For straight couples softcore dvds-Best Soft Porn for Women - 15 Top Softcore Porn Movies of All Time

She may be young but she's far from inexperienced and she's ready to show her sister's. Everyone has their own idea of perfection. But if there had to be one general example. Everyone loves a massage, letting someone's hands work your entire body. We always.

For straight couples softcore dvds

For straight couples softcore dvds

For straight couples softcore dvds

For straight couples softcore dvds

The story takes place in the fictional Bavarian village of Hirnkirchen cpuples describes a series of amorous erring and confusion. Well buddy, you've cum to the right place because our incredible POV cameras put your cock deep inside their cum-squirting holes. Natural Beauty! R 91 min Romance, Thriller. What more could you want? However, the movie does have a Pornstar movie lesson: if a woman burns down your house, she's trouble and you should avoid her. Bedtime Fantasies Lie back and close your eyes. Take a hot steamy bath with blonde For straight couples softcore dvds Angel Cassidy, get wet and wild with the gorgeous Rachel Elizabeth, or join Jessica Jaymes on a Hawaiian beach.

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Cry Wolf A twisty tale of betrayal, friendship, hardcore sex and psychodrama, Cry Wolf will have Mom sucsk family cocks and your partner guessing for the whole time, not to mention adjusting your pants both of you. Uninhibited mom fucks with year old guy Movie sex scene. New Releases. Black Lace. Hot Sex 24 min London98 - 3. Fire And Ice. Lana Rhoades. Devinn Lane - Fast Lane to Malibu. Erotic Show of man cheating on wife. Series Actiongirls. Items On Sale On Sale 3. Cinemaxsoftcore 2 min Nachovip - Ian Tate. She Loves It.

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Softcore pr0n for guys? We're a straight couple in our 40s who've been together a year and a half or so. We need porn suggestions geared more for him than me. He isn't comfortable doing the research and I am, but the porn I like is a little rougher and I think it will do more turning off than on for him. He has no porn experience at all. It wouldn't surprise me if he became okay with harder core stuff later but I don't want to scare him off by starting there.

I suspect that good costumes and period piece sorts of things would go over well. Some plot or at least set up would probably go over well, too. He says that woman-on-woman doesn't work for him. Anything that seems like violence or rape is completely off the table. Our DSL connection is sloooow so online won't work, alas. Having started this project, I realize now that ANY sex turns me on as long as it doesn't feel mean-spirited, exploitative, or involve poop or blood, though it's true I prefer natural bodies.

It turns out he's more discerning. He's also less physically sensual than I am, regarding touch and food- another of my favorite experiences though he is very sensitive to visuals, music, and words, both spoken and on paper, so that might be a good route to go, too.

You can pry my Oxford comma from my cold, dead keyboard. I have read the AskMes people posted asking for starter porn for their wives, and people generally advise the softer stuff: is there any reason those same suggestions wouldn't work for a guy? If not, I'll start there. I feel awkward about the whole thing because I've never been in a relationship where I had to do the heavy lifting in bringing in new sex experiences, so any words of encouragement and advice are appreciated, too.

You may want to also look into "Lover's Guide" type of movies. Perhaps you could go to a specialised shop and browse the dvd shelves together?

If that sounds too intimidating perhaps you could try somewhere with a veneer of fun and highst respectibility. Here in the UK there is something called "Ann Summers" in most larger towns. Also have you considered reading erotic literature aloud to each other? Plus reading aloud to each other makes it a couples activity. Hoe that helps and good luck. Pirates and its sequel come in both R and X-rated varieties. They have hot porn, humor, AND a semi-coherent plot lines. The sex scenes are just long enough to be hot without turning into endless fleshy landscapes.

My SO and I started with the R version and realized we needed something racier. You might try the same tactic.

Maybe magazines and erotica read out loud by you, perhaps are better places to start than video? I second x Art linked above. I can't stand it so much love! Pirates is an awful movie. That being said, Pirates is a pretty great porn film.

My suggestion is to check out the better sex video series. It is permission giving porn. As for more traditional movies, Adam and Eve has a section called "features" which has a really good selection of decent porn with story lines. Maybe check out Shortbus. It's more a "real" movie with a plot and such but has real sex scenes between real people.

My wife and I enjoyed it on a few different levels. No rough gagging or abusing. I really enjoy watching beautiful Camille in her sensual and professionally made videos and picture sets. She also regularly updates a blog on her life, behind-the-scene tidbits, her view on beautiful porn, etc. Search for Hayden Winters, she's on most of the free tube sites and has a couple relatively softcore videos. Here's a sample of her movie. Here's one where dinner is involved! Girlfriends Films does some great relatively softcore stuff mostly girl-girl with lots of natural bodies, as does Sweetheart Video once again female-friendly girl-girl porn.

Maybe that's where you should start. So perhaps Sweet Sinner is the place to start. This thread is closed to new comments. Tags pornography.

List Grid. Twitter Instagram. The husband and wife team of Sagemonn and Karynna has turned a truly kinky imagination and a talent for very explicit computer animation to the project of making the hottest adult cartoon ever — and they just might have succeeded. Number of Discs 1 disc 2 discs 7 4 discs 1. Nemo August 11, am. House Sitters. Kelli McCarty steams and sizzles through the whole thing.

For straight couples softcore dvds

For straight couples softcore dvds

For straight couples softcore dvds. Top Trending Pornstars

Cry Wolf A twisty tale of betrayal, friendship, hardcore sex and psychodrama, Cry Wolf will have you and your partner guessing for the whole time, not to mention adjusting your pants both of you. Monique Alexander and Marcos Leon put it all out there with the help of a great script, an excellent supporting cast and some fine cinematography. Seymour Love, a jet-setting sex researcher who makes a wager with an old friend that he can transform Misty into a sophisticated and sultry socialite.

Eternity This tale of a love that spans centuries features a great script, awesome costuming, a compelling story, and the considerable talents of Jessica Drake, Stormy Daniels and Randy Spears, not to mention Keri Sable and Eva Angelina.

Sumptuous cinematography and deft directing by Brad Armstrong make this costume drama a treat in every way. Randy Spears and Carmen Hart star in a delightful little piece of fluff that might change your expectations about porn comedy. Love for the First Time Randy Spears and Carmen Hart come together again, this time in a sweet and gentle comedy about the first time.

Strictly speaking, this is a parody of The Year-Old Virgin, but it takes on a life of its own, and it has all the great sex you wanted to see in the real thing — and more. Great supporting performances from Barrett Blade and Mr. Faithless The eagerly anticipated hardcore debut of Miss USA , Kelli McCarty, who has been teasing viewers with softcore and soap opera performances for the last twenty years or so.

Kelli McCarty steams and sizzles through the whole thing. The Texas Vibrator Massacre Curl up on the couch and hold each other tight — this rocking horror porn triumph will have you looking over your shoulders for vibrator-wielding maniacs! Well over 13 hours of some of the best porn ever produced, as attested to by dozens of adult industry awards and sales that continue to be stellar six years after its release.

Belladonna, Rocco Siffredi and Taylor St. Claire give the performances of their lifetimes. Gone were the days of the plumber and the pizza guy — instead, special effects, scripts and action were on the table in just about every movie. This porn take on Backdraft kept the bar high. These films, some of the most expensive, elaborate and critically awarded movies in porn history, are as close to Hollywood-quality as porn gets. Like Pirates, Conquest was reported to have had the biggest budget ever for a porn movie, and Wicked did not stint on costumes, sets, or props.

Island Fever series Shot in tropical locations with beautiful people and absolutely no plot, the Island Fever series is for the couple who wants less talk and more action. The sun and sand are great backdrops for the hardcore, but not over-the-top sex in these movies. Dinner Party 3 When a dinner party becomes a place to share your intimate fantasies, a lot of sexy things can happen.

In The Dinner Party, couples tell one another their secret desires and they play out on screen. They discuss their relationship in an interview section that splices with the kind of sex only a couple can have. Nina Hartley. Bosom Buddies. Kissogram Girls. Breast Of Britain Vol. Breast of Britain Vol.

On Sale. Lust For Freedom. Black Lace. Poolside Heat. Secrets Of The White Room. PJ Party Secrets. American Nudes: Volume I. Devious Distractions. Sexy Role Play. Fire And Ice. Fantasy Exchange Europe.

Peach Obsession: Jamie. Wet 2. House Sitters. Peach Girls: Nothin' Sweeter - Volume 1. Crazy Chicks: Hot Naked Nights. Peach: Sex Symbols.

Taste Of Desire, A. Thrill Rides. Lingerie Seduction. Agency Provocateur, The. Bikini Sensations. Club Erotique. Sexy Western, A. Pleasure Chateau. Fantasy Exchange Asia.

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There's nothing wrong with a little romance. It's been said that love is the last taboo in porn and there's some truth to that. Here you'll find galleries, movies and sites that aren't afraid to include a bit of the mushy stuff in their porn. Expect kissing, foreplay, romantic gestures, eye contact, intimacy and connection.

It may be occasionally softcore but not always. Romantic porn celebrates loving sex; it's making love rather than fucking. Bright Desire - My new video site with real-life couples and sizzling solo fantasies. For The Girls - Largest 4women site on the net has a wide selection of couples porn movies and photo spreads. Plus nude men, sex stories and a women's magazine. Archive Pages 1 2.

The blurb: Love is cooking in Carolina's kitchen, and it's wonderfully delicious! Samantha Ryan spices up the screen as Carolina, a passionate cook who is patiently waiting for Mr.

In the meantime, she pours her heart and soul into her catering company, and reveals a special culinary talent that magically affects the very clients whom she caters for. But between a booming business, an active fantasy life, and an array of excuses, Carolina becomes consumed with work and disregards the very real affections of her catering assistant, Aaron Richie.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts at winning her heart, Aaron decides to look for love elsewhere and Carolina soon realizes that her fantasies of Mr. Right have been a reality all along. But is it too that? Find out in this savory romance as Carolina and Aaron hope to discover a life that goes beyond the kitchen. The blurb: David Xander Corvus , a swinging bachelor who's tired of his old ways, can't believe his luck when Jen Allie Haze moves in next door.

When uncharacteristically at a loss for words, David's roommate Steve Chad Alva devises a scheme that is certain to bring them together. Is there no limit to what a man will do for the sake of a shot at love?

Find out in this adorable romance about a man, a woman and the little pup that brought them together by nearly tearing them apart. The blurb: After losing the love of her life, Linda Bobbi Starr finds herself in need of a new inspiration. Thankfully, her close friends have the "perfect" solution as it just so happens that Linda's lost love was an organ donor.

In an effort to find closure, she seeks out each of the organs' recipients to see the impact "he" had on their lives. Will Linda find what she is looking for? What exactly is she looking for? What will she do if she finds it? Are there more questions than answers? One thing is for sure: This sexy, romantic, light-hearted tale is sure to please lovers of all ages.

This is Kara and Devon - a real-life couple in love. They feature in an extended, loving sex scene at Bright Desire. This site takes a real "romance" angle with its porn, with a focus on intimacy and loving fun. It's explicit, of course, but also a lot more "gentle" than other porn sites. Sssh features original HD movies, articles, advice and erotic soap operas plus video tutorials and audio stories. Click here to check out the free samples on the tour. Since For The Girls has been providing straight women with erotic entertainment.

You'll find plenty of romantic galleries and movies inside - plus lots of harder stuff for when you're in the mood to get down and dirty. Click here to find out more! Straight Couples Porn - Romantic There's nothing wrong with a little romance.

Premium Sites Bright Desire - My new video site with real-life couples and sizzling solo fantasies. This is black men and women making love with passion Sweet Lovin' - Loving couples fucking Love's on the menu - A romantic dinner turns raunchy Log Cabin Lust - Sexy seduction at the log cabin Warm Bathroom - Beautiful photography of a gorgeous couple Pool Fun - Wet romantic shenanigans Office Seduction - She distracts him from his work Fireman Fantasy - He shows off his impressive firetruck and hose Her Dream Man - A statue comes to life Erotic Foreplay - Celebrating kissing, hugs, sensual touching and intimacy.

Includes an article on foreplay Erotic Massages - Gorgeous men give their ladies long, sensual massages, plus read some great massage tips Costume Fantasies - Hardcore couples pics in fantasy scenarios. Roman orgies, masters and slaves, hedonistic sex. For The Girls!

For straight couples softcore dvds

For straight couples softcore dvds

For straight couples softcore dvds