Lesbians at it-OPINION: Lesbians need to get the L out of the LGBT+ community | OPENLY

Two years ago, only my closest friends knew I was a lesbian. Last week I was at Lancaster Pride with a megaphone and some friends, loudly protesting lesbophobia in the LGBT community with several dozen teenagers staging a counter protest at us. How did I get here? Or so, I thought at the time. At first I wondered who these mean women were; the news told me they were transphobic, nasty women, bigoted and ruining things.

But it is not just about getting the practice in. By Leslie Lesbians at it Vega. Anne suggested telling the men to fuck off was probably the most productive thing to do. Lapinskaite said she had been involved in protests, direct actions and campaigns since her early 20s. Lesbians at the bar, lesbians in the loos, lesbians outside having a cigarette, Lesgians hugging and making plans for their next Lesbians at it up. Whilst this is nothing new- she references the AIDS crisis of the 80s, when many dying gay men were cared for by lesbian women. Beck was met with cheers as she stood up and took the microphone and it was a minute before she could speak. When a few of my lesbian friends and I decided to march uninvited in front of the Pride march in London last year to promote lesbian visibility within an increasingly misogynistic and anti-lesbian gay, bisexual and transgender GBT movement, we had Lesgians idea this would cause such a huge backlash Gay older sex the GBT community itself. Views Read Edit View history.

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Our journey there was fairly uneventful.

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Throw in a bit of hate and a bar fight, and that changes just about everything. By Leslie dela Vega. The Daily Dose March 21, We were a diverse bunch. Cathy owned a successful salon. Brenda center and the author second from left with friends at a party. We were sisters. She was my protector, my big sister. Music was blasting, dark blue lights were on and women were scattered around the room.

We felt a bit like the odd women out. We were a group who could hold their own. Seriously, we were pretty tough cats. Who cares if she was actually as gentle as a kitten on a pillow?

So we ignored the comment. I knew this would not be good. Disaster averted. Then, just as suddenly, the five of us were led outdoors. We were asked to leave the premises or they were going to press charges. How was this happening? These were our people and this was happening in our town, San Francisco. San Francisco had diversity and gay, all in one city.

Until that night. I was naive. Brenda, most likely trying to calm the author down, or carry her to a waiting limo. Sitting on the curb, with a couple of cops standing nearby, we waited for the police to read the bar owners the riot act so we could get back in, drink our drinks and dance to whichever of our jams came our way. The cops came out after having heard another version of whatever story was told and suggested that we move along.

To call us shocked would be an understatement. Now the gas-rich nation is turning to domestic entrepreneurship for a revival.

Haji Adilo and his brothers are the coaching minds behind the runners to watch at the New York City marathon. The California congresswoman's fall isn't about sex — or sexuality — but the abuse of power. Good stories from around the globe.

Essays and immersion, into the harrowing, the sweet, the surprising — the human. Experiments in public school education have very real-life consequences, some having to do with getting your ass kicked.

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Five Lesbians Walk Into a Bar | OZY

Two years ago, only my closest friends knew I was a lesbian. Last week I was at Lancaster Pride with a megaphone and some friends, loudly protesting lesbophobia in the LGBT community with several dozen teenagers staging a counter protest at us. How did I get here? Or so, I thought at the time. At first I wondered who these mean women were; the news told me they were transphobic, nasty women, bigoted and ruining things.

But they were protesting for a reason, so I thought I would see what their reason was, expecting to see some kind of transphobic hatred. But what I saw shocked and chilled me to my core…The cotton ceiling. Have you heard of it? But I did know about the glass ceiling. This concept is brutal rape imagery. The cotton ceiling is therefore the idea that transwomen have a right to correctively rape lesbians, who must have sex with them, or at least consider having sex with them, lest they call us nasty women, mean, bigoted, transphobic.

I am a rape survivor, and was a mostly closeted lesbian, other than to a few close friends, and I read this and wailed, traumatised, that this was the world I was in the process of coming out to.

The next day I booted myself out of the closet to everyone I knew. I was raging and furious, that rape-culture was now widely accepted and encouraged within the community I had longed to be a part of. How could it be like this? How could my own community accept this? Why were the Get The L Out lesbians not celebrated for standing up for lesbian rights?

We started to organise, as many women now have, into grassroots campaign groups. But we also needed to look into what Queer Theory is, who accepts it, and what it teaches.

To my horror, I discovered Stonewall supports this, in their glossary of terms:. So their definition of the gender, is not based on being a male or a female, but is based on culturally determined ideas of masculinity and femininity.

So in their terms gender could mean either male or female! This makes their description of the word homosexual, as described above, meaningless. What is Stonewall doing if in its own literature it is changing the meaning of the word homosexual?!

We learned that these Queer Theory definitions are now widespread, with real life implications. But in the real world, our bodies do matter. They matter in medicine, they matter in our experiences of being men and women, and the most of all matter in sex. Schools in Scotland even recently handed out this guide for young lesbians in high schools.

If you look at the guide you can see, this is specifically targeting young lesbians and grooming them to accept male partners. As a result there have now been lesbian protests at the following Prides: Swansea, Lille, Bradford , York and Vienna and on the same day as my sisters in Edinburgh , I organised a protest at Lancaster Pride.

We arrived and my heart sank. A lot of the people attending Pride were families and young people, young people draped in baby pink, white and baby blue trans flags. Knowing what I do about the pressure on especially young lesbians to transition due to homophobia, I felt sad. You can read about how NHS gender specialists have concerns about lesbian and gay young people. We walked towards Dalton Square where the Pride event was taking place, handing out fliers to passers by about the discrimination and coercion of lesbians to have sex with male bodied people.

Once we arrived, we saw concerning puppy fetish stall a Mermaids stall child transition lobby group and various other promotional stalls. I had my face painted in the Lesbian Labrys flag; this should not be remarkable at a Pride event.

A transwoman spotted me and gave me a long cold stare, and I saw that this transwoman slowly followed us to where we decided to protest, keeping distance but watching us. This was before anyone knew we were going to protest, and it was unsettling; lesbians are not welcome at Pride. We took out our banners and stood on the steps of the Town Hall opposite the crowds in Dalton Square, and we spoke about lesbian visibility, stated that lesbians are female homosexuals, and that lesbians do not have penises.

It was not long before we drew a crowd. Police were also gathering by as crowds were forming. Like sending in the foot soldiers…. Some of our group were spat on by the counter protesters and we were all sworn at multiple times. Police were there but did not keep the mob separate from us — we were surprised by this.

We after all numbered just five women holding the banners, and the crowd were hostile. We left when we felt it was no longer safe to continue, and the crowd dissipated. They agreed that this was not acceptable. The public agree with us, once they understand the issue. We want people to know how widespread the culture of coercion of lesbians to accept male partners is. We wanted the public to know how shockingly widespread homophobia is now, and how, sadly, our young people are engaging in homophobia, probably without understanding that that is what they are doing.

But what do we expect? When Stonewall and Queer lobby groups such as Gendered Intelligence are providing training to schools and hospitals and the fire service and the NHS, and our galleries and museums, how are our young people to know any different?

Adults should not be teaching Queer Theory with its anti-science and homophobic ideas, as if it is a real thing. Queer Theory is only decades old! And is mainly focused on sexual kinks and disturbing sexual fetishes.

How is this appropriate?! And what of the young lesbians who were there? Some will likely accept male partners, or else they will be rejected from their own community. This culture is coercing young lesbians into corrective rape. And they cannot see it.

It is for the future of our young people that we do these protests, as we believe there is a real risk to the next generation of lesbian women and homosexual men, whose sexual orientations of being exclusively same sex attracted will no longer be accepted within our own community.

Already we are hearing first hand accounts from our young lesbian and gay friends-from teens to young people in their early twenties, telling us they need to examine why they are gay or lesbian, as if it is bad to be homosexual, and should try dating the opposite sex. We aim to nip this trend in the bud. It is also shocking, that in spite of sexual orientation being a protected characteristic under the Equality Act , that we were forced to endure such harassment as we protested to protect our rights as homosexual women.

But in conclusion, I would like to finish with a statement from one of banners from the protest, that you can see below:. The answer at Lancaster Pride is no. Government to investigate rise in number of children referred to NHS gender identity service.

Is your child transgender, gay or neither? No one is going to penetrate my rights! Your email address will not be published. How Stonewall Defines Homosexuality But we also needed to look into what Queer Theory is, who accepts it, and what it teaches. The Day of Our Protest We arrived and my heart sank. A crowd then quickly ran across the road and tried to obscure our banners with their flags. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.