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The relaxing music. The tender and caring touch of a masseuse near erogenous zones. The painfully pleasing release of built up tension and muscle soreness. Sixty to ninety minutes of covered touch, acupressure and stretching. In a sensual or erotic massage, the masseuse focuses not only on relieving tension in your neck, shoulders, back, and legs, but also on areas that lead to sexual excitation.

Erotic male massage story

Erotic male massage story

He pictured her hips, her smooth tummy and toned waist above. He shook her hand, and her skin was baby-soft. Drawing him closer to me while he played with and massaged both our cocks. I knew my excitement would be revealed if I turned over but I had no choice. I wasn't quite sure what I needed, I just knew that I needed something physical and relaxing for myself. Wow he was fantastic and the Gay blow job archive kisser. But when Erotic male massage story heard the door to Room 5 open, the soft footsteps of Ally coming back in, his heart began to beat faster. Search for: Search. The idea of a massage was becoming more appealing. Very erotic.

Anna tgp. A first time, erotic experience for me

Sometime, somehow he had removed his shorts! My stud kept sucking and Sexiest football players my ass, as I came filling his mouth with my cum. Guess you can say that I became soft being so focused on the business side of things that the heaviest thing I had to lift was a pen. Doctors Orders Ch. Report Story. By now I'm sure that my eyes were Erotic male massage story over so I Asian atresses to keep them closed. The Caregiver A sensual massage to remember. It felt nice, the how shower. I've never felt another man's cock before. Fucking him was terrific he collapsed forward on the Erotic male massage story and I collapsed on top of him. He took advantage of it also massaging up to my cheeks and 'accidently' bushing my balls as he massaged my inner thigh area. Sweat formed on his body and my eyes fluttered with excitement. Jason didn't need any more convincing.

After a crazy month as an account manager in an advertising agency, I was nearing my limit.

  • I was overworked and tired after working for over 16 hours every day for over a month in front of the computer.
  • This is my first story, please be a little kind.
  • This happened about fifteen years ago, I talked my wife into having a threesome with a friend of mine.
  • I laid face down and naked under a towel on the sturdy but narrow massage table.
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After a crazy month as an account manager in an advertising agency, I was nearing my limit. Working 16 hour days, no lunch breaks, exceptional stress levels, and a super demanding client were all combining to make me an absolute mess. At 36 years old, I was used to spending more time in the gym than my schedule had allowed me during this past month, and I felt that my muscles really needed to be woken up.

Hours with a therapist I saw briefly a few years ago seemed to conclude that I was trying to fill some unspoken, subconscious void in my life with stupid amounts of work. I was definitely nearing my limits. I told my assistant not to disturb me for the next hour, and closed the door to my office.

I wasn't quite sure what I needed, I just knew that I needed something physical and relaxing for myself. In the past, I've always gone to women for massages at my chiropractor's office My attention was piqued when I saw an ad for a massage guy whose place seemed to be pretty close to my office.

He seemed to meet all of my criteria: he noted that he worked on a massage table, which is mandatory for me. I once had a massage from a masseuse who worked on a sloppy futon bed, and I swore never to do that again - I think I left more tense that time than when I walked in.

This guy interestingly noted that he was a model, which seemed a little weird to me, considering that it was posted under the therapeutic massage categories. Like I said, I've never had a massage from a male before, and actually hadn't had any m2m contact except for some circle jerks back in high school. I continued to scan some other ads, and tried to contact the strong-looking Hungarian female massage therapist whose hands looked like meat hooks.

When I noticed a response in my inbox from Jay, I was surprised when I felt a small smile creep across my face. Turns out that he was available to see me within the hour, as another client had reportedly cancelled.

We exchanged a few quick e-mails, confirming his apartment number and a few other details. He asked about previous massage experience, injuries, age, and general health profile. My assistant was startled when I told her I was leaving for the rest of the day, and it was only 4 pm It was with a weird mixture of excitement and apprehension that I buzzed up to his apartment.

Jay met me at his apartment door with a huge grin and an amazing handshake. Easy to see why this guy could model. He was stunning. I would say he was in his mids. He led me into his massage room, which was an incredibly warm and sun filled atrium at the front of his apartment, overlooking the lake.

He asked me again if I had any health concerns that he should be aware of, and then gave me a glass of cool water to sip on. He seemed completely relaxed and comfortable with himself, and there was no sexual energy in the room from him. I, on the other hand, found him incredibly attractive and wondered how I would be able to keep myself under control while under his hands.

I never knew quite how to respond to those kinds of comments. Anyway, Jay closed the blinds in the massage room and told me to undress to my comfort level, pointing to a hanger on the back of the door for my clothes. He told me to lie face down on the table when undressed, and then he went out, softly closing the door behind him as he went.

Damn, how the hell was I going to manage not reacting as he worked my body? Now my hard cock would be flapping in the wind if I did pop wood.

Was it just me or was it getting warmer in here? I quickly jumped out of my suit, and plopped myself down on the table, stomach down, as he had instructed. A few minutes later, Jay knocked on the door and came back into the room. I kept reminding myself that I was there for relaxation, and not to keep obsessing about this very hot young man kneading my muscles. He told me that he had been training locally for massage therapy, but started travelling with modelling contracts internationally, so had quit school.

He was now back in Toronto after 2 years of crazy travel, and wanted to get back into massage school to finish his last year. He said that his girlfriend was the one who had encouraged him to start advertising on-line, so in deed, Jay was a straight boy. I just contented myself with the thought that I was about to get a good, well-deserved massage. He turned off the overhead lights, lit what must have been a dozen pillared candles, set up his I-Pod to what turned out to be a great chilled jazz set, and got to work.

He placed both hands on my middle back, took 3 or 4 deep breaths in, and then instructed me to follow his breathing pattern. I already started to feel less tense, and made a conscious decision to just let myself go and not think about anything for the next 90 mins.

Who cared if my bubble butt was in view for all to see? He started on my lower back, working with deep, flowing movements up into my middle back. He worked the left side, then crossed to the other side of the table and did the same on the left side. His work was very fluid and deep, and he would slow to give extra attention to particularly tight muscles around my shoulder blades.

He did great work on my hands too, which no other massage therapist had done before. What was going on here?

In his deep yet mellow voice, he asked me if I was doing ok so far. I was totally content. He moved from my upper torso and, after oiling his hands again, moved to my legs. I was pleased when he started at my left foot , moving up my calf, and then onto the hamstring. His touch was never tentative or nervous; he approached each muscle group with determination. It felt so good, and I knew I was going to get hard in a second. One second later, I felt the blood surge into my flaccid dick that was pointing south between my legs.

He took his hands off my legs, took a gulp of water from his water bottle, and then brought his hands down onto my ass cheeks with renewed vigour.

This straight guy was kneading my buttocks like they were mounds of dough he was very angry with. Did I even want to stop it? As if reading my thoughts, Jay abruptly stopped his work on my ass.

I actually heard myself exhale a huge sigh, as I has been apparently holding my breath. My heart skipped a beat. How in the hell was I supposed to roll over and have this straight but see my hard-on. I delayed a few seconds by pretending to stretch my arms, while thinking of old ladies in cold showers, but that erection was NOT going down. Damn, this was awkward. It was just then that I realized I was leaking pre-cum.

This could NOT get more embarrassing. I could feel its cool wetness slide down my shaft and start to puddle in what remains of my trimmed pubes. Jay finished the pecs, and moved on to my abdomen, which by this time, was heaving with excitement and fear. But again, he just kept on massaging me, seemingly oblivious to my state of near-explosion. Leo pulled off the Speedo so then I was completely naked. He licked my balls and played with my cock in his hands.

He rolled it around and gave it quick licks every now and then. Finally he started to suck. He sucked it so hard that the tip of my cock turned purple. It felt amazing Parental controls: Wikipedia. A Gay Sex. Review s 10 Add review Report. Author: brian. Allow us to process your personal data?

Then he put oil on my buttocks and started massaging them ohh so beautifully, sometimes teasing me by alomst touching my penis. A Well Deserved Massage An unsuspecting traveler gets a massage he won't forget. He left the room so that I could get ready for him. I Kissed a Girl Pt. The Very Stupid Boy Ryan gets a massage he didn't expect.

Erotic male massage story

Erotic male massage story. Change picture

He reached for my foot and started in massaging it. Still feeling very relaxed all I could do was just allow things to happen to me. His touch was soothing as he started to work his way up my foot and ankle, higher up on to my calf and knee then finally to my thigh; the suspense was killing me as I knew what I wanted!

I just wanted him to get there, asap! Never before in my life has my cock never felt so hard. His hands slowly massaging my inner thighs, making my cock sway back and forth. I watched him walk to my right side with his cock proudly pointing upwards and swaying as he moved. He went back to massaging my outer thighs and hip, every now and then his hand would just graze under my cock.

Oh how I wanted his oily hands to take grip of my cock and to feel him stroking my hard cock. Teasingly his hands got closer till his finger tips running through my pubic hair. Thoughts of insecurity raced through my mind as maybe I should have shaved before this massage? To my annoyance he moved to my other side with his erect cock leading the charge. My masseur repeated the process on my other thigh and hip. I was becoming exhausted yet desperate of a hot release.

By now my cock was dripping precum. As he finished my leg I became aware of the position of my legs he had left them slightly bent and spread quite wide. He walked up to the side of table running his hand up my stomach as he approached. I was still laying there with my eyes closed. My head slightly turned towards him when he softly spoke to informed me that I had several options as to how we could finish the massage. I was surprised and pleasantly shocked when I opened my eyes to see his cock not more than three inches away from my face.

That's when I noticed he too was leaking precum and wanted release. As he started to tell me what my options were, well I couldn't resist any longer. I had to know what it felt like, what his cock tasted like.

Seeing his cock right there, I just did what came naturally to me and I leaned forward taking the tip of his cock into my mouth. My masseur stopped talking as I worked my tongue all around the head and shaft of his cock. He did reach down and started to massage my chest. What a picture that must have been, with his cock in my mouth and him trying to massage me.

He was careful to join me up on the table, part of me was worried that the massage table would collapse from our weight. Guess this wasn't his first rodeo. Slowly he worked his body into a 69 position.

I had never done anything like this before but we both seemed completely at ease with his cock in my mouth. I continued sucking for what seemed like several minutes then I felt his hand travel down my stomach and for the first time he actually grabbed my cock spreading all my precum around up and down my shaft and around my balls.

I don't know if it was the precum or the oils but it was slippery down there. He leaned further down so he could reach my crotch with both hands has he stroked and played with my balls, taking special care to not let his cock slide from my mouth.

Then he took it one step further and took my whole cock down his throat. Wow did that feel good I almost exploded on the spot but somehow was able to hold off. As he continued to suck me, he kept his hands busy massaging and touching me. By now his hands had dropped lower to my ass and were rubbing and probing me there, I couldn't believe how great that actually felt and found myself lifting and spreading my legs further apart giving him total access.

Again my masseur shocked me, still in a pleasant way. I felt him starting to play with my balls then carefully he slowly started to insert his finger into my ass.

Carefully he worked his finger inside me till he found my prostate. This man was complete in massaging me but he was very thorough! Not only did he massage my body, but now he was massaging my internal as well! I completely lost it as the sensations were too much!

My body tensed up as my orgasm exploded. I didn't warn him as my cock exploded in his mouth, gush after gush. I never came so hard and so much. I was totally spent but he wasn't done yet. My stud kept sucking and probing my ass, as I came filling his mouth with my cum.

It didn't faze him as he swallowed everything that I had given him. I still couldn't believe that his hard as a rock cock was still in my mouth, thankfully I didn't bite him.

This massage was so many 'first' for me, yet I loved every minute of it. Being that I'm a little older, it usually takes me some time before I get hard after reaching my orgasm. Yet, with his finger till embedded in my ass, I noticed that my cock never became flaccid! After a couple minutes my breathing returned back to normal. Yet, another first for me.

Then I felt him moving, carefully he worked his way down towards the end of the table with his hand holding my cock. When he finally got comfortable he was between my legs, he slowly lifted his mouth off my cock but never removed his finger and I became aware of the position I was in.

I was on my back my legs were spread wide and pulled back to my chest and my butt was slightly up turned. I wasn't sure that I was ready for what he wanted. Guess he sensed it, then he asked me if I wanted to do him since I was hard again. I knew what he wanted, was there any difference between a woman's ass and a man's? With my cock rock hard, I was curious.

I moved behind him and watched as he bent over the table to grab the oil. Then he reached around and spread generous amounts on both my cock and his ass. He turned to look at the wall as he guided my cock into his asshole. I could feel him tensed up immediately and he sensed it my worry.

He told me not to worry and to work myself slowly into him. I slid the tip of my cock up and down my ass crack till he reached for my cock stoking to put it back in him. I felt the tip of my cock enter him and before I realized that the head was in him.

I had to fight the temptation to push hard into him, oh how I needed to push more inside him. I wanted to feel his tightness, his walls gripping onto my cock like a vice. Carefully and slowly I worked myself deeper, inch by inch slipped into his hot man hold.

I knew he needed release to, so I reached around for his cock. His had was already there stocking his cock as I fucked his ass. Once I was all the way in, I didn't move. I wanted him to adjust and accommodate my girth. As he relaxed I could feel him gently began to apply pressure on my cock head. He was so gentle and didn't force it further; we just stayed there for a moment with him stroking his cock.

I wondered what that felt like, to masturbate while having a cock deep inside your ass. Once he was totally relaxed, I started to pull out. Not too far as I didn't want his body to eject me. I don't know how he could tell but whenever I would slip an inch or two out of him he would push himself onto me, impaling my cock deeper into his ass. We slowly started to work as a team, building up our rhythm. Before long I could feel my balls slapping his ass and it never really did hurt much.

He began to withdraw and then slowly got a rhythm built never rushing just slowly in and out. I swear that I could feel every inch going in and out of him, pressing the urge for me to cum again. He must have felt my cock swell because he started pumping his own cock faster and faster just as I started pumping his ass harder and harder.

I'm not sure who came first but I could feel my cock explode in his tight ass. I could also feel his muscles flexing as he pumped his own seed on to the table. Wow, that was just amazing! What a rush of feelings to orgasm in such a tight hole like that. Fucking him was terrific he collapsed forward on the table and I collapsed on top of him.

My cock buried deep inside him. Slowly I could feel myself becoming flaccid and then it happened when my cock wasn't hard enough to stay inside his hole, he expelled me.

Once I finally slipped out we just rested for a couple of moments till our breathing returned to normal. What a massage that man gave me! What a way to spend an hour. Why couldn't I do this every day? I thought that this was excellent and how could we ever top this experience? As he slowly stood up, he led me to the showers. We both needed to get cleaned up. I was so proud of my cock, shooting two hot loads into this man. He was still the caregiver which I enjoyed.

Once he soaped up my cock and rinsed me off, he once again used his mouth to make sure all my spunk off my cock. Personally, I think he just wanted to touch me some more before our time came to an end. Once cleaned, he dried me off then we went back into the room. We dressed and he asked me about my experience.

I just told him the truth that I was blown away. Pun intended! He gave me his card and told me to call him anytime. I gave him a nice tip and back to the office I went hoping to tense up so that I needed to call him again. Wow, what a massage! There was no way that I was going to wait ten years for my next massage.

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Recent Comments by Anonymous. Preview This is a preview of how your comment will appear. Send private anonymous feedback to the author click here to post a public comment instead. He pushed a third finger into my depths and delicious pain tore through me. I felt ravenous and wicked. I'd often thought about giving head and getting but at that moment I'd have let him do anything he wanted.

He pulled his fingers from my ass and bent low. His warm, fresh breath danced along the nape of my neck and a shiver ran down my spine. He lightly slapped my ass and I quickly rolled onto my belly. My wet cock jutted from my body and pointed at my head. It was painfully rigid and he laughed. He spread oil on my chest and began to rub it, kneading my pecs and flat stomach but deliberately avoiding my aching cock. He stood above my head and rubbed my neck and face.

I was acutely aware of the proximity of his dick to my head and deviant thoughts filled my mind. His clothed cock grazed the top of my head and I swallowed hard. He was fully erect and my mouth began to water as he subtly rotated his hips. My mind was reeling as he moved away from my torso and walked down to my feet. He spread my legs slightly and began to massage my thighs.

His fingers brushed against my balls and I moaned wantonly. I wanted to cum and I wanted him to finish me. His oiled hand grabbed my shaft and he squeezed it hard. They moved slowly up its length and then down to my balls.

I breathed deep and moaned. My toes curled and I looked down at him with glazed eyes. His big blue eyes glimmered and he flashed me a playful crooked smile. My heart was racing and I looked at him with wide, pleading eyes. I felt drawn to him and my preconceived barriers began to melt away. His lips looked kissable and that thought was jarring.

I'd never wanted that and I blinked hard to make my troubling urges disappear. He moved a finger under my balls and spread my legs. His digit entered me and I moaned. He was good and his finger began to rub my prostate as he stroked my rock hard dick. I was past rational thought. My legs were trembling and my tongue slowly circled my parched lips.

I had my emergency money in my safe but I could cover it. I'd never paid for sex before, unless you count a stripper in DC who had rubbed her ass on my dick until I'd finished in my pants. I was close and my eyes began to flutter. He pulled his finger out of my ass and let go of my slick, shiny cock. My breath caught in my chest and my eyes widened as he pushed his pants down. His cock sprung free and I gasped. It was big and cut with a thick, straight shaft and a bulbous head.

My heart raced and my cock twitched. He held my gaze and lifted his shirt over his head. He had a firm, muscular chest and a flat stomach with chiseled abs.

A bead of sweat rolled from my forehead to my cheek and I rolled onto my side as he approached. His cock jutted proudly from his hard athletic body and moved from side to side as he walked. It looked beautiful and delicious and I opened my mouth like a hungry, baby bird, begging for food. He shook his head and pushed me onto my back. My head rested on the headrest and he stood over me.

His cock hovered above my face and the fresh yet musky scent of his body wafted over me. It was part pleasant and part intoxicating and I panted like a bitch in heat as he bent down and removed the headrest from the table.

My head hung down and he guided his cock to my parted lips. My head was spinning and his cock slid into my throat. His smooth shaved balls slapped against my nose and I breathed deep, drawing his essence into my lungs. My cock wilted as he ducked my mouth. His thrusts were long and steady and saliva spilled from the corners of my mouth.

He pulled his dick from my eager mouth and I whimpered like a bitch. The taste and feel of his impressive manhood had been divine. It was hard like granite but smooth like silk. It was hot and salty and I wanted to feel him erupt in my mouth. His tone was firm yet tender and I quickly complied.

He grabbed his massage oil and slathered it liberally onto his pulsating dick. He poured it onto my asshole and grinned. I'd gone through a phase when I'd been married where I fantasized about my wife pegging me and whenever I'd jerked off I'd used my wife's toys on my asshole. He grabbed my hips and eased his cock inside me. I groaned in agony as he stretched my sphincter.

He slowly eased the length of his dick into my ass and then paused, balls deep. He backed out slowly and I moaned from the release of pressure on my bowels. He began to thrust with long, languid strokes and my asshole resized to his big, delicious cock. A warmth spread from my asshole and my dick grew rigid and ready. I watched his taut musculature tense and thrust with wide eyed admiration and I grabbed my cock.

His pace quickened and my pulse did too. Sweat formed on his body and my eyes fluttered with excitement. His breathing began to labor and his pelvis slapped hard against my ass. The pain had dissipated and I felt my climax starting to build. His deep voice send a shiver through my body and I nodded.

I Just Had My First Gay Erotic Massage (NSFW) - Wellfellow

Visit to masseuse after day of strenuous hiking brings relief to more than just sore muscles. To link to this sex story from your site - please use the following code:.

Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Latest Forum Posts:. Join Lush. Hide Ad. Support Lush Stories. Tags: gay , massage , first time , fingering , hand job. This encounter occurred some years prior to my discovering the joys of male sex.

I like to kayak and hike, and was on a trip to central Colorado to do just that. I spent a couple of days kayaking on the Arkansas River with a friend I had known since college, and then climbed one of the 14, plus foot peaks in the area. It was an arduous climb, even though I was in good shape.

I had begun the climb in the dark of early morning, to make and clear the peak before the usual afternoon thunderstorms, and had returned in late afternoon. I decided to stay the night at a nearby rustic lodge that featured hot springs. As I checked in, the middle-aged guy at the desk mentioned that they gave massages, as well. I stripped naked and enjoyed the warm actually, hot water.

It had been several days since any sexual activity, so I enjoyed stroking myself to a full erection as I enjoyed the water and the private setting. The idea of a massage was becoming more appealing. I quickly dressed the evaporation on wet skin in cool air at very low humidity is quite chilling , went to the office, and made an appointment for early evening.

It had been a long time since I had a massage, so I was a little apprehensive about what to expect. At the appointed time I went back to the office to meet the masseuse. As it turns out, it was the same guy that checked me in. I paid, and followed him around to a separate room. I was noticing his tan and slender, athletic build. He showed me to the table and told me to get comfortable.

He said that most of his clients wore nothing, but that I could do whatever was comfortable. He said he would return in a few moments. I thought what the heck, took everything off, got on the table, and lay face down with a large towel across my midsection. He returned, asked about what kind of oil, and then got started.

His hands were strong and experienced. He worked over my back, neck, legs, and yes my ass. His fingers occasionally slipped into my ass crack in a teasing kind of move. I am anal erotic, and so I found myself becoming aroused. Without really thinking about it, I opened my legs just a bit, which only brought more of the teasing.

I started to wonder what was really going on here. My imagination was interrupted when he told me to turn over. I slowly turned over, making sure that the towel covered me.

But, there was no way that I could hide the prominent outline of my hard cock. He carried on professionally, and sensing my predicament, assured me that it was a common occurrence and to just relax. Again, he worked me over from head to foot, carefully avoiding the part below the towel.

His hands would occasionally slip under the towel all the way up to my balls, which only served to arouse me further. I was confused and surprised by my reaction, because I considered myself straight and had never really entertained thoughts about male sex.

He obviously could see from my ring that I was married. As he was about to finish, he casually asked with a coy smile if I wanted the total works. I was pretty sure I knew what he was referring to, and so I said yes.

He got some more oil, and slid the towel off, revealing my full erection. I watched as he slowly began to massage my throbbing shaft. His touch was electric, and I let out an audible gasp. He watched my face as his expert hands began their sensual, erotic movements. He knew just how to rub and stroke, focusing on my sensitive plum-shaped knob. I gave myself completely to him, arching my back, tilting my head back, closing my eyes, and spreading my legs. I was uttering unintelligible groanings as his hands made love to me, releasing new kinds of passion with which I was heretofore unfamiliar, bringing me to the point of no return.

I stiffened, began a long moan, and exploded in powerful orgasm, shooting rope-like strands of cum up and over my shoulder onto the pillow. It took me a few minutes to recover from the spasms. In the meantime, he carefully cleaned me up with a warm washcloth.

I noticed from the bulge in his trousers that he was excited by this as well. I thanked him, dressed, and left him a nice tip. I went back to the room, stripped, washed the oil off, and fell fast asleep in the bed.

I woke up in the night with a terrible headache; the altitude does that. I took some Tylenol, and lay back down. I was still thinking about what had happened, and I found myself aroused once again by the thought of what his hands had done to me. I stroked off to another strong orgasm, and slept like a baby the rest of the night. In hindsight, if I had known what I know now, I would have pulled down his trousers, sucked him to full hardness, hooked my legs over his shoulders, and begged him to take me deep and hard until he filled me with his seed.

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Erotic male massage story

Erotic male massage story