Fab five cheerleading myspace-FAB 5: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal Video by Miko DeFoor on Myspace

Some describe the Texas cheerleader scandal as a case of "girls gone wild," and others would say that it's a case of parenting gone badly. Either way, no one denies that the behavior and antics of the senior cheerleaders on the North McKinney High School squad were a serious problem. What eventually escalated as an infamous scandal was but a reflection of four years of bad behavior from the girls, starting from around They were seen as an elite clique that was " blatantly mean to other students , obnoxiously rude to teachers, and callously manipulative of their coaches. Parents and school administration reportedly tolerated and even enabled such behavior.

Fab five cheerleading myspace

Fab five cheerleading myspace

Fab five cheerleading myspace

Fab five cheerleading myspace

Achille Compagnoni on K2's summit on the first ascent 31 July Toshiba Portable External Hard Drive is a simple solution to all your storage and backup needs. Pick one that's 25 characters or less and includes a letter. Email or Username. The investigator reports that the allegations against the "Fab Four" myspacs administrators are true and that Carr is innocent.

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Five smiling cheerleaders dressed in uniform posed with large candles shaped like penises. Metacritic Reviews. The four girls at the center of the controversy are no longer on the squad. While the Fab Five photos became the center of Fab five cheerleading myspace media storm, it was cheerleading coach Michaela Ward who was forced to resign in October when, according to her, all efforts to discipline the girls were undermined by the administration. Lorene Tippit Hailey Wist In this situation, I tend to blame the principal for failing to discipline equally. Opening title. However, she maintains that those who were in authority over her resisted her efforts to discipline the girls. He blames the principal for the problem and Carr losing her job. Do any of you remember hearing about it? He is on leave with pay. What are your thoughts? Coach Adam Reeve Rhoda Griffis Steve Thompson of Yahoo!

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  • So I watched this movie a while back on Lifetime and did some research into the true story.
  • The film premiered on August 2,
  • The pictures posted on MySpace.

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In addition to the picture on the Internet, Ward claims that her cell phone was stolen by the girls while at cheer camp and that the girls "sexted" Ward's husband and another coach about trying new sexual activities. Trailers and Videos. At next practice session, Carr hands each of the girls an eraser for a "fresh" start, but only Tabitha accepts. At the next practice session, the "Fab Four" struggle to perform the liberty stunt , but Carr inspires them to learn it. If you go to a public school or even a reasonably normal private school, you know the way that people actually act.

Fab five cheerleading myspace

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Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal - WikiVisually

The film premiered on August 2, It is based on real-life events that occurred at McKinney North High School in McKinney, Texas , in , five teenage cheerleaders became notorious for truancies, violations of the school dress code, and general disrespect to the school community. They are the five high school mean girls who rule this school with iron fists. They broke rules, were truant, and causing disturbances during classes. They also caused trouble during off-campus activities, posting photographs of themselves partying, drinking alcohol, and visiting an adult store on Myspace.

Teachers, parents, and administrators fail to punish them for their unruly behavior, which includes repeatedly getting their coaches fired after disagreements or driving them to quit. These girls disregard school rules, drink alcohol, bully other students, and post suggestive pictures on the internet.

After a new cheerleading coach Emma Carr Jenna Dewan arrives, the girls initially rebel against her but later become cooperative. Brooke becomes furious with Coach Carr when she assigns Meagan Harper, the most respected member of the squad, as co-captain because up until then, she had been the only captain. Carr tries to discipline the girls, which results in a change in attitude. The girls start bullying other pupils, including Cindy, Meagan's younger sister, and are suspended from the team.

The Fab Four get drunk and are caught trying to leave the campus by a guard and the principal. The girls tell the school's superintendent they were tired after a test and wanted to sleep.

The security guard then tells Carr about the incident, and she confronts the principal and superintendent, who give excuses for not punishing the girls. Carr insists the principal punishes them, so the principal threatens to dissolve the team.

Defiant, Carr punishes the whole squad by continually canceling practices and kicking Jeri off the squad. At next practice session, Carr hands each of the girls an eraser for a "fresh" start, but only Tabitha accepts.

As revenge for Jeri's ejection, the girls show the superintendent a picture of Carr hugging another teacher at the school and say the two have been having an affair. At the discipline meeting for Jeri, Carr is repeatedly accused of flirting and not formally punishing the girls. At the next practice session, the "Fab Four" struggle to perform the liberty stunt , but Carr inspires them to learn it. Carr finds Lisa has cheated on a test, after penalizing her, Lisa yells at Carr and storms out. Lisa then tells her father that Carr was bullying her then Carr then accidentally resigns and sends an email to the cheerleaders apologizing for it.

She visits the school and is fired by the principal, later the girls confront Carr as she prepares to leave the school. She hears about a reporter who is researching "cheerleaders gone wild" and gives an interview about the ongoing events at Jackson High School.

The school investigates, and the "Fab Four" enjoy the attention and lie to the reporter about their treatment. Carr discovers the reporter's true agenda, tells him what happened, leaves angrily, and bumps into Brooke.

Carr simply asks her if she thinks the University of Southern California will accept her as a student after all the negative publicity of what has happened. The investigator reports that the allegations against the "Fab Four" and administrators are true and that Carr is innocent. He blames the principal for the problem and Carr losing her job.

Lorraine and the assistant principal are suspended from their jobs. Brooke is pulled from the school by her mother, and the rest of the "Fab Four" are no longer allowed to cheer. Brooke and her mother leave followed by cameras, Brooke then gives Carr the middle finger and Carr is visibly upset.

However, Carr doesn't get her job back from the school. Four months later, Carr watches the girls at a cheer competition and is welcomed with praise and hugs, including Ashley, who she exchanges smiles with. The new cheerleaders compete, and Carr discovers Cindy had written an essay about her, discussing how she stood up to the administration and stopped Brooke and the Fab Three from terrorizing their school, revealing that Carr did change things after all.

The girls compete and perform the stunt they struggled with earlier, leaving Carr feeling proud and worthy. The television movie aired on Saturday, August 2, , and scored a 2. It scored a 2. Newsweek said the real-life events that inspired the film were "grimmer" than the television movie; the real-life principal and the vice-principal of the school lost their jobs.

Girls from the Myspace photographs the "Fab Five" became victims of stalkers and "haunted by their reputations [from high school]". Steve Thompson of Yahoo! Voices praised this movie for addressing important messages to viewers about consequential actions, especially by schools and cheerleaders. Thompson called the portrayal of cheerleaders "purely evil" and vindictive, and that some scenes were inspired by other real "mean girls" events, such as the beating of a year-old girl in Lakeland, Florida , rather than the McKinney incidents.

After the story broke, Michaela Ward faced unemployment and "became ostracized", especially after her lawsuits. In she filed an unsuccessful lawsuit to get her job back. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Hollywood Reporter. February 22, Retrieved October 21, August 4, Kovach January 1, Interviewed by Dayna Gross. Lifetime Television.

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Fab five cheerleading myspace