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Related Categories. Hildebrand Real Estate. Be Nice. That would be alot of homosexuals having babies. Mature Moms TV kccoy not own, produce or host the videos displayed on this Melissa mccoy lesbian. I would just say Do you like older woman? CrissCross May 18, am. Give me a break. I do believe that Melissa should have to adopt the baby to be lesbiaj on the certificate. I don't cadone same sex marriages but I wish these two the best of luck. Be Nice. The anti-gay crowd is blatantly hypocritical and will stop at no level of mental gymnastics to justify themselves. Get it yet? AllAliceAllDay

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The unanimous ruling cited constitutional rights to basic fairness and equal protection. Adams said the health department has extended other rights to same-sex married couples since the ruling. But state law regarding parentage is gender-specific and not open to interpretation, she said.

Under Iowa law, if a woman is married, the husband is the father, absent a court order that says otherwise. I cut her umbilical cord.

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Another woman carrying a couples baby husbands sperm, maybe wife's egg. Subscribe or log in to continue. Melissa is going to have to adopt the child to be added to the birth certificate. If you've been in a car accident, call DBSH about your personal injury claim! You are a parent because you parent, not because your name is on the birth certificate.

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Updated: October 27, pm. The birth certificate lists only Heather, who is the biological mother, and the women say it incorrectly lists Mackenzie as having been born out of wedlock. The lawsuit says the department rejected the couple's request because Melissa had not legally adopted Mackenzie and was not biologically related. The legal challenge was filed little more than a year after the Iowa Supreme Court overturned a state law that defined marriage as the union between man and woman.

Maybe the couple needs a refresher course on where babies come from. They dont come from two mommies. They come from a mommy and a daddy and when they are not married to each other, they are born out of wedlock. What don't these people get?

She's NOT the biological parent and hasn't even adopted this child!!! This isn't rocket science, people! I have no problems at all with gays and lesbians having children but how about adopting the child first and then having the birth certificate changed? This is no different than me saying that I want MY name on this child's birth certificate. These two are trying to make trouble and get their 15 minutes of fame by claiming that they are being discriminated against. Give me a break. I wish I could have sued them for all errors that have done to my families certificates over the last 8 years.

The fallout from this issue, both spiritual, morally and financially will take its toll on society. Less of a percentage of the population supported this than the percentage of lawmakers who voted for it. Melissa is going to have to adopt the child to be added to the birth certificate. However, I wonder if Melissa is going to be listed as the "father" at that point.

Perhaps we ought to be looking at amending the birth certificate forms so that they read Parent 1 and Parent 2. I think I understand their issue. Let's say a married heterosexual couple tries having kids, but the man cannot, so they use a sperm donor. What goes on the birth certificate? The anonymous sperm donor or the married husband? And does the married husband have to adopt the child his wife gave birth to?

I seriously don't know. If it's the married husbands name on the birth certificate in that scenario, I "guess" I don't know why both women's names wouldn't be on the certificate. Since gay marriage is now legal in Iowa.

Are you kidding me? Babies come from Mommy and Daddy, not Mommy and Mommy. That child has a father and that is what should appear on the birth certificate. Why does Melissa have to adopt this child? She is considered the parent.

In Iowa, if a wife cheats on her husband and becomes pregnant with another man's child, her husband is legally responsible for that child. For example, if they were to separate, the woman's husband would have to pay child support, etc. Also in Iowa, if a woman is married but separated from her husband and becomes pregnant by a man other than her husband, the estranged husband is still responsible to the child because the couple is still married.

So--since Melissa is married to the woman that gave birth to the child, why does she have to 1 be the biological parent or 2 be the adopted parent to have her name on the birth certificate? She doesn't have to be either! She is the parent! Glad the court made up the concept of so called same sex marriage. Lawyers are going to get even richer with stuff like this. And now the poor kid is going to grow up wondering who her daddy is.

But who cares, right, as long as same sex couples feel good. As to a heterosexual couple who can't have kids using a sperm donor, does that ever happen?

Artificial insemination. Why else are there sperm donors? For couples whose husband shoots blanks. And surrogate mother. Another woman carrying a couples baby husbands sperm, maybe wife's egg. I'm pretty sure both of these methods are used to conceive and just wonder what the birth certificate says in those instances.

And good points by others too. How do you know a baby is the husbands of a heterosexual couple? There are no paternity tests done prior to filling out a birth certificate. Bottom line of this whole matter is that by Iowa Law this couple is married. They had a child together, and Melissa deserves to be on the birth certificate. My sister used artificial incemination and my brother-in-laws name is on the birth certificate, not the biological father and they are married. If we are going to have a law, which I believe we should, that same sex couples can get married, then they have every RIGHT as a heterosexual couple.

And to xdfred--are you serious? Why do you think there are sperm banks? For homosexuals only? There have been sperm banks and sperm donors long before homosexuals were having children. There are over , babies born using IVF worldwide every year. That would be alot of homosexuals having babies. Depends upon the state.

In some states the intended parents names can go directly on the birth certificate. IN other states only the woman carrying the child has her name on the BC and the intended parents must then go through the adoption process.

For those that don't understand the issue I will spell it out. This couple is legally married in iowa and one of them had a baby after the couple was married. Since they are married and now have a child then both parents should have their names on the birth certificate.

Not that hard to figure out. This is a legal issue and a civil issue. This is not a religious issue or a morality issue. Keep your bigoted opinions to yourself.

Equal rights for everyone unless your gay!!! My boyfriend is not on OUR baby's because he did not realize that his lisence was expired and we had to file a paternity affidavit. Is it any different for a heterosexual couple? Some people take their rights and totally go way overboard. Now on the other hand if it is not the same well then go for it fight away and demand your rights. And on another hand: is it that hard to just go abotu adopting her?

I was adopted and I have two different birth certificates- of course only one if legal now- but the only thing is that you have two birthdays! How cool is that though? I was born May 5th but I was adopted October 9th so I can claim two birthdays! The kid can have two birthday parties!

Imagine a married man and woman decide they want a child, but the husband cannot help conceive because of a low sperm count. The couple use a sperm donor. When the baby is born, some power-hungry government paper-pusher who doesn't like the situation refuses to put the father on the birth certificate. That means that if a child is born to their union, which there was, both spouses are legally entitled to appear on the birth certificate. She doesn't NEED to adopt the child any more than the man mentioned above would - the baby is already legally her child because she was legally married to the birth mother at the time of the birth.

I'll be surprised if this makes it to court, because even if there are many ignorant folks on this website, the state's lawyers will instantly know they will lose as long as the marriage is legal. This poor, poor child that is born to this horrible household where her parents love her and just want to make sure they have the legal rights they are entitled to.

How WILL she survive? Since so few states even have legal same-sex marriages and have for such a short time, I'd love to see some reliable numbers on that. I'd be willing to bet that they are just as likely to stay married as any heterosexual couple, if not more. And if they do divorce? They have the same fun doing so as anyone else - child support, visitation, the whole nine yards. But I suppose you knew that and just wanted to try to stir the pot by 'playing' dumb.

Right- I know that- what I was trying to say did not come out right. I do not know the laws for married people. I was just saying that I think it is silly that my lil girl's dad is not on her BC because we are not married and his license was expired.