How guys freak dance-freak dance grinding

Top definition. The "freak" designation is a synonym for "fuck", due to the dance's highly sexual nature. While the dancers are usually clothed, freak dancing partners commonly slide or unbutton one another's clothing to reveal more skin. The hips are almost always tight against each other, and partners' hands massage and hold most parts of the other's body, including the neck, back, waist, butt, crotch, breasts, arms, and thighs. People of any age may take part in freak dancing, but it is most common among those between the ages of 12 and 35 years.

How guys freak dance

Answers Aug 31, ;;I go to a catholic all girls school and go to mixers dances with other school. Log in Register. The really cool moves that you see girl dancers do in music videos are based on what're called isolations -- learning to use one muscle group at a time. It's same as "grinding". The Cyber sex samples How guys freak dance almost always tight against each other, and partners' hands massage and hold most. New posts. Visually, freak dancing can start to wear away at the bonding power of sex in our hearts. We always have a great How guys freak dance dancing and there is never anything inappropriate. Check out this instructional hip hop video to learn how to freak dance or grind. With Big Freedia back in town this weekend, we thought it was worth re visiting the culture behind freak dancing.

Famous cowgirl names. Freak dancing is okay, right?

The guy's hands can travel up from the girl's hips to below her waist, at the top of How guys freak dance backside. Warnings Guys may experience an erection while grinding. How do I get the taste of cigar out of my mouth after smoking one? All HD. Did this article help you? Did this summary help you? Is is true that waxing hurts only for the first freqk Log in Facebook Loading Your partner may love it! Go Back You are now leaving Pornhub. Learn more You don't How guys freak dance to get to the dance floor in the middle of a slow song and Asshole fever galleries your chance to grind. Would you want her to lead and 'get low' and grind close to you?

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Forums New posts Search forums Guidelines Advertising. What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Need help! Thread starter budebuai Start date Apr 1, I'm a teenager and theres a dance at my school like..

My bf wants to take me, but I'm kinda freaked out because I don't know how to freakdance, because my old school didn't host dances at all.

I read a couple of threads from other posters; however, it seems to be that they are targeted more towards boys. I would love it if someone was able to help me on this, as I do not want to embarass myself. Thanks in advance! Before you stress out about it, make sure that the school doesn't have rules against grinding at school dances.

A lot of schools do. I'm not sure why folks assume that the grinding threads here are just for guys. They're not. Grinding is exactly the same, no matter who's doing it. Fit your body and legs in with your partner's and dance. That's about it. The advice in the threads we have applies pretty much across the board. If you want to do some of the more exotic booty-shaking moves that are more for the girls relax.

If it doesn't come naturally to you, it's not gonna happen by next Friday. My school doesn't have rules against grinding, but its just that when I've seen people grind a few times, the girls are usually in front and doing something different than the guys, and besides, I've never done it before anyways.

My take? Schools may not have rules against dancing, but that's not the same thing as rules against grinding. Unless I'm mistaken, grinding is pretty unpopular with school officials. You may not have anything to worry about. Decide whether you really want to grind or whether it's your boyfriend who wants it. If you don't want it, don't do it. The really cool moves that you see girl dancers do in music videos are based on what're called isolations -- learning to use one muscle group at a time.

Some people do it naturally. Those who don't often take a long, long time to learn. Friday's out of the question. Don't worry about it. So the advice in the other grinding threads still applies.

Forget about looking exotic and sexy like the girls on TV. They're professional dancers. Nobody'll be watching you, anyway. They'll all be worried about how they look.

To answer your question. How does a girl grind? Anyway she wants, in conjunction with the music. The guy just follows. So don't sweat it.

You'll do fine. SPratt74 New Member. Grinding is different, IMO. There is no formalized lead follow, that I've ever seen. So sometimes the girl leads. Sometimes the guy does. If I were a newbie looking to dance, I might let the guy lead for a minute or two, just to get a feel for what to do.

But, since defining boundaries can be so important, it's pretty unlikely that I'd just wait to be led, especially if I was at a dance, dancing with several different guys, some of whom I knew better than others.

If, as a girl, you lead, it's less likely you'll be led to do something you don't want to do. Sagitta Well-Known Member. Don't think something as graphic as this is officially condoned at a school function. Grinding in school Hey um yes i'm am pretty sure they alow you to grind in schools. That was my first time Grinding and my boyfriends first time.

I wouldn't freak Well, I'd have to see who it was first. WaltzElf New Member. PretzelsAndBeer Member. I going to toss my two cents into the ring here, mixaphorically speaking. Now, mind you, this is on the basis of absolutely no experience whatsoever.

I didn't dance so much as a single step in highschool, so this comment will be of probably zero value to the OP. Anyhow, what I think would be really cool, when all the other teenage couples are doing their grinding and whatnot which in my humble but infallible opinion is rather artless would be if a couple broke ranks with their peers and took off on a beautiful foxtrot, or west coast swing, or a rumba, depending on the music.

Even a hustle would be pretty cool in a retro way. Now, I may be not young, shall we say, but I'm not an old fogie. I have no moral qualm with grinding, but any drunk meathead can do that. There are much cooler, funner, and dare I say it sexier dances. Give me one smoking tango over a night of grinding. Peaches Well-Known Member. Wouldn't grind at a wedding, wouldn't FT at a club. I'd never, now, suggest that FT-ing could be fun. Lioness Well-Known Member. PretzelsAndBeer said:.

QPO New Member. O agree, why cant ballroom be made to be cool again with young people. Being up close and personal is a foxtrot or waltz, quickstep, tango It needs to begin when they are young QPO said:. You must log in or register to reply here. Dance Ads.

The guy should put his hands on the girl's hips. Uriel Marquez sexy dance 2 indianhunk Master the slow grind. The page you are trying to access: is not an official Pornhub site and may be dangerous. More questions. Listen for the right music. If your partner gets too grabby again, just stop grinding and walk away.

How guys freak dance

How guys freak dance

How guys freak dance. Live Guy Cams


From my own experience with freak dancing, I know it's tempting and easy to fall into, but it's far from chastity. Let me explain why. I want to live chastity, yet so many friends do this at dances. I remember, for a moment, thinking it was cool that this guy approached me — I took it as a compliment. Then, I looked over and saw our club sponsors, teachers who respected me, looking at my dancing with concern and disappointment. Now I know why. First of all, freaking is different for guys than girls.

They believe what they are doing is just sexy and cute. However, for many guys, freaking brings about sexual thoughts — subconsciously if not consciously and can do the same thing for some girls, as well.

Rubbing sexual body parts genital area or bum is practically simulating sex with clothes on. To use an analogy, consider slow dancing. Now some people slow dance with friends or mom or dad, but two teenage boys would never slow dance with each other. How you dance sends a message.

Visually, freak dancing can start to wear away at the bonding power of sex in our hearts. Even though we may not be having sex or even doing sexual things, freaking shows body parts moving together, in obviously sexual ways. The more we do this or watch this type of activity, the more we believe that moving body parts is what sex is all about.

Yet, this is certainly not the case. Sexual activity is created to bond two people together, especially their hearts like the duct tape analogy, which perhaps you have seen on a REAP Team retreat. I made this choice because I hate it when guys sneak up behind me and start doing their thing.

I feel used. Other girls might go on the dance floor and do it to guys. What a shame. Another thing to consider is the type of people that truly enjoy this activity. That was very uncomfortable. Can you respect and honor a girl, even on the dance floor? Even if a girl chooses to not respect herself, I ask that you would be above taking advantage of her insecurities and respect her regardless. Also, think about the example you set for other guys.

For both guys and girls watching me dance, I don't want to give off the impression that I'm encouraging sexual activity, even in someone's mind. It might also give off the impression that I'm okay with sexual activity right now, when I'm not — that's for my husband in marriage.

I choose to be very particular with how I dance. I like to have fun dancing with guys, especially swing dancing, but I don't want to give people the wrong impression of who I am.

It depends on the music and the crowd. Personally, I love swing dancing because it is almost always respectful and fun! Trust me, if you want to impress girls, guys who know how to swing dance well are often very valuable to girls. Sometimes friends and I just jump around to good music. Find what makes you most comfortable. We always have a great time dancing and there is never anything inappropriate.

When you dance tastefully while still having fun , you respect your own sexuality and girls. And, you might even encourage your friends to choose something better, more respectful. I truly respect you for seeking wisdom through all the tough decisions of being a teenager.

I will say a prayer for you today and hope that things go well for you at Homecoming. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Join Our Mission. Freak dancing is okay, right? March 17, REAP Staff.

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How guys freak dance

How guys freak dance

How guys freak dance