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All-New X-Men 40 isn't due to hit shelves until Wednesday, but pirated scans have already unearthed the book's biggest revelation: Iceman is gay. Well, young Iceman is gay. Once they see how bad their future selves have messed up the planet, they vow to stay and help until the world is fixed, or at least until the stories grow stale and everyone moves onto another project. The reveal comes after young Iceman catcalls Colossus' sister Magik which is a terrible idea for several reasons , and young Jean Grey takes him aside:. Sure, Bobby Drake has had girlfriends before, like Kitty Pryde and Mystique, but those relationships never last long.

Iceman gay art

Iceman gay art

Iceman gay art

Iceman gay art

Skip to navigation Skip to content. Because cold is the absence of heat, Iceman Iceman gay art not actually 'emanate' cold; rather, he decreases thermal energy. Though never outright mentioned, he may had a relationship with Kitty Pryde and even fathered a son with her, denoting the existence of Carmen Drake, a boy with the powers of both Iceman and Shadowcat. Iceman is Roberto Trefusis in the miniseries Marvela member of the group of "witchbreeds" founded by Carlos Javier and led by Scotius Summerisle. Thanks for giving Bobby a chance to shine on his own. It also reflects — or just is — a way that superhero comics, at least the ones with mutants, have themselves come out: belatedly, by Iceman gay art, awkwardly, slowly, still trying Iceman gay art find out what else they can do or be, without abandoning their older roles, and making good on the promises so many of us found there when we were young. This likely sounds confusing to the uninitiated but comic book fans are accustomed to serial reading that goes in all directions, with the same Abnormal vagina pictures living multiple lives as imagined by different writers, sometimes simultaneously, often over decades. Young Pinup girl videos Iceman confronts his older self about hiding in the closet in this exclusive preview of Uncanny X-Men Iceman is speaking to both millennial and Gen Z consumers. To survive, he worked in retail, selling fancy clothes to ladies at Bloomingdales.

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They will go into a shop once a month or once a quarter. Though that Iceman story was written by Brian Michael Bendis, who is straight, his solo series Boys that wet their pants being written by Mr. Retrieved 28 December Knowing Judy could not put up a good fight, Atr pointed his hand at Beasely and encased him in a block of ice. Fantastic to help the Future Foundation against the villainous being known as the Griever. With the help of Iveman younger self and Jean Grey, however, he finally comes to terms with his own sexuality, [97] and comes out to fellow gay X-Man Anole in Extraordinary X-Men 6. As in the Marvel Universe, he generates ice and can assume a physical ice form. Dec 17, Iceman Iceman gay art successful in Iceman gay art the New X-Men, most of them injured. He moves to the Arctic regions of Earth, and made an ice city for himself and the Inuit. I was certainly exposed to some of that with Iceman. What is next for Iceman? Gracewho is gay. Masterbation vidios for commenting dude!

Superhero comics address, and empower, straight white nerdy boys.

  • Iceman is a member of a subspecies of humans known as mutants , who are born with superhuman abilities.
  • Iceman is having his comeback moment: Marvel Entertainment announced this month that the superhero, also known as Bobby Drake, would be getting a new solo series in September.
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Superhero comics address, and empower, straight white nerdy boys. For some of us, it never was. As Ramzi Fawaz, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has pointed out, superhero comics are the only popular genre in which anomalous bodies are not just tolerated but celebrated: The same thing that makes you look weird means you can save the world.

Moreover, comics — because they involve stories of human and superhuman conflict and change; because they show hand-drawn pictures, with stylized faces; because they often appeal to us first in childhood — invite identification: We read them in search of ourselves, or our future selves.

These facts about comics explain — in part — why the X-Men became the most successful superhero franchise of the s. Mutation, the source of X-powers, could stand, well or badly, for stigmatized real-world identities, as well as for the outsider status most kids, at some point, feel. The best X-books integrated real-world diversity too. Under Chris Claremont who wrote many of them from to the core cast included a few women of color, one of them a virtual god, along with very strong hints of queer sexuality.

More than almost any other gaudy bang-pow-pop cultural property, X-books offered — then and since — an imaginative space where L. The first Marvel character to come out as gay, in , was the quarrelsome Canadian mutant Northstar, with whom few readers identified; his same-sex wedding the first in mainstream comics did provide a welcome spectacle.

Now Iceman himself has come out — that is, both of him have. A much younger version of Bobby, brought into the present by time travel, told the X-Men that he was gay in , after a teammate read his mind. That story written by Brian Michael Bendis made him the first out gay core Marvel character, the first one whose history non-obsessive fans know, and the first with a counterpart in the movies. The two-Bobby problem also spoke to older readers: What if you had grown up in another, less difficult, time?

Who could you have become? Adult Bobby said little about it. Until now. As depicted by the writer Sina Grace, adult Bobby has a life and a job and a set of awesome responsibilities, including teaching kids how to use the Danger Room, the X-Men training facility.

Can he keep all of it? What else should he do? Iceman has been a jokester, a boyish man who hides his feelings, a serial dater of women who could very well be overcompensating, with an exterior that is literally slippery, since his first appearance in An earlier Iceman adventure sent Bobby home to Long Island, where he gets berated for becoming a hero rather than an accountant.

This Bobby written by J. I hate what I am! Metaphors are great; subtexts are great. But we should not have to rely on them, and only them. Gay readers no longer do.

Trans readers are waiting. Marvel: Call us! But learning works in the other direction too. The comic begins with both Bobbys in a playful ice-slide duel, like a dream of the St.

Paul Winter Carnival. The artists on this comic certainly do. Alessandro Vitti, Rachelle Rosenberg and their colleagues render characters muscular enough for the hyperbole of a fight, but accessibly human enough for a kitchen table talk.

It also reflects — or just is — a way that superhero comics, at least the ones with mutants, have themselves come out: belatedly, by stages, awkwardly, slowly, still trying to find out what else they can do or be, without abandoning their older roles, and making good on the promises so many of us found there when we were young.

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All four are caught in the effects of a citywide illusion created by Martinique Jason , who used her powers to transform the city into a hippie paradise. Main article: X-Men: Messiah Complex. List of Defenders members Marvel Feature. Northstar developed an unrequited crush for Iceman during their time on the same team, though Iceman never did find out about this. The character has been frequently present in X-Men and Spider-Man -related comics , video games, animated series, and movies. She outed him to himself, no one else.

Iceman gay art

Iceman gay art

Iceman gay art

Iceman gay art

Iceman gay art

Iceman gay art. Site Information Navigation

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Non-Core memebers should be given the right to have. Jul 4, I'll write more once I find out more-- but we officially have a canonically gay Iceman! Teen Jean peeks into teen Bobby's head and finds out! So a few hours and a few internet arguments after finding this out- I'm ready to write my opinion. Now, I'm very aware of Iceman's gay fan base but for a long time I was in league with my one straight bud's opinion that Iceman should remain straight just because it was "unfair" to his straight fans.

That and I resented that I thought Iceman's popularity with gay comic fans is because he's the quintessential gay male fantasy: boyish, American, athletic, charming, fun-loving; basically your typical Abercrombie jock.

And for a long time, I hoped Marvel would go there. But it seemed like his popularity exploded after the movies and the chance that Marvel would take that risk just seemed low. NOW however, we have this interesting time in X-Men history where Marvel is actively burying the X-Men's popularity in favor of properties they have full movie rights for.

While I think it's a shame that a concept as creatively rich as X-Men is suffering because of business decisions, I have to say that part of me will be glad when the X-Men become less popular. I feel like then they'll be able to take more risks and think more outside the box. While Avengers will stay safe and squeaky-clean because it's the current cash cow. Our new gay Iceman, I think, is a direct result of this new creative freedom in the X-office.

Let's face it, it's not just that all us gay Iceman fans wanted it because we think he's cute-- Marvel also hinted at this for decades.

They dangled that carrot for a long time, writer after writer playing with innuendo but never really being allowed to make it happen full-on. This is purely the result of timing, with the X-Men being forced to the D-List and gays being "in" right now. Even so, I'm all for it. I think this collection of panels is well written and is almost verbatim what I fantasized his coming out would be right down to it being Jean to out him.

I like that the conversation shows the more important aspect of the characters-- that they are all tightly bonded and care for one another no matter what. I've read that this is only the beginning and not just limited to teen Bobby. Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. Having seen and watched some of the older Marvel stuff when I was a kid, I didn't even think of Iceman as gay.

I just thought of him as this super cool superhero that freeze things even in hot places. Bobby being gay is cool but I feel like it doesn't add to his character and hinders him in a way. Like forcing that fact out into the open is something I don't agree with and have had personal experiences in situations like that. From what I gleaned in the above panels, Jean had the conversation with Bobby in private-- it wasn't forced out into the open. She outed him to himself, no one else.

I agree, it would be unethical for her to blab this info to anyone else. But I don't see that coming-- it would create a flood of backlash toward Jean and I don't think Bendis wants that, particularly because this Jean is the main character of the book. There seems be a real push for comic book writers and artists who want more GLBT characters, but does that mean they should turn already existing characters homosexual or bisexual For me, it makes no sense that the Bobby Drake from the past is homosexual, while his counterpart from the modern age is not.

Even though Bobby has had such bad luck with women, I never thought it stemmed from him being gay. Obsidian, interestingly enough actually is a gay character. Sometimes I think this kind of retcon is done to sell comics and get people to keep talking about the series or characters in general.

We'll see how young Bobby pans out. I feel the similarly about gaying up or blacking up old characters. It feels cheaper than creating an all new gay or ethnic minority character.

However, the mainstream comics industry doesn't have a great track record when it comes to making new interesting characters. We haven't had any real strong ones in the X-Titles since I'd say x23, and even that's a stretch because her concept is so derivative. I think in Iceman's case, gaying up an old character is forgivable because of A the enorgantic gay fan base Iceman already has and B the plethora of past story they can use to back this up.

We've been leading up to this for decades now. Even one angry straight guy commented "this is 20 years too late.

AzureInfinity Student General Artist. Idk, I like this angle. I'm cool with Iceman being strictly dickly, to me it's no big deal he be st8 or not. I've lived through bigger retcons and stuff, this is pretty minor and I don't think it'll ruin his character or anything I'll love seeing where this story goes though, to me this change is good but meh we'll see what is done with it.

HAHA-- I know right! That exchange did make me smile. Waaaaaay more out-of-character retcons have been forced on us over the years. I'm one of those straight fans of Iceman you mention. I'm gutted because he was the character I identified most with in the MU, he was unsuccessful in relationships with women, never finding the one, he was so gifted but so underachieving and he quipped to hide his lack of confidence. Bobby joins the time-displaced Cylcops, Angel and Beast, as well as Kid Apocalypse , All-New Wolverine and Oya as they road-trip around America trying to make their own mark on the world.

Bobby is initially reluctant to talk about his sexuality with his teammates until Oya and Kid Apocalypse take him to a gay club in an attempt to make him more comfortable. He embarrasses himself and runs into Romeo, an Inhuman with the ability to manipulate and feel others' emotions.

Romeo makes Bobby more comfortable and the two begin a relationship. After the X-Men's war against the Inhumans for the Terrigen ends, Iceman joins the rest of the young X-Men on an attempted return to their original timeline but they quickly realize that theirs isn't part of the Earth timeline, leaving them stuck in that present time with no knowledge where they were originally from.

Instead of training with his teammates, Iceman spends most of his time trying to reach out to his new Inhuman boyfriend Romeo unsuccessfully, placing him into a stupor. Iceman possesses the power to instantly decrease the temperature of ambient water vapor in his immediate environment to below zero degrees Celsius, thereby freezing it into ice.

He is able to make ice that will not break unless he wills it to. In this manner he is able to quickly form a great variety of ice structures, including projectiles, shields, ladders, baseball bats, etc.

Iceman often makes ice slides which form rapidly beneath and behind his feet, moving him along the slick surface at high speeds. He is also able to form exceedingly complicated structures within relative short time, such as miniature cities.

Iceman is immune to sub-zero temperatures; he is also able to perceive the thermal energy level of objects around him. Because cold is the absence of heat, Iceman does not actually 'emanate' cold; rather, he decreases thermal energy.

As mentioned by writer Mike Carey , Iceman is "an Omega-level mutant In his early appearances, Iceman generally covered his body in a thick layer of what appeared to be snow; hence he looked more like a traditional snowman than an ice-man. Upon further training in the use of his powers, he was able to fashion an armor of solid ice around his body when using his powers, which afforded him some degree of protection against concussive force and projectiles.

Later on, he manifested the ability to convert the tissue of his body into organic ice. He sometimes augments his organic ice form with razor sharp adornments to his shoulders, elbows, knees, and fists. Iceman has also been able to move rapidly to another distant location while in his organic ice form, being able to deposit his bodily mass into a river and reconstitute his entire mass a great distance away in a matter of minutes by temporarily merging his molecules with those of the river.

On one occasion, Iceman suffered a severe chest injury while in his ice form and was able to heal himself by converting back into his normal human form. Iceman is also able to reconstitute his organic ice form if any part of it is damaged, or even if it is completely shattered, without permanently harming himself. He can temporarily add the mass of a body of water to his own, increasing his mass, size, and strength.

He can survive not only as ice, but as liquid water and water vapor. He can also transform his body from a gaseous state back to a solid, although it is physically and mentally taxing.

Iceman's powers were pushed to their limit while possessed by Emma Frost, who used Iceman to discover the fate of her Hellions. During this time Iceman was able to control all forms of moisture, freeze fluids inside people's bodies, travel as a liquid, solid or gas.

While together they made some initial progress, she refused to train him further. When Iceman was injected with Mister Sinister's neuro-inhibiter by Mystique, he was able to save himself by drawing in all of the ambient moisture around him, rapidly replacing his poisoned cells with healthy material before the injection could kill him.

During the — " Battle of the Atom " storyline, Iceman's future self revealed that he has the ability to create semi-independent ice structures that can act on their own, [] although one of these structures—demonstrating a Hulk-like physique and intellect—has gone on to join the future version of the Brotherhood. Aside from his superhuman powers, Iceman is also a fair hand-to-hand combatant, and received combat training at Xavier's School as well as coaching from the Black Widow and Hercules while serving with the Champions of Los Angeles.

Iceman has taken as much combat training as Cyclops or Beast. According to writer Mike Carey "one of Iceman's best personality traits is that emotionally Bobby Drake is like the ice he manipulates -- not cold but transparent. He is very up-front with his emotions and his thoughts all the time. He subsequently exhibited strong feelings for his fellow X-Man Polaris , but she did not return those feelings, due to her feelings towards Havok. Northstar developed an unrequited crush for Iceman during their time on the same team, though Iceman never did find out about this.

In All-New X-Men 40, the time-displaced Iceman is revealed to be gay, which eventually forces the youth to confront the adult version of himself about the matter. As both speak, the adult Iceman confirms the fact and that he had put all his energy into just being an X-Man as he couldn't cope with being a mutant and gay simultaneously.

With the help of his younger self and Jean Grey, however, he finally comes to terms with his own sexuality, [97] and comes out to fellow gay X-Man Anole in Extraordinary X-Men 6. The end of the Extermination X-Men event saw the redirecting of the time displaced version of Bobby back into the "closet" when he returned to his original timeline alongside the other X-Men, due to a mind lock by Jean Grey, even though the current version retains his memories and remains an out gay man.

Iceman is Roberto Trefusis in the miniseries Marvel , a member of the group of "witchbreeds" founded by Carlos Javier and led by Scotius Summerisle. He is the nephew of naval commander Sir Francis Drake.

As in the Marvel Universe, he generates ice and can assume a physical ice form. Instead, Bobby becomes very cold and inhuman, making his teammates feel uncomfortable.

In addition to his normal abilities, Bobby is capable of breaking down his body and merging it with another body of water to travel great distances in a matter of seconds. He can bring others along through a process that he calls "moisture molecular inversion", though it is a painful process for the passengers.

Bobby is also able to reconstitute his body from broken pieces. Just before Apocalypse's defeat, Colossus stormed right through Iceman, causing him to fall into pieces in an attempt to reach his sister. He was soon brought to Earth by the Dark Beast, where he joined forces with Archangel on his quest to eradicate all life on Earth so he could create a new evolution process.

After X-Force defeated Archangel, Bobby managed to escape with McCoy and most of Archangel's other minions, but eventually broke away from them and went into hiding, living a life of hedonistic bliss in Madripoor. The "Age of Apocalypse" version of Nightcrawler - who, after being brought to Earth along with the rest of his world's X-Men to help take down Archangel, decided to stay behind there in order to track down and kill the various villains who also came to the mainstream Marvel Universe - eventually tracked Bobby down to execute him for his treason.

Nightcrawler is quickly overwhelmed by Drake's avatars, but eventually forces Iceman into a factory boiler room, where there's not enough moisture in the air for him to effectively use his powers. Nightcrawler quickly disables his former friend, and shoves him into an incinerator, killing the once noble hero. During the miniseries Earth X , Bobby had become trapped in his ice form, making him vulnerable to melting. He moves to the Arctic regions of Earth, and made an ice city for himself and the Inuit.

Due to a series of events where Earth's orbital path moves, Bobby is able to return to the United States to aid in the battle against the demon Mephisto. In the alternate timeline of the " House of M " storyline, Iceman was seen in Magneto's army during his rise to power. Magneto sends Apocalypse to dispose of his rival Black Panther ; when Apocalypse is attacked en route by Black Panther's allies, Iceman aids him by freezing Namor solid and attempting to attack Storm, but he is severely injured by Sunfire.

In the Mutant X universe, the Asgardian god Loki amplified Bobby's powers to a dangerous level, leaving him unable to touch any living thing without killing it. Despite this, he retains a jovial and optimistic personality. When Havok has a disagreement with Magneto and decides to leave the X-Men, Ice-Man is one of those who follow him, becoming a founding member of the Six, who eventually come to be considered the world's premiere mutant team.

This team includes Roberta "Bobby" Drake, a female version of Bobby who is code named Aurion and displays ice-based abilities. In the alternate future witnessed in the " Battle of the Atom " storyline, Iceman's had truly evolved to become Sir Robert, the wizard-like Icemaster.

As one of the most respected X-Men, he had incredible control over his powers and could even grow a beard! Though never outright mentioned, he may had a relationship with Kitty Pryde and even fathered a son with her, denoting the existence of Carmen Drake, a boy with the powers of both Iceman and Shadowcat. The duplicate Iceman was defeated by the O5 Iceman, the present Iceman, and the future Iceman during the battle in the past Prompting the youngest Iceman to note that they only needed one more Iceman for a five-a-side basketball team.

Icemaster later returned to the mainstream marvel universe and confronts Iceman about trusts and decisions. He does it in order to prevent him from doing the same mistakes Icemaster did in the future. Knowing he had little time left, Icemaster eventually revealed to Iceman that after beginning a relationship with Daken, they both led the X-Men to space in order to prevent the Shi'ar from overwhelm the Earth and lay waste to it.

However Icemaster would discover that Daken's plan was actually to obtain the M'Kraan Crystal in the first place, killing in the process the other X-Men and later Deathbird herself. Icemaster attempts to stop Daken, but he is seconds too late as having the Nexus of all Realities made Daken a Thanos-level player in the cosmos, and he acted as such.

Icemaster eventually became convinced, after seeing Bobby's character growth, that his present self had matured beyond what he remembered, leaving the future open for new decisions to be made. With his mission apparently completed, Icemaster turns into thin air soon afterwards. They are brought to Earth as a result of M-Day.

He appeared to be mute and died during the final battle against Albion. Later, a larger picture is shown of Firestar and Iceman lying dead, with Ms.

Lion being left out, mourning her comrades. He is depicted as being very short-tempered and paranoid. He is dubbed "Iceman", and angrily insists others refer to him that way, due to his custom of using an icepick as a weapon.

He ran away from his family at the peak of government-supported Sentinel attacks, fearing his family would be killed in such an attack. Ultimate Iceman never had the snowman look of his counterpart, instead generating a flexible ice armor from the beginning.

While Bobby was away from the X-Men on a vacation, he had a girlfriend, but Professor Xavier erased all memories of her from Bobby's mind when he told her too much about the X-Men he presumably also erased the girl's memories. In Ultimate X-Men 80, Bishop and Hammer , time-travelers from the future, comment on how powerful Bobby will one day become. Iceman stayed at the Institute as a student only until Xavier returned and reformed his X-Men. Later, Bobby Drake is kicked out of his home for being a mutant.

Aunt May agrees and enrolls Bobby at Midtown High under the guise of Bobby Parker, one of Peters' cousins and shaves his hair off to help keep his, Peter's and Johnny's secret identities safe. Without knowing where to go after Peter's death , Bobby Drake asked Kitty Pride if Johnny could come with them searching for a place where to live and hide from authorities.

Firstly they rescued Rogue, who joined them, and later Jimmy Hudson the son of Wolverine , came to them for help after escaping Stryker's imprisonment along with other mutants he freed. Before he is reached by Cyclops , he appears to have lost faith in friendship. Bobby is one of the first students to reach out to Rogue and begins a romantic relationship with her. His relationship with his family is also strained, and his brother actually turns Bobby in to the police out of jealousy.

In X-Men: The Last Stand , his relationship with Rogue appears to be deteriorating, strained by their inability to have physical contact and by his close friendship with Kitty Pryde. During a battle with Pyro, now working for Magneto's Brotherhood, he achieves the ability to transform into his ice form from the comics.

In the original dystopian timeline of X-Men: Days of Future Past , [] Iceman is more powerful, transforming into ice and travelling on ice slides, but is nevertheless killed while fighting the Sentinels.

After Kitty and Wolverine change the timeline, Iceman is seen once again in a relationship with Rogue at the Xavier Mansion.

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Main article: Age of Apocalypse. Wizard : X-Men Turn Thirty. Then I wanted a character sort of like the Torch. What's opposite of fire? Water might have been the opposite, but I couldn't think of anything to do visually with water. I felt a little guilty because Iceman was such a copy of the Human Torch in an opposite way.

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This Wednesday marks the triumphant arrival of issue 1, followed by issue 2 on June The X-Men do love them some time-hopping characters. While the younger Iceman is dating a sexy male Inhuman, the older Iceman signs up for a dating app in the first issue. Written by out writer and artist Sina Grace, with eye-grabbing covers by out artist Kevin Wada, and edited by out Marvel Comics editor Daniel Ketchum, Iceman is a comic that proudly balances LGBTQ issues, humorous and occasionally dorky on purpose one-liners, superhero action, and real human pathos.

Plus, exclusive an exclusive peek into issue 2! All Rights Reserved. Search form Search. Scroll To Top. Winter is here, thanks to out Iceman and his new solo series. Latest News film.

Iceman gay art

Iceman gay art