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I've always wondered why bars and motels are the places where wife sharing stories take place. I guess it makes some sense This is a print version of story Satin Panties by Gehld from xHamster. Satin Panties It was a full moon spring night and wanted to go dancing. I was wearing this tight tank top with a button up dress shirt, dress pants with no underwear and timberlands slide on's.

Satin panty story

Faced me and started dancing towards me and I danced towards her. Cam Sex Fuck Now Premium. Removing her moist G-string,her pussy lips where coated in her cum I gently stroked them. Beth And Her Black Dildo. She rubbed the head of my cock which was wet pajty pre-cum. I had lost my focus on every thing but her. Wife in white satin chemise and blue satin panties. Then this one group of 5 Satin panty story came in, WOW

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About Satin panty story Months Ago Laughter and giggles echoed through the store as the ladies saw my stkry brassiere, lacy nylon full slip and frothy petticoats and giggled further as the sales lady forced me into the dress and zipped me into it. Slip-of-a-Girl gets it! I tried to squirm away but she Amateur monkeys adult me tight! Madge fluffed up my dress, then pulled my white satin panties down. The waistband is no joke, your buttocks are crushed in together all the time and your thighs held Sqtin together by the pantg hem of the girdle. Madge pulled my wrist ropes once again until my body was stretched tight once again. M iss Vicky's Satin panty story Time. After the sales lady thanked Madge for the business she said to bring me around as I 'changed' and that she would be happy to have me as a new customer. I noticed the garter belts and the brassieres, I ran my hands over the cool slipperiness of the panties, the lacy nylon full slips and camisoles and felt the tight Lycra spandex of the panty-girdles as Satin panty story marveled in a trance-like state. She attempted to work, but stogy she did her eyelids kept drooping and her head began to loll pnaty to her chest. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. Would you like that Timmy!?

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Hello to all, My story begins in a holiday caravan park. Fixing things that are broken etc,Its usually boring but not this day things where looking up. While I was waiting for a list of things that need done a stunning dark haired woman came in to my office wearing skintight leggings that showed off her sexy curves and a tight t-shirt that hugged her firm breasts.

I was trying to hide a semi she mentioned she needed her shower looked at. My jaw hit the floor I was talking to a smoking hot woman I must be dreaming I thought. When she walked away my eyes were fixed on her tight ass. It was a warm day,my t-shirt clung to me as I arrived at her caravan I knocked on the door and no one answered. As I looked around to see if she was in I came across a sexy little black dress and a red satin bra. I was getting my semi back again. The shower was blocked so I got it going again.

I was getting ready to leave when I heard a noise from the bedroom I went to check as no one was in so I thought. My semi almost ripped my a hole in my jeans when I opened the door.

She was lying on the bed wearing a tight pink bikini top and tight pink satin G-string with her hand inside moving quickly her legs spread and her eyes where closed her pink G-string was getting moist as I could see a small damp patch appear as she reached orgasm.

I wanted to join in but I was to shy to I coughed so she knew I was there she opened her eyes and looked straight at me. Taking her hand out of her panties she beckoned me with her fingers glistening with her cum. My cock was so hard pressing against my jeans. Zara unzipped me and my hard on sprung out she took hold of my throbbing cock and slowly started stroking the length of my hard on while she pushed her fingers in and out of her moist pussy.

Zara undone my jeans so she had more access to solid cock. As she rolled her tongue over my pulsing tip. Removing her moist G-string,her pussy lips where coated in her cum I gently stroked them. With the tip of my tongue tasting her warm,sweet cum. Zara had my whole hard cock in her mouth moving back and forth along my solid shaft. I parted her warm lips and slowly started probing her moist pussy running my tongue across her throbbing clit,then deep inside her lapping all of her pussy juice.

I placed my hard cock between her thighs and slipped my cock deep inside her warm,wet pussy. Harder and harder I thrust I was on the brink of cumming myself. Her groaning got louder the harder I pushed. Her cum was dripping onto my balls when she finally came as she turned round and placed my cock between her lips and slowly pushed it in. Zara lay down on the bed exhausted her warm body next to mine we lay there for a while trying to catch our breaths.

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A crossdressing husband is caught by his suspicious wife. And as she checked her look in the mirror Ruth began undressing me! I should have just dusted Madge's bedroom quicker I thought or even avoided that room all together, at least for a while. Would you like that Timmy? She then gathered a few other objects I had never seen before and then both ladies began working me over.

Satin panty story

Satin panty story

Satin panty story

Satin panty story. Stories by Miss Vicky

Wake up in them tomorrow morning with your little morning erection being all trapped in satin? I for sure would love seeing it! Look what just arrived through the mail! Oh come on, just try it on for me please? As my poor boyfriend reluctantly slides into the dress I slowly zip it up in the back. Now better finish your chores quickly, my friends are coming over in less than an hour. Heather finds herself in a unique position. She gets a new neighbour who seems to be interested in her petticoats that are hanging in the garden to dry.

This dominant lady ends up using the force of spanking and blackmail to get what she wants. Warning: quite graphic and forceful femdom petticoat story. Imagine this happening to you. Of course you will be required to wear panties and something big to fill up the rear. Like this photo if you would do it for your mistress.. I reran the images Two days later I sat there and just laughed! Absolutely nothing! He volunteered to help and I was more than will to have an extra pair of hands.

When we got it tucked away I invited him in for a beer and he couldn't say yes fast enough. Jodi had just gotten home and I could tell that was the only reason he wanted to stay. After about an hour Jodi took off to do some shopping and Phil thought it was time for him to go too I took a quick glance at his pants and he was standing at attention! When she got out the door I asked him to stay just an extra minute I smiled at him and asked if he had heard about that weird thing that happened to us this summer I went on.

Jodi had put out laundry on the line and when she went to bring it in two pair of her best panties were gone. You could see that he was embarrassed. He confessed on the spot that he had come and taken them. He said he had planned to keep them but just couldn't so he brought them back. I just stood there and smiled He turned so red his face looked sunburned.

I am so sorry Paul. I said You did what I would have done.. Jodi is gorgeous and you love panties I didn't tell him that she already knew. When Jodi came back home I told her that I talked to him about it and she just stood there with a dumb grin on her face. I asked She left me in the kitchen absolutely certain that she was cooking something up.

I knew she was going to use this somewhere down the road to let us have some fun. Fast forward to Halloween night She always rents a costume to hand out candy. It's nothing sensual or sexy I have no idea where she got the costume but it had an off the shoulder blouse.. You have to believe me when I tell you that I had no idea what was about to happen next. He told his mom that he would catch up. Jodi just smiled. We all walked into the kitchen with both Phil and I wondering what in the world she wanted help with.

With a semi-serious look on her face she turned to Phil and said Phil stood there ready to melt through the floor. I understand how you guys can fall in love with panties.. Paul sure is. He insists that I buy smooth sexy nylon ones or satin ones and I love how he looks at me when I wear them.

I have some very nice satin panties on right now. My dick started to swell in my pants She asked him to move closer to her She then asked him to go to his knees She took his face in her hands and gave him a long kiss on his forehead and said When I lift this hoop skirt I'm going to let you go underneath it for seven minutes.

I won't have sex with you but you can do what you want while you're down there. After that all I could do was to watch Jodi's face. He was gently touching her cunt.. Even under that big skirt you could hear him gasp and whisper Oh gaaaaawddd I can only assume that Phil has had some pussy licking experience because as I watched Jodi's legs spread for him she started to squeal and wobble.

I jumped out of my chair and stood behind her so she wouldn't fall. He got her to an orgasm with minutes to spare. Then as Jodi told me later that evening just took the last couple minutes of his time running his tongue deep into her pussy and tasting her. Phil came out red She then rubbed her wet fingers on the head of his penis. She didn't blow him I had never seen..

When he came he must have launched four or five streams of sperm onto our kitchen floor. She caught the last one of those streams in her fingers and when Phil was done pulsating she looked him in the eye and licked his sperm off her hand.

She swallows What happened next makes me hard every time I play it back in my head.. She walked to a closet and pulled out a cordless razor.. My heart was absolutely pounding She looked at Phil and reached behind her back The skirt dropped to the ground. Naked from the waist down she stood there with a full bush staring at Phil and I. Jodi walked to our kitchen table, turned around one of the bar-height chairs and sat down on the edge of it.

Her feet on the floor and balanced only by the three inches on the chair on she leaned back I want a hair cut I want a landing strip I wondered if he had even heard what she said. Watching her straight pubes float to the floor in a little pile just drove me nuts He went slow and careful and daaaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnn was that a turn on.

He walked to the sink, warmed a towel with hot water While he was getting the warm towel I took a little broom and swept all her pubic hair into an envelope. I was pretty sure Phil would want to take them home He covered her cunt in shaving cream and did an expert job shaving her clean.. He used his fingers to pull her pussy lips aside to get at the little hairs. He ran his fingers into her cunt to clean out the hair he has just cut.

He took the still wet towel and gently wiped her down. He finally asked for some moisturizing lotion and finished things off by lovingly rubbing it in to her freshly shaved pussy. His fingers ran deep into her gash When he was finished he just stood there looking at his work Jodi softly thanked him and asked how she could repay him Hmmmmm, let's see

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I've always wondered why bars and motels are the places where wife sharing stories take place. I guess it makes some sense This is a print version of story Satin Panties by Gehld from xHamster. Satin Panties It was a full moon spring night and wanted to go dancing. I was wearing this tight tank top with a button up dress shirt, dress pants with no underwear and timberlands slide on's.

Hit the local club before they started to charge cover. Ate oysters on the half shell with shots of tequila. Talked to a few people waiting for the crowd to get in. This one club is known for having Bachelorette party groups just about every weekend. As it was getting closer to 10 pm the girls were making their way in, along with the four bachelorette groups. Then this one group of 5 women came in, WOW They all were wearing skin tight black one piece butty dress with platform heels.

The bachelorette had the same dress but in white. One of the girls caught my eye instantly as she walked in. She stood about , natural silky soft brown hair, sexy shoulders, gorgeous face, crystal blue eyes, large natural breast with nipples the size of your pinky finger tip, an ass that said ride me, legs so soft looking and sexy painted toe nails.

They all got a drink at the bar and made their way out to the dance floor. The way this girl carried herself was sexy. So I ordered a double shot of tequila paid my tab and made my way to the dancing area. I sat there for a few watching this all natural girl dance.

She had me in a trance with her moves. I could not take my eyes off of her not in a creepy way. But in a way that I was in a hypnotic trance. I slammed my double shot and made my way to the dance floor. Getting my groove on working over to her and the other girls in their group. All these girls were hot and shaking their rumps. BUT that one, had me hooked. I danced closer to her to were I had my back to her. Was not that crowded where we were. It had been about mins dancing we had eye contact a few times with a smile towards each other.

This one song came on and I felt her rubbing her ass up against mine as she danced. I took a half step away to see if she would follow me.

She did and kept dancing closer to me. I turned around and danced facing her back. This other song came on singing "how low can you go". She was getting pretty low raising her ass up. Her butty dress was climbing up her thighs showing me the bottom of her cheeks. She started humping the air harder. My COCK started to get firm as she was showing me her bear cheeks.

She looked over her shoulder and gave me this devilish smile and raised up. Faced me and started dancing towards me and I danced towards her. We danced for about 30 mins not touching each other but very close. She smelled so good as I took in her aroma. This one song came on and it pulled us together as we started to dirty dance.

She pressed her large ample breast into my chest grinding against my thigh. As we move as one in rhythm with the music. I had lost my focus on every thing but her.

Our eyes were locked onto one another as we could read what each of us were thinking. She then turned and slammed her ass into my crotch arching her back and grabbing the back of my neck as she moved up and down against me. My cock was now rock hard and she felt it as I pressed it against her. She reached back and rubbed my throbbing cock through my slacks with the palm of her hand. I slightly arched my back as she reached with her other and gripping my balls.

My head was spinning, lights were flashing, music was thumping this was awesome. A slow song came on. I figured she would walk away, she didn't. She faced me and had this look as what are you going to do. So I put my hands on her waist and pulled her against me and we slow danced. I could feel her heart pounding against my chest as she laid her head on my shoulder and felling her warm breath on my neck.

She worked her arms in between us and unzipped my pants. Freeing my throbbing cock from it's cage. She rubbed the head of my cock which was wet with pre-cum. Ran a finger into her mouth and licked my manly juices off of it. She now had both hands on my cock slowly stroking me on the dance floor during a slow song. The music picked back up and she put my cock back into my pants but did not zip them up. She turned around bent over and reached back pulling my cock out and slipping it under her dress and put me right between her cheeks of her tasty ass.

There she humped my cock, I leaned back a bit so I can see her ass and thong. I can feel he ass cheeks getting moist from my pre-cum. I wanted to slip my cock right into her juicy ass. As every body was dancing around us. I started to getting some hip swing going. She reached back pull her thong to the side. I could see her brown eye and a shaved massive pussy mound. She took her thong and twisted it around my cock as she was making a cock ring with her thong.

She stood up and I bent my knees just a bit to get a good angle. One of her friends from their bachelorette group comes over and says they are leaving. My dance mate said "I will see ya later, I am having fun here".

Thus putting a VERY big smile on my face. It had been three hours her and I been dancing non stop. The club was getting close to last call. So I said to her like to go cool down a bit.

She said "NO!! I told her "Your wish is my command". We took my truck home, she gets in and before I can put my seat belt on she was buck naked. Leaning against the door facing me she starts playing with her pussy.

Tells to take my slacks off, I did as I was told. She starts playing with my cock and balls with her sexy feet as she plays with her pussy. Look at them in my photos.

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