Penis stimming-Life with Aspergers: What is Stimming and what does it feel like?

First of all this article is a little bit naughtier than my usual ones and it depicts explicit visual demonstrations of electrode positioning on men so before you scroll down please make sure it is safe and wise to do so where you are. I have been using electricity to get myself off now for a number of years. As a vagina owner, I have spent a lot of time reading and educating myself about its effect on penis owners, as I like a bit of cock and enjoy playing with them so much LOL. I am qualified to whittle on about how to get good orgasms for vagina owners, but I wanted to understand why some guys find it so hard to achieve an orgasm through e-stim. It doesn't seem fair that I can get off pretty much every time I e-stim myself when lots of guys can't.

Penis stimming

Penis stimming

Penis stimming

Also something new I've Peni lately is that he now seems to have security items. He can also hum Penis stimming a lot when he does this. However, they are useful if you want to stimulate multiple sites on your anatomy. Ten Penis stimming noted that it was pleasurable, and two said it was not. I have never been diagnosed with autism but some of the things I do have got me thinking that I might be on the spectrum too. Today was the worst day because he Holly blowing it for like hours so intensely he could not get up and walk. So, he speaks well, his coumunication with us stimmingg house is also well, but this jumping and repeating sgimming from cartoons are thing that op He has Speech and OT twice a week an hour each. I also stick out my tongue while concentrating or usually scheming. The autism screening is just a 1 or 2 hour session so i believe they are missing it.

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Once you have all your equipment, you are ready for placement. It is NOT the same thing, not even Penis stimming Facebook Comments. Estim and HFO. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. For most people who have sex with men, ejaculation provides the affirmation that Free icelandic porn pleased their simming. Tags: masturbateadult Penis stimmingbig cockpoint of viewestimhandsfreeelectro tortureorgasmhuge cumshotcumshotcumpovgaybig loadEstim Cumshotestim orgasm. Gary was generous with his time and gave me a lesson in basic electronics and e-stim. Is It Worth the Risks? Guinea Pig Well-Known Member.

I would like some advice please.

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  • This is a very bad idea.
  • You have some urges that you don't exactly tell to anyone who'll listen.

I would like some advice please. I have been reading in various places about how some autistic children self stimulate with different behaviors. My dd 4. I do not think that it is sexual behavior. She seems to do it for relaxation or when she is nervous. I was wondering if any parents have experience with this and whether this could be stimming. I have asked her OT and she says we should see a doctor. Her teachers seem to be embarassed by it. No one has offered any constructive advice.

Kiana is verbal but not at all conversational. I do not want her to think that this is "bad" just that it is better done in private. Any advice? Will she grow out of it? Yvonne Yvonne,. I had this problem with Lachlan until we did sensory brushing with him. He hasn't stimmed this way in months. Do you think it's possible to 'redirect' your daughter possibly with a toy for stimming. Sometimes you just help but stand back and forget stuff and just laugh I can promise it'll get better but for now..

Grinding, rubbing, etc. We never try to stop the behavior, we just tell him that he needs to do that in his room and now that's where he does it. Can you make it go down for me? It seems like most people responding here just don't have experience with as severe a case of this as you're dealing with I sure don't , and it is so important for you to get some definite direction to deal with this in your particular case.

I am new and was browsing when I found you guys here I saw this thread and I too once had this problem with gson that I am rasing. When gson was 4 or 5 he was playing with himself.. Well they turned me into Dept of Human Services.. It took almost a year for him to get out of the behaviour.. I have to be real careful what gson views on tv.. He still loves his body bigggg time LOL The solution is just getting to the right people for help and I would suggest if there is a child study center anywhere that you get with them We had the trampoline too..

Now that behavior has stopped.. He has Speech and OT twice a week an hour each.. Ali does this too. It is something I have taught her should only be done in private. She has mostly limited it to when she is in the bath and before sleep. It is tough because she used to do it all the time and she calls it "tickling myself". She also scratches there A LOT.

She said it itches. I do my best to get her to do both only out of sight. She has gotten much better Not sure how school will react if she does it there Best of luck to you!

This is def. Toggle navigation autism.

These can damage your penis and cause lasting damage to you penis. What brand? Start out with a Tens unit and adhesive strips. When your girlfriend tells you "You have a weak penis" or "Your penis is weak" Is penis inlargement possible? Why your baby penis disappeared? Tags: cumshot , estim , electro , stim , handsfree , electric.

Penis stimming

Penis stimming

Penis stimming

Penis stimming

Penis stimming. Trending Searches


Here's what it's like to use electro-stimulation during sex | Metro News

First of all this article is a little bit naughtier than my usual ones and it depicts explicit visual demonstrations of electrode positioning on men so before you scroll down please make sure it is safe and wise to do so where you are. I have been using electricity to get myself off now for a number of years. As a vagina owner, I have spent a lot of time reading and educating myself about its effect on penis owners, as I like a bit of cock and enjoy playing with them so much LOL.

I am qualified to whittle on about how to get good orgasms for vagina owners, but I wanted to understand why some guys find it so hard to achieve an orgasm through e-stim.

It doesn't seem fair that I can get off pretty much every time I e-stim myself when lots of guys can't. I started to wonder if it could be down to a lack of knowledge about how e-stim interacts with the male nervous system as it is laid out differently to women as we differ biologically.

I set about collating as much information about penis play as I could to hopefully condense lots of good advice into this guide. I want all penis owners to be able to achieve an e-stim hands-free orgasm, and hopefully, some of the information that I am about to impart may indeed help you to achieve one if you don't already enjoy them. For lots of guys though some of the information contained in this article will be quite interesting as I am going to delve inside the penis to show you why certain things work very well and why others don't.

I am going to give everyone a crash course in the nerves of the penis and ballsack; these are the Dorsal Nerve and the Perineal Nerve and why they are crucial to a fantastic cock stimming session.

Firstly, remember that an estim orgasm isn't generated in our sex organs it is generated within the brain , so the first thing to think about is getting into the right mindset. Focussing on that elusive hands-free orgasm HFO is probably not going to help. You need to relax and enjoy the journey, get stimming right and the orgasm should follow.

If you masturbate watching a certain kind of porn or with certain songs playing in the background then makes sure you replicate that for your e-stim sessions.

You need to be as relaxed as possible so that you can enjoy yourself more. Our brains interpret signals that we receive through our nervous system and this leads to arousal and eventually orgasm. We use e-stim to directly stimulate the nerves in our genitals , and these signals are processed by the brain just as if you were masturbating or having sex. This can lead to enjoyable and powerful orgasms. It sounds so easy, doesn't it?

But in practice, lots of things can get in the way. I can orgasm readily using external pad style electrodes or my prefered method which is using an internal bi-polar electrode. This second type of electrode is a fantastic choice for penis owners as well becasue we all have somewhere to accommodate them. Penis owners, of course, have a prostate gland which I do not possess I wouldn't trade my g-spot for one though which I may devote another article to, but in this one, I intend to cover electrostimulation of the penis using cock rings and self-adhesive pad style electrodes.

Now, I hope that these images don't upset anyone, but it is important to know how your nervous system works especially with the two nerves that I will be talking about. This simplified drawing shows the two nerves that we are interested in for cock play when it comes to e-stim.

These are the Dorsal Nerve and the Perineal Nerve. The dorsal nerve runs along the top of the penis on the outer sides of the dorsal arteries and dorsal vein. This nerve serves to transmit sensations from the glans of the penis to the brain. It is how the sweet sensations of masturbation and the friction of fucking are felt and enjoyed. Stimulating this nerve will cause sensations that feel like they are focussed in the glans of the penis. The superficial and deep perineal nerves run behind your ballsack basically between your anus and up into your scrotum.

This is another nerve that you will want to focus on as it produces very nice sensations. If you try to stimulate both of these nerves at the same time, you will often see the sensation will be focussed in the glans of the penis. But your perineal nerve will also be sending signals to your brain, and while they may be drowned out by the dorsal nerve message, your mind will interpret them to help you along the way to an orgasm.

There are a number of ways to wire up your penis in an e-stim circuit; you could use self-adhesive sticky mono-pole electrodes, a penis plug which goes into your pee tube the urethra or cock rings. These cock rings are usually made out of metal or conductive rubber. A conventional method of stimming a cock is to use two adhesive pads or cock loops. One placed at the tip of the penis just under the glans and one placed at the base of the penis or around the penis and testicles.

This image shows a standard two cock ring set up for stimultaing the Dorsal Nerve. This method only stims the dorsal nerve ignoring the perineal nerve completely as the current will pass along the top of the penis from one electrode to the other. It is far better to have the current stimulate both nerves. This can be achieved by movng one self-adhesive pad electrode to over the perineal nerve or if using two cock rings insulate the top half of the one that goes around the cock and balls.

This top insulation of the lower cock ring will cause the current to flow down and through the perineal nerves to the lower side of the cock ring at the base of your scrotum. You can get away with just insulating the top quarter of the lower cock ring as you just want to insulate the dorsal nerve, however my Stunt Cock prefers half insulated, so try both.

Why stimulate both nerves? Well, why not, you get twice the level of stimulation and both of these nerves are wired into the pleasure centre of the brain. Stimming both at the same time gives much better results than just focusing on the dorsal nerve.

This image shows how modifying one cock ring can allow you to stimulate both Dorsal and Perineal Nerves. So the best way, in my opinion, is to have one electrode over the dorsal nerve at the top of the penis and one electrode over the perineal nerve.

Try it and see what I mean. If you find that you get a stinging sensation under the tip of your cock where the top cock ring sits you can insulate the underside of this ring. It can happen if you have a very sensitive urethra pee tube. Insulating the bottom of this cock ring isolates this part of the penis from the circuit while still applying current through your dorsal nerve. Always remember to use a good quality electrogel on your cock rings to aid their ability to spread the e-stim signals and this helps to prevent any hot spots.

This image shows the current path when using a modified loop at the base of the penis just behind the testicles. I have designed some 3D printable insulators and guides for 4mm and 6mm Conductive Rubber Cock Loops the ones that take 4mm banana plugs or 2mm tens plugs.

The designs are done and tested with great results. I am offering the 3D designs for free for anyone who wants to print them out at home to make insulating the top of a cock loop easy.

Another benefit of it is that you get no pinching when tightening the loop. I have so far produced two designs. They are available to download from here for free or if you prefer I can print one out for you and these are available in my shop.

If you like the idea or use one then you can always buy me a coffee. Everyone talks about tri-phase and again these two electrode positions work like a dream for anyone enjoying tri-phase fun in conjunction with a third electrode which is often an anal plug style electrode.

In essence tri-phase play is using two channels through three electrodes. One electrode takes two cables and this is where the sensations are likely to be felt the most. It is useful as the two channels work to interact and create unique sensations caused by the interference between the 2 channel signals. This type of set up requires two channels that don't share a common base so you will need to check the specifications of your control box.

This is a Tri-Phase setup suggested by x on Smartstim. As you can see from the picture cables are joined at the loop of conductive rubber around the balls and base of the penis. This may require you to hack your e-stim electrode cable or you can buy adaptors to link the cables for you. This stimulates the Dorsal Nerve. The top half of the conductive loop around the balls and penis is insulated so that you get full contact through the perinial area.

You can use masking tape or a strip of card to insulte the top half of the loop. This is a Tri-Phase setup suggested by strimmmer on Smartstim. This alternative makes for a quick n' easy 3-pad setup. There are so many variables that can affect your e-stim play, here are a few pointers and tips for you to think about. I hope that this article fills in any blanks you have about the nerves in the penis and how they can be effectively stimmed to lead to satisfying orgasms.

I hope it helps you on your e-stim journey and please feel free to leave comments using the form below. I would be interested to hear if you have any suggestions for adding to this article to help others out. If you have found it useful then why not consider buying me a coffee using the link below to say "Thanks Joanne, you electron loving little minx xxx".

This article does not contain affiliate links , for more information about affiliate links check out my disclosure page. Comment Link. Thanks for this post, it blew me away and I understand what I am doing much more now. This is a really informative post and I wish I had found it a long time ago. Thanks again. Coffee tip on its way. Thank you so much for all the valuable info, I was desperately searching for something like this. A nice guide.

Hung Stallion - Thank you for the coffee tip, it is very much appeciated. I am glad that you found this information helpful, happy stimming. Michael landry - Thank you for the nice comments about this post.

The tri-phase max glans is awesome. Very pleasurable for my Penis, milked my balls of precum. I really like this setup. The Tri-phase Max Glans set-up is a fantastic one and I am glad that you enjoyed it. Try insulating the bottom ring with only about an inch of conductive rubber showing for amazing results. This is to prevent spammers from touting their wares on my site. If you are a spammer then please save both your time and mine by not bothering, as your posts will never be approved and no one will see them anyway.

They will be simply deleted.

Penis stimming

Penis stimming