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Even though it is a personal choice to spank your kids or not, one mom has decided that spanking is no longer the right call for her family. Instead, she's decided to try other methods of discipline. Since making the change, however, she's at a loss on how to control her daughter's temper tantrums without resorting to giving her a whack. In a post on Reddit , the mom explained that all it took was for one friend to show her some statistics on how spanking isn't effective and has negative consequences for her to change her tune. But now that she's officially a former spanker, she wrote that it's easier said than done to change the way that you parent.

Mom gave me a spanking

Mom gave me a spanking

About the Author. A bit of advice, don't give up if it doesn't work immediately. I was quiet and would sit still at the same spot for hours. The children also are beseiged by guilt when they are misbehaving and when they are punished they feel relief. Not even always used for negative behaviors, but for calming any high emotions. BUT the child IS only 3 years old. She has the whole world in front of her and she gets to make her future the best for her and the lives she inspires. I am 58 and remember being labeled Dark asian blowjobs chubby kid

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The spnaking finale quickly reduced my well spanked little spankingg to unabashed tears and momentous promises to be good. She would Transexual farm much the better for it. Later, her. When she finished, her hands were flat on the carpet before her, propping her up in front, while behind her jeans and panties dangled ignominiously, brushing the floor. About a dozen times, Mom gave me a spanking and fast, I spanked, alternating cheeks, aiming dead center. I was a nervous driver — always afraid of making a mistake — afraid to be in control of something as powerful as that engine wrapped in steel and glass. I forgot Dare she risk a confrontation while still bare bottom and over my knee- Plus, she had another spanking due at bedtime. It was actually produced by punishment. She wriggled from side to side, unable to hold still, especially as the hairbrush continued its more subtle, but ever so aggravating activity. And a spanking seemed like the only punishment for me.

At age 23, I cannot account for how my future self will react to my child misbehaving.

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  • Having received by far the worst spanking of my life from my wife's mother I found this story familiar even though it's seems a fantasy.

At age 23, I cannot account for how my future self will react to my child misbehaving. Growing up, I was spanked by my mother. Most of my spankings were endured alongside my brother, seeing as how we were partners in crime.

As one gets older, however, spankings tend to lose their effect; so, by our teen years, they had all but stopped. Still, like for every child I would imagine, there were a few whippings that went down in the history books of our memories.

When we were toddlers, my mother was very lenient; she understood we were still learning right from wrong and testing boundaries. But, by about three or four years of age, there was an expectation in my household that my brother and I should know right from wrong on a basic level.

Consequently, we would be given three warnings. If we chose not to heed the first two, and continued misbehaving, then it was guaranteed that the third strike ended with… well, a strike — a strong arm from my mother. It was always my mother who did the disciplining; she believed the strength of a man my father would be too much for a child. To be honest, spanking makes complete sense to me.

I even credit the spankings I endured for my good behavior in school and for keeping me out of trouble. So why, then, do I lean towards not spanking my own theoretical children? I felt so angry and, in addition to the pain of getting spanked, it hurt my feelings intensely that my mother spanked me.

From a religious standpoint, I see nothing wrong with spanking, and I believe biblical texts back that up. However, it would be interesting to see a more in-depth study on the reverse opinion. After all, most of us know plenty of people who were spanked as kids whether we include ourselves in that group or not , who claim it has not had adverse effects on them. I was upset knowing I had disappointed her. I knew my mother loved me, and for her to get to the point of laying hands on me meant I had really messed up.

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That's the best. Yes he suffered, but he suffered for YOU, so would you actually not embrace complete forgiveness? And remember, I expect to have that naughty, little bottom of yours where I can get at it Newer Post Home. Why- I don't know. The way she.

Mom gave me a spanking

Mom gave me a spanking

Mom gave me a spanking

Mom gave me a spanking

Mom gave me a spanking. Rip Roaring Western

I am her mother, after all , had me more than ready to get on with the main event. But, anticipation being half the fun, I still hesitated to begin. All I got was a single, firm nod. Cindy gave a little moan and squirmed her midsection, keeping her bottom cheeks tightly clenched. Why- I don't know. Anyone who's ever been spanked knows that only makes it sting more. Oh well When no spank fell, Cindy looked up at me, puzzled.

Had she won a reprieve- Not likely. I lowered the brush and said lightly, "Nope, not yet. Seeing you like this, with your cute, little heinie all bare and ready for spanking, reminds me that this is when we used to have some of our best discussions. I'll bet sometimes you even thought I was going to forgive and forget and let you off with no spanking. Am I right-" Cindy scowled and looked back down at the floor.

Give the girl a prize. But you said that like you don't agree. Why is that, Sweetie-" Never one to resist sharing her point of view, even, apparently, when in as vulnerable a situation as she then found herself, Cindy said, "Because I bet the real reason you want to spank me is you just like to do it.

You like to spank me. It's fun for you A bit too close to home, that one. You wait! I'm right, aren't I- You like to spank me. Spank, spank, spank, that's all you ever do! I shook my head. My gosh, I haven't spanked you in two years — does that sound like I like to do it- Heaven knows I could have. There are lots of times you deserved to have your sassy, little fanny blistered, but I didn't do it, did I- I really hoped to never have to spank you again, but your conduct today has forced me to.

Do you really think I could let you get away with what you did at school today-" "No, but you could ground me or something — you don't have to spank me. Grounding hasn't worked. Withholding your allowance hasn't worked. Nothing has worked Stopping that was a big mistake, and it is one I am about to rectify. But there is one more thing I insist that you understand.

I really do not want to spank you. But you have left me no choice. So, a spanking you shall get — and a real good, hard one at that. Now, that being the case, it is after all, simply a spanking. It will sting and you will cry. But then it will be over. Whether you ever get another one will be solely up to you, but I want you to know that as far as I am concerned, what you are about to get is just a preview of what you can expect from now on, young lady, as long as you live under this roof.

Spanking has returned to the Reynolds' house! Enthusiastically, I distributed a flurry of quick, not too hard spanks all about Cindy's pretty bottom. She remained tightly clenched, fists, teeth and bottom. It was a mistake she always seemed to make, and one I understood. She was a chip off the old block in the, "You can spank me 'til your arm falls off, but I won't let on it hurts," game.

I wonder why it is that for some girls, we must graduate from spankee to spanker before we see the sheer folly of such a ploy. It only encourages the spanker to try harder, which should be the last thing the spankee wants. I don't know how many times I wound up on my bed, lying on my tummy as I nursed a very hot and sore bottom, saying to myself, "What a dummy! Why did you have to pretend you couldn't feel it- Never again!

It's called teen spirit, I guess. I applied another flurry, a bit harder, saying as I did so, "So, I see we're playing the old, 'You can't hurt my bottom game,' are we- Well, honey, the sad truth is I can Not so har That stiiiiiings!

I can't stand it! Only eight real spanks and already you can't stand it- Well. That's too bad, young lady, because this dance has barely begun! Though it had been a while, the old corporal cadence came back to me and I spent the next minute or so spanking merrily away, delivering brisk, firm spanks, snapping my wrist at just the right moment so as to impart a worthwhile sting, and covering the entirety of Cindy's wriggling and bucking behind. Her cries fell on deaf ears. I know how it feels.

Those first few spanks sting so badly you wonder how you will ever stand it. But you do. Too many spankers, dismayed at the immediate hyperactivity and the sheer volume of the early response, quit altogether too soon, buying into the girl's show of remorse. That is a mistake. One must spank right on, past those early moments, until reaching a point of complete understanding on the part of the girl as to the hopelessness of her predicament, and the degree to which she owes you her undivided attention.

It took just about that first minute — well over fifty smacks — for me to achieve such an opportunity for communication with my daughter. I knew when the moment arrived by the change in her cacophonous tune. She was still kicking and shrieking and flailing her arms all about, but suddenly she was asking, not ordering me to stop.

One should never let a little girl think that she in any way has a say as to whether, when, how or how long she will be spanked. But, noting the change in Cindy's attitude, I slowed the pace a bit, then a bit more, and finally paused, using the hairbrush bristles to pat her blazing red behind and keep her attention properly focused. Cindy's full weight now lay upon my thighs. She sobbed and rubbed her eyes. She crossed and re-crossed her ankles, where I noted her jeans and panties now dangled from only her left foot.

I examined her bottom and found it to my liking. It was bright red, evenly so, typical of what a well-wielded hairbrush can accomplish in a minute or so. She wriggled from side to side, unable to hold still, especially as the hairbrush continued its more subtle, but ever so aggravating activity.

How do you like it- Does this remind you of why you didn't used to like to get spanked-" Cindy sniffled. She was quiet. Dare she talk back- I waited, prepared to deal with whatever. Bristling, she hissed, "No! I don't like it!

And I think you're Spanking very fast, at least three spanks per second, and reasonably hard, I worked the hairbrush from her upper right thigh to the top of that cheek, and then down the left side, finishing with an extra hard spank to her upper left thigh. Well, you never heard such a noise. Yelling and screaming that I was killing her, Cindy, bucked and kicked, sending both her jeans and panties flying.

Begging me to stop, she flung her right hand back and plastered it to her fiery right bottom cheek. I'm sorryyyyyyy! Ohhhhhhh, it stings so baaaaaaaad! Please, Mommy, no more! When you are spanking a fifteen year old and she starts calling you "Mommy" you know you are doing something right. However, there was still a problem — a major one. Cindy gasped and jerked her hand from harm's way. I forgot! Please, Mommy I'm sorry! Too bad. So, which will it be-" I asked, resuming the pesky, circular motion of the sharp bristles upon her hot, twitching rear end.

In this family, we have a hard and fast rule; when you are getting spanked, under no circumstances do you ever put a hand back or try to get away or in any other way interfere with corporal progress. The penalty for doing so is significant. So much so that Cindy had not made that mistake since she was nine years old and had her first encounter with the hairbrush. She had been warned since she was little and was generally very good about taking her spankings without resistance.

Unfortunately for her, the hairbrush had so inflamed her tender little, nine year old bottom, obviously well beyond anything my poor, old, right palm had ever accomplished, that she had forgotten and tried to stop the hairbrush from falling by blocking its path.

At which point she had to make the same decision which confronted her now. I forgot Now which will it be- I need an answer right now! Stop it! I'll take the other spanking. Okay-" "That will be just fine, young lady. Tonight at bedtime then," I promised, not at all surprised she chose the second spanking.

The alternative, which has never been chosen by me or anyone else as far as I know, is to suspend the current spanking, go to the corner for ten minutes, and then start all over, having gotten dressed and everything.

Trust me, when your poor bottom is on fire, and you know there is already more to come, possibly significantly more, no way do you want to start over. Another spanking, later, seems fundamentally the superior choice. Of course, when one ponders the situation under less stressful and stinging circumstances, the idea of starting over seems more logical, assuming the spanker doesn't really intend it literally.

But when under the gun, or hairbrush, ending one's current spanking becomes paramount. You've made a lot of noise, and I know your bottom is pretty sore, but I also know I have not heard what I need to hear. So, are you ready-" I raised the hairbrush and, to my delight and surprise, heard, "Ye Yes, Mother I'm sorry. Go ahead. What would have gone on to become a severe and prolonged spanking was instantly mitigated; I simply wished to make sure Cindy appreciated the seriousness of her misbehavior and would be quite unlikely to repeat it.

Not that she was to get off easy, mind you. Very hard and alternating cheeks, I began spanking in a methodical and slow rhythm, allowing about two seconds between each spank, long enough to feel one quite adequately, but not long enough to steel oneself for the next.

In no time, Cindy was caterwauling and howling to the heavens about how sorry she was and how she would never do it again. Her bottom flamed as each smack of the hairbrush left a brief, white imprint. I paused and asked if she'd learned her lesson. Sobbing and gasping, Cindy assured me in no uncertain terms she had. If you ever Whack! The grand finale quickly reduced my well spanked little girl to unabashed tears and momentous promises to be good.

This, of course, is the goal of any serious spanking. There was one more thing to discuss and one more piece to the ritual. After allowing Cindy to lie across my lap for several minutes, until she'd regained most of her composure, I casually said, "Well, I think that might have helped. What do you think-" Still sniffly, Cindy cautiously opined, "Uhm, yes, Mother Okay-" I pressed the bristles to her throbbing bottom. Aren't I incorrigible- "Uhm Since you've already said you think this little spanking will help you be a good girl, I probably should let you know I am very inclined to reinstate spanking as my number one punishment for serious misbehavior.

Would you have a problem with that-" "Well, geez I don't think I'm glad you agree. That being the case, and knowing how I feel about it, would you also agree that any and all spankings will be with this hairbrush and on your bare bottom-" Cindy sighed, then took a couple of quick breaths.

I could almost see the wheels spinning. Dare she risk a confrontation while still bare bottom and over my knee- Plus, she had another spanking due at bedtime. Discretion always is, especially when your bottom is at stake, the better part of valor. I tapped her with the brush. I mean yes, Mother. Now, say it all for me so we will have no doubt next time you're in trouble and I decide to spank you.

Yes, when I am bad, if it is something really bad, not just being a little late or something, you can spank me Okay-" I considered her qualifier, and accepted it. Okay, then, young lady, you know what's next Cindy clambered off my lap and headed straight for the corner. Once there, she pulled her shirt up so as to leave her bottom totally bare, and clasped her hands before her, snuggling deep into the corner. Never had Cindy's perfect, little bottom been redder, nor, I'm sure hotter.

Got it-" "Yes, Mother. Did Cindy get spanked again that day, and did she get any more spankings after that day- Well, the answer is yes If you are real nice I'll share a bit of detail, okay- Okay. Of course Cindy got spanked again that day. In our family, a spanking promised is a spanking given.

She knows that. Thus, after watching Aly McBeel, when I told her to get ready for bed, she simply sighed, kissed her dad goodnight, and went upstairs, saying she'd call me when she was ready.

Her father asked if I had to do it, and I assured him I did. He leaves Cindy's spankings to me, but he is very supportive. When she called down to me, I got up and he said, "She's a good kid, Honey, just remember how it felt when it was you on the other end of that hairbrush. I found Cindy in her Backstreet Boys night shirt, standing beside the chair, which she had thoughtfully placed in the middle of her room. She was holding the hairbrush. I told you she is smart. Not at all disarmed, I sat down, took the hairbrush, and allowed her to go over my knee, for the second time that day.

This time, as she did so, she flipped her night shirt up, leaving her still pink and totally bare bottom on display, perfectly uppermost and spankable. I reminded her of why she was getting another spanking. She said it was okay and she was sorry.

I spanked her. Not too long, but pretty hard. In no time her bottom was a brilliant crimson and she was squeaking and squawking her displeasure and remorse. It was not the hardest spanking ever, not by a long shot, but it was more than sufficient to impress upon her that she had to remember the rules, and that her mother was not kidding about spankings, now or in the future.

She was allowed to skip corner time and go straight to bed. She was on her tummy, rubbing furiously away as I closed her door. As far as other spankings go, yes, there have been a few, seven or eight I would say. All were well deserved, and well administered, if I do say so myself. Cindy did not resist nor interfere in any way, and so escaped with basic, good old fashioned spankings.

Her last spanking was a bit unusual. She was seventeen, a senior in high school, and had not been spanked for many months. Suddenly, during an argument at the dinner table, and right in front of her father, she called me a I'd rather not say — but it's just about the filthiest, worst name I've ever been called.

I looked at her, my mouth hanging wide open. It was her father, for the first and only time, who said, "That was out of place, Cynthia, and unless your mother takes you upstairs right this second, I am going to pull down your pants and paddle the you-know-what out of you! I simply said, "Let's go, young lady! The spanking she got from me was a lulu.

It was every bit as sound as the one I told you all about. Even at seventeen, that old hairbrush can work wonders on a girl's attitude. She was wailing and bawling by the time I allowed her to apologize for her lack of respect. After some more spanking, I allowed her to apologize for her foul mouth. Her bottom was absolutely sizzling when I sent her to her corner. I left the room and returned moments later. Lucky for her she wasn't rubbing her bright red behind.

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Mom Who Just Gave Up Spanking Asks for Help Fixing the 'Damage' She's Done |

Even though it is a personal choice to spank your kids or not, one mom has decided that spanking is no longer the right call for her family. Instead, she's decided to try other methods of discipline. Ever since she decided to stop spanking her almost 5-year-old, the mom has been at a loss at how to discipline her -- especially during tantrums.

In a post on Reddit , the mom explained that all it took was for one friend to show her some statistics on how spanking isn't effective and has negative consequences for her to change her tune.

But now that she's officially a former spanker, she wrote that it's easier said than done to change the way that you parent. And she's worried that her previous parenting style may have caused lasting damage. The mom continued that her daughter definitely has her share of behavioral issues. Part of the problem was that the girl's grandparents used to spoil her just a tad. That means when the mom can't afford to buy her treats, her daughter explodes in a fit.

Her big concern is that her daughter is going to misbehave when she starts kindergarten next year. Her current teachers have been sending letters home informing the mom that her daughter has been refusing to "sit down and stop talking and pay attention. That is why she turned to the parenting forum for help. Which is ridiculous, but I want to do right," she added. How do I fix the dynamic I created? One person advised that things might get worse before they get better. The mom later responded and wrote in that she really liked the idea of teaching kids "to calm themselves down.

She added that her friend advised her to "teach her to cope and process her feelings instead of teaching her to do exactly what I say and want her to do," she wrote. That is how the mom came up with a solid plan for the next time her daughter throws a fit. Genny Glassman June 17 at PM. That is why the mom is looking for advice on how to get her child to behave without hitting her. Online, lots of parents congratulated the mom for giving up spanking. A bit of advice, don't give up if it doesn't work immediately.

It will take time for your daughter to adjust her behavior to the new dynamic, but it will be worth it. And other parents wrote in with some excellent advice and parenting tips. We explain that we listen to them when they are crying and screaming, and we can talk once they are calm. Not even always used for negative behaviors, but for calming any high emotions. The 3-year-old's reactions often far outweigh the situation I mean Reasons My Kid is Crying and all , and sometimes she gets herself so worked up that she can't calm herself down, so she'll sit on the step.

When she's like that, one of us usually sits next to her, not talking, just sitting with her and intentionally breathing slow and deep. Eventually her breathing lines up with ours, and once she's calm we can talk.

Mom gave me a spanking