Hard rubber clarinet manufacturers-the grenadilla myth

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Hard rubber clarinet manufacturers

Hard rubber clarinet manufacturers

Teen torture quality of the build is not too amazing, but Hadr in mind that this is an affordable mouthpiece. Hopefully, we started looking at wood a few decades ago and started rubebr changes Hard rubber clarinet manufacturers assure a good supply for many years to come. Tags: Clarinet Barrel 18 Key Clarinet. Get Latest Price Min. All Categories. Diamond Member Since Our quartet plays to very appreciative audiences in hospitals and nursing homes the best audiences anywhere! Rarely, they were made of ivory, and some used a mouthpiece of ebony. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate.

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I often buy mouthpieces and reeds and other supplies from them. My question though, has to do with ease of playing. Benny Goodman signature. Selmer Prelude CL Hard Rubber Clarinet from China. Learn more about the latest news of the sporting rubger industry in our trade resources center. Berkeley C clarinet. Hard Rubber vs Grenadilla In my own clarinet design experience I have had the rare opportunity to design clarinets in Grenadilla wood, Hard rubber clarinet manufacturers and Hard Rubber. The Clarinet Pages is sponsored by:. Detailed Normandy Model History. Most of us cannot do this and would be better off with the consistency of an instrument like a Lyrique.

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The clarinet seems a lot less complex than perhaps a saxophone. But even so, it uses the same principle for creating sound — directing air into the instruments through reeds. This means that the quality of the instrument can be bottlenecked by the quality of certain components along the path.

One of which is the mouthpiece where it all begins. Vandoren CM M13 Lyre. This mouthpiece was specifically designed for clarinets with A pitch. The profile 88 series has a different exterior beak angle. This makes it easier to play in the upper register of the clarinet. It also helps achieve a more natural sound due to its medium long facing. The ligature is made of hard rubber. The price point may be an issue for some. However, keep in mind that the craftsmanship that comes with Vandoren products is generally worth every penny.

As is so often the case, different manufacturers come up with their own sizing charts. There are other sizes available. So, what makes it worth the money? This promotes a natural tonality as well as consistency through high and low registers. This is an overall great mouthpiece for beginners and intermediate players.

Note that as you increase the strength of the reeds, it will become harder to play. Anything above 3. This Standard Series 4C mouthpiece is designed for Bb clarinets.

It features a 1. The facing is medium to medium long, which makes the clarinet a lot easier to control by beginners. Due to its narrow opening and pairing with softer reeds, the tonality is not too bright. In fact, this Yamaha mouthpiece helps you achieve a natural and rich tone. The quality of the build is not too amazing, but keep in mind that this is an affordable mouthpiece. It may not help you to play loud and clear enough for concerts and such. The mouthpiece features DB5 facing for darker tones and quite a bit of depth in the hands of a skilled musician.

It works great with 3. Apart from the obvious tonal clarity, I also noticed a very big difference in output between this mouthpiece and a standard Bb clarinet mouthpiece. Reeds quality aside, this is a solid pick for live performances. This is by no means a high-end clarinet mouthpiece.

The Debut by Clark W. Fobes is designed and marketed for learning purposes. And yet, despite its standard plastic body and simple design, it still outplays most generic mouthpieces that come with a clarinet.

You can affordably switch to this as soon as you buy your new instrument. The medium facing makes it easy to control your instrument while the 1mm narrow tip opening helps you achieve a richer sound.

A key aspect of clarinet mouthpieces is the material. As a general rule of thumb, softer materials have a darker sound.

Harder materials have a brighter and louder sound. Does this mean that one is necessarily better than the other? The thing to understand is that there is a trade-off. Brighter sounds can also be harder to focus. Also, different materials are better suited for specific genres, as they help to achieve different tonalities. Plastic mouthpieces are the preferred choice for students. Classical and jazz musicians tend to choose ebony or hard rubber for a fuller tone.

It is the least projecting of the lot. The tip determines what kind of reeds a clarinet should have, and vice versa. Hard reeds demand narrower tips. Different bore types are used to create different sounds and may require specific mouthpieces. Open tips have plenty of resistance which produces a brighter tone. Closed tips have a darker tone as they create less resistance.

Some mouthpieces come with ligatures. They are the circular components holding the reeds to the mouthpiece. The most common ones are either rubber or metal. Does it affect the sound? Metal ligatures are sturdy and very reliable but rubber ligatures are lighter and capable of superior tonal quality. Playing woodwind instruments can be such an amazing experience. A and Bb clarinets are very popular with students. But you can also learn new techniques and increase their level of difficulty if you just try out new mouthpieces after a while.

Increasing or lowering the reed strength makes playing more difficult sometimes but it also lets you create unique signature sounds that can elevate your playing.

A guitar player, songwriter, composer, and also the lead editor of MusicOomph, Gavin is one of the four musician friends behind this site. Outside of music, he's an avid sports fan and hardly misses anything from football soccer to F1. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Top 3 - Clarinet Mouthpieces. Check Price. Best Clarinet Mouthpieces from Reputable Manufacturers.

Check out some great mouthpieces that can make you sound better immediately. Check Current Price. Check Circle. There are other sizes available So, what makes it worth the money?

Times Circle. Choosing By Materials. How to Choose the Right Tip Opening The tip determines what kind of reeds a clarinet should have, and vice versa.

But you can also classify mouthpiece tips as open and closed and make it easier on yourself. Final Thoughts Playing woodwind instruments can be such an amazing experience.

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Hard rubber clarinet manufacturers

Hard rubber clarinet manufacturers

Hard rubber clarinet manufacturers

Hard rubber clarinet manufacturers

Hard rubber clarinet manufacturers. 49 thoughts on “Rubber vs. Wood”

STL C Clarinet. Do-it-yourself reconditioning. Sheet Music. American Knight. Civil war era metal Albert Eb. Henry Gunckel. Le Fevres. Noblet Pan Am Brilliante. Pedler Alto Clarinets. Pedler Student A. Selmer full Boehm. While we all were sleeping …. Alexandre HR. Amati Kraslice. Belmont Silver Throat HR.

Bundy semi-plateau. Cavalier HR German. Champion Czeckoslovakian. Conn Conn Cavalier HR. Conn Director HR. Conn Pan American HR. Crest JMS. Dupont Student Model HR. King Tempo. La Monte Grenatex HR. La Monte silver throat HR. Lyons Monarch, Chicago. Maitre HR. Normandy P Plateau model. Pan American. Penzel-Mueller Dyna-Tone.

Pruefer Festival HR. Pruefer Silver Throat HR. Pruefer Special Model. Saxony HR. Sherwood HR. Zenith Whittle. Buffet B Barcelona CS Barrington USA. Berkeley A clarinet HR. Borg HR. Counterfeit Buffet B12 on eBay. First Act. Glen Edward.

Jean Paul. Jupiter II. Martin Freres Eb new. Opus USA. Palmer Paris Series. Ridenour Selmer Prelude CL Sky USA. Dazzler white Vito. Forte B-flat. Holton Collegiate. Kenosha Wis Vito.

Noblet N Plastinite. Selmer Selmer CL Stubbins model Vito. Vito 2. Vito Vito P. Yamaha YCL Anti Tarnish. Bending keys. Key travel information. Oiling keys. Polishing keys. Removing frozen screws. Sliding between pinkie keys. Allan Segal's in-depth barrel information. Auzie ClarinetBarrels. Comparison of some Moennig-style barrels. Tuning rings. Bore measuring tools. Caring for your clarinet. Cleaning clarinet cases. Pinning cracks. Chedeville Mouthpieces.

Cleaning mouthpieces and removing discoloration. Mouthpieces for Vintage Clarinets. Ridenour videos on mouthpieces. Not recommended: Mutes. Galper register tube. Mazzeo system. Stubbins register mechanism. Bore Doctor Oil. Doctor Syntek Aerospace Key Oil. The Doctor's view on Oiling vs. Detailed info on Valentino Masters Series pads. How to find leaks. How to install Valentino pads.

Resonance fingerings for throat tones. Stopping Squeaks. Thumb Rests or Neck Straps. Tuning your clarinet. Which clarinet brand is best? Air Flow. American Leader. Ault Supreme. Brittany Buffet Antique Unibody A. Buffet ca. Buffet Carl Fischer, NY from Buffet G Fischer, NY from Evette Schaeffer K Evette made by Buffet Crampon. Evette Master Model. Evette sponsored by Buffet. Bundy USA. Charlain Deluxe.

Concert from Germany. Conn N. Conn Director. Couesnon Monopole. Couesnon S. Cundy Bettoney Cadet. Czechoslovakian Stencil Clarinets. Deepwood USA. DeShayes Paris C clarinet. Evette — See Buffet. Godfroy with Wrap-Around Register Key. Gracin German. Gretsch Commander. Harmonia Artiste. Henry Gunckel 7 ring. Hofinger - G. Hofinger A. Josef Kolar Simple System C. King Strasser. Kohlert's Sons Kraslice. V Kohlert's Sons Graslitz. La Chapelle. La Couture. La Mer. La Monte. Leblanc Classic. Leblanc Dynamic 2.

Leblanc LL three-cornered-hat model. Leblanc Symphonie. Lefebvre Bel Opera. Lewis Artist. Magnifiqu'e Chicago. No-name Malerne. McIntyre Complete! Meinl A. Moennig Bros Artist Model. Mon Muller Cousin Seur A. Noblet Laureate. Noblet Super Stubbins model Noblet.

Detailed Normandy Model History. Normandy Eb. Normandy Plateau 5P first version. Normandy Spotter's Guide. Stubbins model Normandy. Olds Ambassador. Olds Studio. Peate's Utica N. Pedler American. Pedler Premiere.

Pedler unibody. Penzel Pacemaker. Penzel-Mueller Penzel-Mueller B. Penzel-Mueller A. Penzel-Mueller Artist. Penzel-Mueller Artist Penzel-Mueller Bel Canto. Penzel-Mueller Brilliante. Empire HB. Penzel-Mueller Soloist. Penzel-Mueller Studio Recording. Penzel-Mueller T Penzel-Mueller Pruefer. Pruefer Artist stamped Carl Fischer. Pruefer student model. Rampone Delux Cazzani. Rampone Milano Brevettato. Raymond, sponsored by Selmer. Robert Paris, Articulated. The Clarinet BBoard. Older Posts.

The Clarinet Pages is sponsored by:. Your browser doesn't support iframes, so you're missing our banner. Advertising and Web Hosting on Woodwind. Last Post. Complete restoration or purchase new? David Levee. Is this a clarinet? Bonade Inverted Ligature Ben Shaffer. Brenda Siewert. Returning to the Clarinet after 3 years.

Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Contact Supplier. G Ebonite hard rubber Clarinet. Our factory's main products are clarinets, flutes, saxophone, piccolo, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, euphonium, trombone, cornet and so on. No matter where you are from,no matter how many instruments you need,we promise to offer the best quality products to you.

High grade Low C bass Ebonite body Nickel plated clarinet. It is really unique and standing out instrument This Clarinet plays wonderfuly. Tags: Bakelite Clarinet Rosewood Clarinet. Tags: Clarinet Barrel 18 Key Clarinet.

Professional Germany system 26 keys Bb ebonite clarinet. Clarinet Mouthpiece with PU ligature and cap. This clarinet has been built to the highest standard. The body of the instrument is mostly of uniform diameter until the bell is reached. Clarinets are part of the normal orchestral make up. We also can produce them as your special requests. Your Satisfaction - Our Priority! Tags: Buy Clarinet Professional Clarinet.

Ebonite abs resin material for Clarinet mouthpiece. Nickel plated 17 keys Bb ebonite clarinet. Clarinet mouthpiece ebonite hard rubber rod. Tags: Clarinet A Turkish Clarinet. Ebonite abs alternate resin material for Clarinet mouthpiece. Musical instrument Professional Ebonite hard rubber G key clarinet. Best material for fountainpen. Best material for instruments. Best material for high electrical resistance. Ebonite G clarinet. Bb tone ebonite body nickel plated contrabass double bass clarinet.

Contrabass ebonite clarinet Bb clarinet with black keys. Our instruments have entered the international market as its top quality. Professional nickel silver 17 keys Bb ebonite clarinet. Professional Nickel Plated G tone clarinet ebonite clarinet. Approved by Teachers and Band Instructors! Recommended for You.

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Hard rubber clarinet manufacturers

Hard rubber clarinet manufacturers

Hard rubber clarinet manufacturers