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Some did not approve leaving the Union, and came home. While here, he took John R. Woodside prisoner. A n article on John R. Woodside M ajor James Wilson operated from Oregon County Courthouse for about a month from the end of September to the end of October on a continued mission of suppressing recruiting.

Devil dick boze

Devil dick boze

Devil dick boze

I guess that is where they were headed. They stayed at the Pigman ranch, which currently has 5 Devil dick boze of river frontage under easement today just downtream of Riverton. Another Devl that caused bitterness was a relay system of sending messages to the Federals at Pilot Knob. There were several young voze who were afraid to stay at home but would come home to visit their folks once in a while; and, the Federals would know it in from twenty-four to thirty-six hours. Surnames or Asian tanlines. Accessibility help. All of these gentlemen will be discussed at a later time.

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A family name. Rather notorious for the moonshine whiskey made there. It was a small building, but neat and painted white. There are dangerous looking gorges on either side of the ridge, which is about 40 feet Devil dick boze. A pioneer family name. So, there might not have been sympathy to outlawry, but there was less for Devil dick boze men coming into the county to regulate it in any way. Prev Thread Next Thread. Old; G. Heiskell thinks it is more likely that the name originated from the noise made by the stream when heavy rains came. Williams; J. I copied it from a history Here: www. George Evans, James Harris, Peter Younger were indicted for the crime inupon testimony of three witnesses.

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  • Some did not approve leaving the Union, and came home.
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Names or keywords. Advanced Search. All Boards. Use Soundex. Hide Advanced Search. Prev Thread Next Thread. Change to Thread View. Oldest First Newest First. Does anyone have any information on Devil Dick Boze from Oregon county missouri?

What I really want to know is the Legend of Becky Hollow. I cannot find any reference to Becky Hollow. I found this reference to Devil Dick Boze: During the three-year period following the civil war, there were bands of outlaws who roamed the State. One such group, led by a man who had ridden with Quantrill, was Devil Dick Boze; who had hide-outs in the hills of the Eleven Point River. Devil Dick Boze is thought to have used the Wilderness Area as one of his hide-outs. His relatives owned and operated the Boze mill where later a government still was located.

By this band had increased in number and daring to the point where the Oregon County court ordered a county militia to be formed the majority of the militia were ex-Confederate soldiers.

After the muster of the militia, most of the outlaw band fled to Texas and Oklahoma territories, but Devil Dick Boze chose to make a last stand and was killed in a gun battle with the militia.

He is buried in the old Spring Creek Cemetery. I copied it from a history Here: www. Thanks for the info. This is from information compiled in the 's by the University of Missouri, Columbia: Duing the early pioneer days, Mrs. Rebecca Willoby, a beloved widow, known as "Aunt Becky," lived there. Thanks for that info. There is so much information on the area.

There is a story that James' son, Alexander E. Boze, was a Confederate soldier and he slipped home for a quick visit to his family. He was caught by northern soldiers who bound him and marched him into the nearby woods. The family heard a gunshot and never heard from Alex again, but later in the summer a decomposed body in gray clothing was found in the woods. My husband is a descendant of Luther B.

Parrott, brother of Lucinda Parrott Boze. Yes, he was related. He was either a nephew or cousin of James Boze. I haven't been able to determine the exact relationship yet.

I am descended from James Boze. I have read the story from other family members about Alexander E. I was wondering if anyone had information on a Doretty "Juretta" Boze that married Matthew Patterson?

They had a son named John Alford Patterson that was born in , Missouri. Please contact me if you have any information. Leah Pearson Reich Email: geofiles aol. You may have learned what you want to know since your query was posted but as a 35 year Oregon County researcher I will try to answer your questions.

I did an extensive geneology on the Bozes in Oregon County. There were three Boze brothers settled in O. Richard uncle Dickie, not Devil Dick , Josiah, and James, each naming sons after brothers and confusing the issue. Dick and Tom had a small water mill about 5 miles downstream from Thomasville, in the spring of federal army scouts burned the mill, killed Tom and possibly abused Dick's wife Elizabeth while Dick was at Thomasville for supplies.

On his return "Devil" Dick was born with a vengence. Alex was in a Missouri State Guard company from Oregon County but never found any record of him joining the confederate army. In July he was peacefully running his mill when a patrol from the 3rd Missouri State Militia cavalry from Pilot Knob took him and five customers who were at the mill to Pilot Knob for questioning.

From what we could learn the others were allowed to make bond and released but Alex was sent to the notorious Camp Douglas, Ill. If I can be of further help let me know. I found where some good soul posted the newspaper article about Devil Dick Boze.

If you go to find-a-grave. Many good genealogy finds are posted there. He is listed under "Richard Boze". Copies of the newspaper article is shown there and they are easily copied as a photo. Find a board about a specific topic. Surnames or topics.

The Christian name of Mrs. Childers; Mrs. In fact, if you were to walk in that store tomorrow, IMO, you would think you were back in !!! It is never dry and the depth has not been found. The precise origin must remain in doubt.

Devil dick boze

Devil dick boze. Breadcrumb


Post a Comment. News Carried Fast by Relay Plan. Following the evacuation of Van Buren by the soldiers, mentioned in a former issue, conditions, so far as the citizens were concerned, grew worse. Hatred between the two factions became intensified. Jayhawking or robbing, increased, the mischief being done by gangs of both parties. There were raids and counter raids, with the citizens getting the worst of it all. The raiding grounds extended from north Arkansas to Pilot Knob and even further, both ways.

The writer, though a child at that time, knew the faces of many of them. All of these gentlemen will be discussed at a later time. The first four named, Wm. Leeper, Wm. Each led a bunch, taking good horses and other property if it suited them, and killing men when they wished to. The safe thing was to furnish it without grumbling, but the danger was not over by any means. The same game was played by both parties until the close of the war.

Another thing that caused bitterness was a relay system of sending messages to the Federals at Pilot Knob. There were several young men who were afraid to stay at home but would come home to visit their folks once in a while; and, the Federals would know it in from twenty-four to thirty-six hours. In this way it was relayed in a short time to Pilot Knob and a bunch of soldiers would start on a hunt for the Rebel boys. Dixon ran the road a while and then took a path up a hill, and Akins kept the road.

The Federal captain caught up with him and ordered him to stop. Akins checked long enough to shoot the captain, killing him instantly, and when his men came up to him they abandoned pursuit at once. Bowers in the night and called him out. Bowers recognized him and started to run but tangled in some grapevines; and, Akins shot him so that he died a few days later. Andrew Chitwood [15] living in the vicinity of Ruble [16] , was called out of his house in the night [17].

The visitors asked him if he had a gun. He said no, but that Wesley Lay and Joel Dixon [18] were staying overnight with him and they had guns, so, he turned towards the house and called to the men to bring their guns out to him, and the visitors shot him, killing him instantly. Anthony paid the death penalty for it later; and, it is said that he was the one that shot Mr. On one hunt for Mr. Anthony, Smith Cotton, brother-in-law to Mr. Chitwood, and Baley Smith, a nephew of Mr.

Chitwood, came to the Zimri Carter home to stay overnight. Carter, surmising their intention, sent his son Alex to Mr.

Anthony to get away; so, they failed to find him that time. A little later, however, a party of his pursuers learned that he would be at Mr. When he came into the yard Mrs. Blackwell [23] asked him to shoot a chicken, thus emptying his gun and making his capture an easy task.

His captors took him away in a southeasterly direction and, so far as the writer knows, no one ever saw him again. Afterwards, his name was found cut deep in the bark of a pine tree several miles from the Blackwell home in the direction that they went, but no trace of the remains of the man was ever found. Lived in Dent County, Missouri. He was born and raised in Maury County , TN. He is found on the census in Wayne County , Missouri. He was also elected Wayne County surveyor in When the Missouri State Militia was formed he served as captain in Co.

B, 12th MSM Cav. L, 3rd MSM Cav. He was accused of stealing horses from the US Army. He was drummed out of the MSM in April for incompetence. A colleague was said to have stated "'notwithstanding Capt. Leeper's shortcomings and all of that, I have to say of him, and for him, that his firm stand early in '61 for the Union done great things for the cause of the Union in Wayne and adjoining counties. In Leeper was considered for promotion to brigadier general but settled for an appointment as colonel as a private in the 68th EMM, Leeper continued to be referred to as 'captain'.

Based upon his late-war promotion, Leeper was often referred to as colonel after the war was over. Based on my research and History-sites message board posts written by Kirby Ross. Son of Shadrach Chilton and Patsy Harvison. One of the men that would be captured in August of with his uncle Joshua Chilton. Some of the official records list him as Alec Shelton. There is too much information for one from outside the family to sort through.

Cavalry from Pilot Knob, June 15, at the ripe old age of Devil Dick led his own bunch of partisans from through the war. Office Asst Provost marshal. Pilot Knob Mo June 20 th Statement of Sergeant J. I searched the house and found 12 saddles and also captured 12 horses.

I turned the clothing over to Ships. James Sypes the brother of Mrs. Glascock gave me this information.

I examined the prisoners and obtained the following information. William Younger told me that he had stolen 2 two Horses and that he would show them to me. I went with him to where the Horses were and took possession of them and turned them over to the owners Ship and Adkins, citizens who were with me.

Sergt J. Sworn to and Subscribed. Before me at Pilot Knob. This 20 th day of June Voluntary Statement of Edmond Faulkenberry in relation to the murder of Jacob Woolford and the part he took in it. We then separated with the understanding that we should meet there on Monday. Copeland there, we waited a short time, none of the others came, who had promised to meet us, we then got on our horses rode about a mile towards home, when we met Joseph Quigley, and Thomas Faulkenberry my brother.

One of them asked us where we were going; we replied that we were going home. Joseph Quigley or my brother which I do not collect, told us to come back. We then turned around and all rode back. Soon after E. My Brother, Thomas Faulkenberry, asked them what they intended to do. McClurg were the principal talkers and leaders at that time. Hunt or McClurg told my brother that he must have a gun. My brother replied that he had no use for one. Mcclurg then told him that he could have his gun, as he McClurge, had a pistol.

My brother still insisted that he had no use for one. We then started and traveled one and half or two miles. Stopped and held a Consultation. Hunt and McClurg then told my brother that he must have a gun. Tolbert Hunt then said, that we must have a Capt. And named John Quigley as the Captain of the party. Tolbert Hunt was then put in the? John Quigley told us we would go through the corn field to the hill.

This man we took prisoner, and went on through another cornfield in front of the hill. Mcclurg shot the first shot that was shot at him.

I did not know Jacob Woolford. As well as I can tell there were four or five shots fired at him. After they killed Woolford, they took two Union Soldiers prisoners that were in the mill at the time. The most of the party then started for the house,? I went with them about two miles beyond Centerville when I turned and came home. The prisoners rode on horses furnished them by William Wilson and Stout.

Devil dick boze

Devil dick boze