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For a queen known for her alleged virginity, Elizabeth I's love life has long been the subject of great speculation. Here, Dr Anna Whitelock, a reader in early modern history at Royal Holloway, University of London, explores what really went on behind the closed doors of the so-called Virgin Queen. Within days of her accession, Elizabeth had appointed Dudley as master of the horse — a position that guaranteed almost daily contact. In the years that followed, their close relationship continued, but any lingering possibility of a future marriage was cast aside. It was not an ideal match.

Robert virgin britian

Robert virgin britian

Robert virgin britian

Robert virgin britian

Robert virgin britian

InVirgin Group launched Virgin Mobile as a joint venture with Sprint, and Virgin-branded wireless communications services are now available in numerous countries. Earning enough money from his record store, Branson in launched the record label Virgin Records with Nik Powell. Additionally, the mogul moved forward with his upstart Virgin Hotels, founded in Retrieved 11 June Archived from Robert virgin britian original on 19 January Virgin subsequently accused British Airways of poaching its passengers, hacking its computers, and leaking stories to Topless steak houses press that portrayed Virgin negatively. Retrieved 26 August Branson was advised of the sting by an anonymous Robert virgin britian and attempted to dispose of the evidence, but this was unsuccessful. The company has hundreds of customers who have made deposits for spaceflights. His father, Edward James Branson, worked as a barrister.

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A more recent controversy was the statement in a biography of Britten by Paul Kildea that the composer's heart failure was due to undetected syphiliswhich Kildea speculates was a result of Pears's promiscuity while the two were living in New York. House of Assembly. The territory is also technically divided into five administrative districts one Certified redheads each of Robert virgin britian four largest islands, with the fifth covering all other islandsand into six civil registry districts three for Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda and Anegada although these have little practical relevance. Dublin: Carysfort Press. An Island by Island Look". In Septemberto mark the composer's forthcoming centenary, the Britten-Pears Foundation launched "Britten ", a collaboration of leading organisations in the performing arts, publishing, broadcasting, film, academia Robert virgin britian heritage. The Honorable George S. In the decade after Britten's death, his standing as a composer in Britain was to some extent overshadowed by that of the still-living Tippett. In Britten revised it, replacing a skittish third movement with a more sombre passacaglia that, in Matthews's view, gives the work more depth, and makes the apparent triumph of the finale more ambivalent. If necessary, we shall continue the war alone and we are not afraid Young orgasim that. Retrieved 25 December. The downbeat story of Elizabeth I in her Naked real soldiers, and Britten's score — reportedly thought by members of the premiere's audience "too modern" for such a gala [95] — did not overcome what Matthews calls the "ingrained philistinism" of the ruling classes. Over the next 28 years, he wrote 14 more operas, establishing himself as one of the leading 20th-century composers in the genre. List of countries by English-speaking population List of countries where English is an official language. The islands had a population of about 28, at the Census, of whom approximately 23, lived on Tortola; [1] current estimates put the Robert virgin britian at 35, July

Sir Richard Branson is the flamboyant entrepreneur behind the Virgin brand, which began with Virgin Records in

  • Hitler had overrun quickly most of Western Europe.
  • He was a central figure of 20th-century British classical music, with a range of works including opera, other vocal music, orchestral and chamber pieces.
  • The islands are geographically part of the Virgin Islands archipelago and are located in the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles.
  • Holly posted a photo of her hugging Sam Branson, 32, as he prepared to jet off to the British Virgin Islands to help the relief effort.
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Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson born 18 July [4] is a British business magnate , investor, author and philanthropist. Branson expressed his desire to become an entrepreneur at a young age.

His first business venture, at the age of 16, was a magazine called Student. In , he set up a mail-order record business. He opened a chain of record stores, Virgin Records —later known as Virgin Megastores —in Branson's Virgin brand grew rapidly during the s, as he started Virgin Atlantic airline and expanded the Virgin Records music label.

In , he founded spaceflight corporation Virgin Galactic , based at Mojave Air and Space Port , noted for the SpaceShipTwo suborbital spaceplane designed for space tourism. In March , Branson was knighted at Buckingham Palace for "services to entrepreneurship".

On the show Finding Your Roots , Branson was shown to have 3. Branson has dyslexia and had poor academic performance; on his last day at school, his headmaster, Robert Drayson , told him he would either end up in prison or become a millionaire.

After failed attempts to grow and sell both Christmas trees and budgerigars, Branson launched his first successful business, a magazine named Student , in Branson started his record business from the church where he ran Student magazine. He interviewed several prominent personalities of the late s for the magazine including Mick Jagger and R. Branson once said, "There is no point in starting your own business unless you do it out of a sense of frustration. Branson eventually started a record shop in Oxford Street in London.

In , he was questioned in connection with the selling of records that had been declared export stock. His parents re-mortgaged the family home to help pay the settlement.

Earning enough money from his record store, Branson in launched the record label Virgin Records with Nik Powell. The name "Virgin" was suggested by one of Branson's early employees because they were all new at business.

Virgin signed such controversial bands as the Sex Pistols , which other companies were reluctant to sign. Virgin Records also introduced Culture Club to the music world. Branson's first successful entry into the airline industry was during a trip to Puerto Rico.

His flight was cancelled, so he decided to charter his own plane the rest of the way and offer a ride to the rest of the stranded passengers for a small fee to cover the cost. In , Virgin purchased the gay nightclub Heaven. The recording was a series of sheep baa-ing along to a drum-machine-produced track and reached number 42 in the UK charts in He formed Virgin Holidays in In , Branson took what many saw as being one of his riskier business exploits by entering into the railway business.

A series of disputes in the early s caused tension between Virgin Atlantic and British Airways , which viewed Virgin as an emerging competitor. Virgin subsequently accused British Airways of poaching its passengers, hacking its computers, and leaking stories to the press that portrayed Virgin negatively.

Branson distributed his compensation the so-called "BA bonus" among his staff. On 25 September , Branson announced the signing of a deal under which a new space tourism company, Virgin Galactic , will license the technology behind SpaceshipOne —funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and designed by aeronautical engineer Burt Rutan —to take paying passengers into suborbital space.

In , Branson said that he planned to take his two children, year-old Holly and year-old Sam, on a trip to outer space when they ride the SpaceShipTwo rocket plane on its first public flight, then planned for Branson wrote in his autobiography of the decision to start an airline. My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them Branson's next venture with the Virgin group was Virgin Fuels , which was set up to respond to global warming and exploit the recent spike in fuel costs by offering a revolutionary, cheaper fuel for automobiles and, in the near future, aircraft.

Branson has stated that he was formerly a global warming sceptic and was influenced in his decision by a breakfast meeting with Al Gore. On 21 September , Branson pledged to invest the profits of Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Trains in research for environmentally-friendly fuels. A new company was launched with much fanfare and publicity on 8 February , under the name Virgin Media.

The decision to merge his Virgin Media Company with NTL was to integrate both of the companies' compatible parts of commerce. Branson used to own three-quarters of Virgin Mobile, whereas now he owns 15 percent of the new Virgin Media company. In , Branson formed Virgin Comics and Virgin Animation, an entertainment company focused on creating new stories and characters for a global audience. Virgin Atlantic was given immunity for tipping off the authorities and received no fine—a controversial decision the Office of Fair Trading defended as being in the public interest.

On 9 February , Branson announced the setting up of a new global science and technology prize—The Virgin Earth Challenge —in the belief that history has shown that prizes of this nature encourage technological advancements for the good of mankind. This removal must have long-term effects and contribute materially to the stability of the Earth's climate.

Branson also announced that he would be joined in the adjudication of the prize by a panel of five judges, all world authorities in their respective fields: Al Gore , Sir Crispin Tickell , Tim Flannery , James E. Hansen , and James Lovelock. On 10 January , Branson's Virgin Healthcare announced that it would open a chain of health care clinics that would offer conventional medical care alongside homeopathic and complementary therapies, a development that was welcomed by Ben Bradshaw , the UK's health minister.

The BMA warned the plan would "damage clinical objectivity", there would be a financial incentive for GPs to push patients toward the Virgin services at the centre.

Branson later stated an interest in Formula One , but claimed that, before the Virgin brand became involved with Honda or any other team, Formula One would have to develop a more economically efficient and environmentally responsible image. At the start of the Formula One season on 28 March, it was announced that Virgin would be sponsoring the new Brawn GP team, [49] with discussions also under way about introducing a less "dirty" fuel in the medium term.

In , Virgin Hotels was launched under the Virgin Group. In February , Branson announced the first Virgin hotel would open in Edinburgh. Branson and Tony Fernandes , owner of Air Asia and Lotus F1 Racing , had a bet for the F1 season where the losing team's boss should work on the winner's airline during a charity flight dressed as a stewardess.

Fernandes escaped as the winner of the bet, as Lotus Racing ended tenth in the championship, while Virgin Racing ended twelfth and last. Branson kept his word after losing the bet, as he served his duty as a stewardess on an Air Asia flight between Perth and Kuala Lumpur on 12 May In , Branson became patron of the UK's Gordon Bennett gas balloon race, which has 16 hydrogen balloons flying across Europe. In April , Virgin Care commenced a five-year contract for provision of a range of health services which had previously been under the aegis of NHS Surrey, the local primary care trust.

In July , Branson announced plans to build an orbital space launch system , designated LauncherOne. The contract was awarded to FirstGroup after a competitive tender process overseen by the Department for Transport. Branson had expressed his concerns about the tender process and questioned the validity of the business plan submitted by FirstGroup.

When Virgin Rail lost the contract, Branson said he was convinced the civil servants had "got their maths wrong". In October, after an investigation into the bidding process, the deal was scrapped. The Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin announced there were "significant technical flaws" in the process and mistakes had been made by transport staff. Virgin Rail continues to operate the West Coast line. In September , Branson announced his investment in drone company 3D Robotics stating, "It's amazing to see what a little flying object with a GoPro attached can do.

Before they came along the alternative was an expensive helicopter and crew. I'm really excited about the potential 3D Robotics sees in drones. They can do a lot of good in the world, and I hope this affordable technology will give many more people the chance to see our beautiful planet from such a powerful perspective.

In , Branson launched the "Foodpreneur" food and drink-focused start-up competition. Winners were provided with mentorship from Branson, legal support, and brand counseling. The winners were given the opportunity to pitch Target Corporation buyers. In , Virgin Group invested in Hyperloop One , developing a strategic partnership between the two.

Branson joined the board of directors, [66] and in December , became its chairman. In October , Branson appeared on the Season 9 Premiere of Shark Tank as a guest investor, [69] where he invested in Locker Board, [70] a sustainable line of skateboards invented by year-old, Carson Kropfl.

In May , it was announced that he would become a partner in a private equity fund that will be co-managed by Metric Capital. The fund will seek out consumer goods firms to invest in. It was a gruelling month-long challenge where they hiked, biked and kayaked across Europe and had a near-miss on Mont Blanc when a rockfall rained down on them as they crossed the perilous Gouter Couloir.

In February , Branson helped organise an international benefit concert, Venezuela Aid Live , to bring worldwide attention to the humanitarian crisis and raise funds for humanitarian aid.

He has written: "I suppose the secret to bouncing back is not only to be unafraid of failures but to use them as motivational and learning tools. There's nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as you don't make the same ones over and over again.

Branson made several world record-breaking attempts after , when in the spirit of the Blue Riband he attempted the fastest Atlantic Ocean crossing. His first attempt in the "Virgin Atlantic Challenger" led to the boat capsizing in British waters and a rescue by RAF helicopter, which received wide media coverage. Some newspapers called for Branson to reimburse the government for the rescue cost. In late , they made a record-breaking flight from Morocco to Hawaii but were unable to complete a global flight before Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones in Breitling Orbiter 3 in March In March , Branson set a record by travelling from Dover to Calais in a Gibbs Aquada in 1 hour, 40 minutes and 6 seconds, the fastest crossing of the English Channel in an amphibious vehicle.

The previous record of six hours was set by two Frenchmen. After being intercepted by the Coast Guard and asked what their intentions were, Clarkson remarked ".. She eventually continued to St. George's, Bermuda. He was also the star of a reality television show on Fox called The Rebel Billionaire: Branson's Quest for the Best , in which sixteen contestants were tested for their entrepreneurship and sense of adventure and only lasted one season.

His high public profile often leaves him open as a figure of satire—the AD series Zenith features a parody of Branson as a super villain , as the comic's publisher and favoured distributor and the Virgin group were in competition at the time. He has a cameo appearance in several films: Around the World in 80 Days , where he played a hot-air balloon operator, and Superman Returns , where he was credited as a 'Shuttle Engineer' and appeared alongside his son, Sam, with a Virgin Galactic -style commercial suborbital shuttle at the centre of his storyline.

He also has a cameo in the James Bond film Casino Royale Here, he is seen as a passenger going through Miami Airport security check-in and being frisked — several Virgin Atlantic planes appear soon after.

British Airways edited out Branson's cameo in their in-flight screening of the movie. Branson and his mother were also featured in the documentary film Lemonade Stories. Branson is a Star Trek fan and named his new spaceship VSS Enterprise in honour of the Star Trek spaceships, and in , reportedly offered actor William Shatner a ride on the inaugural space launch of Virgin Galactic.

In an interview in Time magazine, published on 10 August , Shatner claimed that Branson approached him asking how much he would pay for a ride on the spaceship. In response, Shatner asked "how much would you pay me to do it?

Main article: History of the British Virgin Islands. The following January he and Pears recorded together, in Britten's arrangements of British folk songs, and the following day, in duet with Curzon he recorded his Introduction and Rondo alla burlesca and Mazurka elegiaca. The two met in the summer of and subsequently performed a number of McPhee's transcriptions for a recording. It approved the transfer of the destroyers, because they fell in the classification of obsolescent materials, provided the naval and military authorities certified that they were not needful for the defense of the United States. Asia 17th and 18th century. Clipperton Island St. Music critics have frequently commented on the recurring theme in Britten's operas from Peter Grimes onward of the isolated individual at odds with a hostile society.

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Jasmine Montgomery, of the Fitch Design Consultancy: "Virgin are aware that their brand heritage is very different from BA's" BA has been forced to admit its "ethnic" designs did not win over customers in the UK, who make up nearly half of its customers.

Virgin boss Richard Branson clearly derived much pleasure at the weekend from BA's discomfort. He said: "The squiggly lines didn't work, in Britain or abroad, and their profits have dive bombed since they introduced them and Virgin's have gone soaring up since we brought the flag back. BA said on Sunday it would not be completely ditching its much-criticised "ethnic" tailfin logos but would instead be repainting half of its fleet with a new Union flag logo.

He said: "It's what our customers want. It is as simple as that. People in Britain want an image which they can respond to as part of their culture. Fly and lie Richard Branson: Being all things to all people didn't work Virgin also unveiled plans to install full-size double beds for passengers on its trans-Atlantic jets. A new fleet of Airbus A planes will have part of their cargo holds converted into upmarket dormitories, although they will not be in service until Mr Branson said: "The air hostesses would have to see what you do on take-off and on landing - but in between is up to you.

Virgin hopes the re-launch will help it to win a bigger slice of the lucrative business market. Front Page. UK Politics. Talking Point. In Depth. On Air. Feedback Low Graphics Help.

Richard Branson: Being all things to all people didn't work. Internet Links. British Airways Virgin Atlantic. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Robert virgin britian