrassment, you were getting hard. It was the words. It was her calling your cock worthless. Your arousal was far ahead of your understanding. You had no idea why your dick was getting hard, but it was.

Because it is. She stepped closer to you. There was a smile on her face. You hesitated, but for only a second before following her order. She took your stiff, small cock in her fingers and gently stroked it. She stroked you faster, taking a tighter grip and using the precum dripping from the tip of your cock as lube.

You were too turned on to fight back. You were too close to orgasm to make her stop. You were on the brink of orgasm. Your cum spilled onto the hardwood floor of your apartment as your girlfriend continued her rhythmic stroking. When you were finished a slight smile crossed her face. The next morning, you woke up alone in bed.

The smell of bacon filled the room. Your girlfriend was cooking. You pulled a tee shirt over your head and shambled into the kitchen.

Memories of the previous night filled your head. You remembered your beautiful girlfriend humiliating your cock relentlessly. You remembered cumming on the floor. You remembered going down on her for what seemed like an hour as she continued your humiliation. She told you of the men that had been inside her before and how big their cocks had been.

She added scrambled eggs to the bacon and passed you a plate. You ate together like any other morning, but this was different. Your relationship had changed. Your girlfriend smiled again. Last night you finally did, and it was incredible.

It just means we have to change things. I love you. We can figure everything else out. You could barely wrap your head around what she was saying. You stick that little dick in me, you cum, and then you go on your way. It does nothing for me. Do you understand? Her clarity was jarring. You knew most men would just break up with her. She giggled. Your face turned red with embarrassment. You looked at the floor. You obeyed without hesitation. You got on your knees in front of her and worshiped her pussy as she stood above you.

Her hands gripped your hair tightly, pulling you closer to her cunt and covering your face in the juices of her arousal. She came in less than a minute. She smiled at you. You walked to the bathroom with an uncomfortable erection making a small tent in your underwear. Your sex life was about to change drastically. You knew you were going to miss fucking her perfect pussy, but her humiliation of your small cock was too arousing to resist.

You had to stay, at least for a little while. You needed more. I hope you enjoyed this little dose of small penis humiliation. Remember, the story continues on my Patreon page, so become a supporter today to get access. It would be ridiculous anyway as he is 20cm a fraction off 8 inches which most women at least my friends would think plenty big. I say that even when its not true because I know it will excite my husband SO much.

You might have a different take on it if your husband was really small. I am glad to hear that you do care about your husband though. I really like your stories and it has gotten me to write one of my own. Please let me know what you think. I married my wife Beth very young, we were both 21 and were high school sweethearts. By 25 we had 2 kids and were working up the corporate ladder. The net result is that now, at 48, we are empty nesters and we have begun settling into a new stage of our lives.

I am the only man that my wife has ever been with and we have an active, but mundane sex life. One night I came home and it was the beginning of a complete change in my life. On the counter was a glass of bourbon with a note underneath it.

I walked into the bedroom and found Beth in heels and a sexy negligee laying on the bed. I still find her just as attractive as the day I met her.

She had always taken pride in keeping herself fit, many of my friends have made comments and I always took pride in that. She slowly got off the bed and swayed over to me. She passionately kissed me and told me she loved me.

As she was kissing my neck I felt her undoing my belt. I was instantly hard and excited by this new version of Beth. As my pants fell to the floor she slowly went down to her knees. In one fluid motion she swallowed and began to bob up and down on my dick. It had been so long since she had done anything like this that it heightened everything I was feeling, then it turned even hotter.

While still stroking me with her right hand, Beth came up off her knees and began to kiss me. I stripped as quickly as I could and lay down on my back, excited to see what was going to happen next. She reached under a pillow and pulled out a handcuff that was attached to the headboard and now was attached to my wrist.

Next was another for my other wrist. She climbed off me and attached another set to my ankles. Beth walked around the bed checking that I was completely secured. My dick was standing straight up as I waited to see what was next to happen. Yes, I still find you HOT! Especially right now I answered. She climbed between my legs and again started to suck my dick. Slowly at first then she began to pick up the pace, stroking me while slurping on my head, looking intently into my eyes the whole time.

I was so turned on that I could feel an orgasm building inside. As I started to get close she went even faster. She sat up, removing her hand and her mouth and watched as my dick twitched back and forth.

Small Penis Humiliation Dick Tax! Abby's New Power. Noticing that my little weenie was pointing straight up the doctor told Vicki that she should remain in the room. Fantasy Party. I don't want to miss any bits", I said as I shut him down. You could say I was fast becoming somewhat of an expert on it The sound of blood in my ears again, a drumbeat dopplering lower as time spreads; a single minute folds out impossibly and finally the closet door opens.

Small penis humilation stories

Small penis humilation stories. Top 20 SPH Stories of All Time!


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Well, where do I begin. I have been with this girl for almost 4 years now. We have two boys together, well I guess they are mine. They look like me anyway. The first reason, obviously, is because we have two children together and I want to provide them with a stable, intact family, ie. Of course, the reason for this is my little member between my legs.

I had went almost a year and a half without pussy when fucked this girl for the first time. My pathetic little pecker would get so hard that it hurt and when I jacked off, which was at least 4 times a day, I would shoot enough cum to fill a suitcase up, and the pressure behind it would literally shoot it two feet in the air.

I was so horny that I was miserable. Then, I met her and she let me fuck her. When I did she just laid there looking at me asking me if it felt good. One thing I forgot to mention was this girl was pretty wild before we got together. She had fucked at least 30 to 40 men before me and many of them were hung like a horse.

Time went by and things were okay. We had our two boys, but about 6 months after we had our last one, it happened, she cheated on me with two different men. Of course, it took me several months to catch her, she would fuck them at my house while I was at work. She later admitted that most of the time they fucked on the washer. Eventually, I found out that both of the guys that she fucked were hung, and hung well.

I was so humiliated. To know that the woman that I had been with all this time was being fucked by two different dicks that were literally twice my size was so humiliating. I can remember her pussy being loose during the time she was fucking these men, but I didnt pay any attention to it. I thought it was just me imagining it or she was real wet or something, but in fact she had been stretched by two different dicks practically twice my size.

I have been wearing some form of chastity device for the past 22 years. My wife is the boss in our marriage and enjoys all the aspects of enforced chastity mine, not hers. When I began wearing chastity devices, my penis was already on the small side 3. Over the years, not being able to erect, even in sleep. It seems each succeeding chastity device had to be smaller and smaller to fit right.

My wife supervises my once a week release from it for cleaning and shaving in the shower. My once 3. This has not escaped her notice and she is quite amused by it. Now, I secretly enjoy her mocking.

The last step was to pass a pre-employment physical with the companies chosen doctor. The HR person gave me a sealed packet of forms to be completed and the name of the doctor to call. When flaccid it is not much more than a skinny little nub. I called and made an appointment for in the afternoon three days later. In fact, I think they were staying late to accommodate me. The waiting room was empty except for me, and the receptionist locked the door behind me and turned the sign to show the office was closed.

Within a few minutes an attractive, young medical assistant named Vicki came out and led me back to a rather spartan exam room, swinging the door most of the way closed, but still open a crack. She then told me to remove my clothes so she could get my vital statistics.

I removed my clothes except for my underwear. All of them. I noticed a slight grin on her face as she told me to come over and get on the scale so she could measure my height and weight. She checked my weight lbs. All was well. Vicki then told me I needed to provide blood and urine samples. She pricked my finger and filled several small glass tubes with blood samples. As she handed me a plastic cup for urine she informed me that for chain of custody purposes she would need to witness me peeing into the cup.

Naked, I followed her down the hallway to the bathroom, grateful that no one saw. Holding the cup in my left hand, and my little erection between my right thumb and two fingers, I managed to squeeze a little urine through my hard penis, filling the cup about half way. As I left the bathroom, there were the receptionist and two black ladies, apparently the cleaning crew, standing in the hallway.

They both snickered as I covered up my penis and squeezed by. Back in the exam room I was told to lie down on the table and that the doctor would be right in. I asked Vicki for a sheet to cover up and was told that this practice had stopped using such items to keep costs down. A few minutes later, just as my erection was beginning to soften a little, in walked Doctor Karen Simpson, along with Vicki. Simpson was a tall, attractive, blond, probably in her mid forties.

She shook my hand and introduced herself. Noticing that my little weenie was pointing straight up the doctor told Vicki that she should remain in the room. As I laid there Dr. Simpson took the packet and told me there was a medical questionnaire to complete first, and then she would perform the physical exam.

She walked around the room asking me various questions about my medical background. Eventually she reached the section regarding sexual history and practices. Being honest I replied that a previous girlfriend used to make me perform oral sex on another one of her boyfriends. However, I was sure Vicki was trying to suppress laughter. And my little weenie was now beginning to throb. I began to wish I had jerked off before the appointment.

You are quite a bit smaller than average. If not, how often do you masturbate? So mostly I provide her with oral sex. I masturbate once or twice a day normally.

She tells me she needs sex from someone who is more well-endowed. She put on rubber gloves and gave the form to Vicki, so she could complete the paperwork as the doctor performed the exam. The doctor then began with the physical exam, poking, prodding and using her instruments. She checked my eyes, throat, heartbeat, breathing, reflexes and internal organs. She had me get up and demonstrate balance and coordination by standing on one foot with my arms extended, the touching my nose.

Then, she checked flexibility by having me lean over and touch the ground. As I was bent over she gave me a little pat on the ass and said I could stand up. Then came the part I was dreading. I nodded my head in agreement, trying to think of anything I could to avoid squirting in her hand. Simpson then took my ball sack in her right hand, manipulating them around. I mean compared to the guys your girlfriend made you perform oral sex on?

By this point Vicki was almost openly laughing as she jotted down notes and avoided making eye contact with me. I could only reply with the truth. I usually produce a smaller amount. You seem to have found ways to achieve sexual satisfaction despite your rather diminutive size. With her right hand she cupped my ball sack.

She checked several areas, asking me to cough each time. I was panting and on the edge of cumming. By the time the hernia exam ended my little weenie had a drop of precum on the tip and I was involuntarily moving to and fro, as if fucking the air.

I was beginning to tremble, and my breathing was coming in short gasps. I was on the edge of orgasming. The doctor waited a few seconds for me to regain some sense of composure. Then we will be done. I need to check your prostate. Simpson put some lube on her right index finger. Stand behind his head. Then her finger entered my ass. That was it. I could take no more. I started shaking, rocking around and holding on to the edges of the table.

Small penis humilation stories

Small penis humilation stories

Small penis humilation stories