Bangkok sex stories-Bangkok Girls & Sex in (Prices & Services)

It was a good night. He was kind and gentle; more interested in talking than having sex. I think he was lonely, like so many of them are. He tipped well, too. I live in a tiny room in Sukhumvit that I share with two other girls, and we have to pay rent on a weekly basis.

Bangkok sex stories

Bangkok sex stories

Bangkok sex stories

Bangkok sex stories

Bangkok sex stories

The security guy really does not move. Crossdresser trannsgender variety may appeal to some, but to most people it will come across as being a bit of Bangkok sex stories mismatch… I mean who goes Chat en espanol gay intending to buy a shirt Bangkok sex stories watch a ping pong show? By now I had already come to the conclusion that Bangkok bar girls are nothing like the girls you find elsewhere in Thailand. Unlike most Thai girls I'd dated in the past, she left it at that. Maybe it was because she was used to going with different men all the time, and now here she was with a guy who had never even made a move on her? It's kind of sad really when you realize how these girls need money.

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Teen tiny tit xxx Tags. Username Bangkok sex stories Email. Glancing at Laura she suspected her friend had similar plans, it would be a race esx see who could get there first. She showed it to Tia and remarked how nice it would be to be someplace warm stoties a little while. But now the massage continued and they felt the hands on their shoulders and slide down onto their breasts, almost but not quite touching their sensitized nipples, around the breasts and down onto the stomach. They were wearing matching tight fitting white outfits made of thin material, thin enough that the nipples on their small breasts were plainly visible as was the bush between each of their legs. Thanks to a reader, Roman, for the story line and the description of the girls. Neither had known the other till Laura answered an ad on the company bulletin board seeking a roommate. Beavers The story of my first encounter with Air. Crawl into the bed under the covers and sleep, with a sign over the bed that says, "Don't wake till Spring". Back to Login. The Long Gun A Thailand vacation turns into more. Tia's previous roommate had moved out to live with her boyfriend and left Tia with more rent expense than she could afford but with two Bangkok sex stories them money was less of a problem. So they struck up a conversation.

We met her at one of the quieter bars in Hua Hin, the closest beach city to Bangkok, where women of various ages hung around pool tables in miniskirts and spiky heels, waiting for their next client to choose them.

  • Thanks to a reader, Roman, for the story line and the description of the girls.
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As ever, the Bangkok girls that work in the pay-for-play P4P industry remain a massive draw for visitors to the big city, and there's no denying that these ladies are often very good-looking. However, there's a lot more to this place than just short-time sex with bar-girls If you want to date a sexy, younger Thai lady that you can put your trust in, don't go looking for her at a bar.

Thai bar girls can be lovely, but they're not great at loyalty My Recommended Dating Site. For most men, regular Bangkok girls i. Bangkok is a massive cosmopolitan city, and the people that live there are more likely to have some understanding of western culture.

English is widely spoken and there are plenty of middle-class, university educated ladies that would like to find a western boyfriend. Also, given that Bangkok is so large, there are plenty of ladies that are ready to meet you and who are within easy traveling distance. After Pattaya, Bangkok is probably the most infamous naughty boy destination in Thailand, so a few words of advice are needed. It tends to be guys who are visiting Bangkok rather than guys who live there that make use of the P4P sex industry in the city.

Be aware that damaging your personal reputation in this way can easily have knock on effects for your business or professional ambitions if you need to deal with local people. On This Page:. The Bangkok sex industry is not what it once was, and it remains to be seen what the coming years will bring. The current focus of the authorities is on cleaning up the city's image, and that's not good news for fans of seedy Bangkok sex shows and the like A few years ago Bangkok was like another world, it was cool, and any western man that had the gumption to venture there was a man that refused to conform to western sense and sensibilities.

By Shane from Hua Hin. I wanted to have some fun with Bangkok bar girls; I had been to Thailand once before, to the island of Phuket, but this time I was visiting the big city.

I had arrived at night at around 8pm with nothing other than a small back pack. It was pouring down with rain and what I saw was just chaos everywhere. Who cares? I was young, wild, free and single, and I wanted to hit the town. A while later we pulled up in front of the Patpong Hotel and the driver escorted me in to check if there were any rooms available. There were, so I booked a room for 5 days, paid for it and also for the taxi. As I would later discover, taxi drivers can earn commission when they take customers to certain venues, including some hotels.

Anyway the room I got was awesome and far better than anything I would have been able to afford in the UK. Unbeknown to me at the time, Patpong is a famous Bangkok red light district, or should I say girlie bar area, and it is also where you are likely to find some sexy Bangkok girls. There are tens of thousands of Thai girls searching for romantic adventures with western men online. You can easily find good-looking girls for casual sex and fun times, or someone suitable for something more serious with:.

Once I had checked in to the hotel I had a shower and then ventured out in search of a beer. Everything appeared normal until I turned right at the first road along from my hotel.

The neon signs immediately gave the game away, as did all the touts standing outside the a-go-go bars, along with placards advertising every sort of erotic show you could ever hope to imagine.

I had read about some of the things the girls can do with their man magnets, so obviously my curiosity got the better of me and before I knew it I was walking up a flight of stairs into the unknown, in a place called Supergirls. Passing through the upstairs door I was greeted and escorted to the bar which had a large marble tiled stage in the center, complete with several glistening stainless steel poles.

Music was playing and there must have been about 15 to 20 stunningly beautiful Bangkok bar girls, all naked; smiling and dancing. To be honest, I was mesmerized but I felt a bit uncomfortable. I saw all types of shows that night as various girls demonstrated some hard to believe vaginal capabilities.

Bottles of soda were opened; darts were fired at balloons, and even personal messages where written for customers willing to hand over a small tip. There were no real sex shows however, but a classy and very erotic lesbian show got the customers cheering, and many men drooling.

Suddenly the ceiling above the stage opened and a girl on a Harley Davidson lookalike was slowly lowered onto the stage. She was as beautiful as ever and was soon joined by another equally beautiful girl. What happened next between the two of them, I'll leave to your imagination.

After the show was over and the motorbike had been hoisted away the troop of Bangkok bar girls took to the stage again. This was later followed by a giant champagne glass being lowered through the ceiling. In it was a naked girl taking a bath. I would later find out that the same routine was being repeated every night.

Next up; a very cute looking girl took to the stage. She looked about 22 to 25 years old but I would later discover that she was This turned out to be a fire show and this girl was clearly an expert. Seriously, she was awesome and she was so damn hot excuse the pun.

She wasn't the sexiest girl I had seen that night but I couldn't take my eyes off her. After a few minutes she approached me; sat on my lap and started the tease. With a burning stick in each hand and a mouthful of whatever, she got off my lap; pushed me back gently in my chair; stepped back and gave me a smile, and then she blew a flame at a part of me that seriously doesn't need toasting. By now I had already come to the conclusion that Bangkok bar girls are nothing like the girls you find elsewhere in Thailand.

After her fire show I signaled for her to come over. We spoke and shared a few drinks and I asked her if she wanted to leave with me. She agreed and then went upstairs to get dressed because at this point she only had a towel wrapped around herself. While she was getting dressed I settled my bill and then we left together. We went and had a meal; a few more drinks, and then back to my hotel. Nothing happened that night. We just fell asleep in each other's arms. Even now, more than 15 years later, I remember the smell of her hair and the scent of her satin soft skin.

I also remember wondering how she could fall asleep so peacefully with someone she had never met before. Maybe it was because she was used to going with different men all the time, and now here she was with a guy who had never even made a move on her? I had read so much about bar girls but she just seemed to be different. The next evening we returned to the bar but she never had to perform because she was with me and I had paid the "barfine" to take her out of the bar for the remainder of my time in Thailand.

She and I never once discussed money or how much I would give her. Damn, she really was a nice woman. Even when we were out eating she never ever tried to order anything expensive. One night I insisted on going for a meal on board a boat on the river. I could never have afforded such luxury in my country or in the UK. I insisted on her inviting her family and even then the bill was less than a decent meal for two back home.

What an amazing experience. I wanted to do it again but she refused, saying that she never wanted me to spend all my money. Quite often we would just eat at her home where I was always made to feel really welcome. Later I discovered that she was a Muslim Thai after she explained that when we were with her family she couldn't eat pork. She loved pork as do nearly all Thais lol. By now we had started having sex but it was nothing like you would expect from a prostitute. There really seemed to be genuine emotion involved, and to be honest, it was truly amazing.

A few days before I was due to leave Thailand we took an overnight sleeper train to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. We booked a three day jungle safari, walking for miles, sleeping with hill tribes, trekking, riding elephants and traveling down a river on bamboo rafts. There really is something unforgettable about an experience like that, making love in remote streams and rivers deep in the jungle; bathing together with no electricity and none of the modern life comforts we've become so accustomed to.

My first trip to Bangkok ended at the airport with neither of us able to stop the tears. One month later I returned, and again, the two of us had an amazing time together.

Once again I paid for her to get time off from the bar where she worked. We visited a nearby island called Koh Samui, along with a lifelong friend of mine, and with a friend of hers. The vast number of Thai nightlife venues to choose from will give you plenty of opportunities to meet girls.

But, if you prefer a more slow paced and intimate way of meeting ladies, you might be interested in checking out:. We would hire a small long tail boat and make our way to another tiny uninhabited island, and once there we would get a BBQ going, obviously with a cooler box full of cold beers. The two of us would later head off alone to explore this tiny island, and usually we would end up making love on the beach or in the surf.

I was working a one month on, one month off, rotation and every time I was off I came over to Thailand to be with Aam. We would travel around the country together and she never ever tried to fleece me.

Obviously I gave her some money but there were never any of the demands Bangkok bar girls are known for. As far as sex is concerned, we were no different to any new couple. Yes we did have sex and plenty of it, but it was just regular sex. On my next trip to Thailand Aam met me at the airport and we went and booked into a hotel.

That night we went to Supergirls, the bar where she worked. When I offered to pay the bar fine to get her time off she said there's no need because she had quit her job there. Anyway, deep down inside me I was secretly hoping that she would pack it up at some point, but for now I would just make the most of the situation without becoming emotionally trapped.

Tia couldn't help to think it almost felt like when her boyfriend was screwing her from behind and pulled out to shoot his load over her back. Now they each found two huge cocks pointing at them and the men began to rapidly stroke themselves, masturbating with frenzy. The Maid The maid is fucked in a darkened room. They had nearly finished their drinks when two young Thai women came to them and bowed in the Thai fashion and led them to a room to the rear of the lounge. Story Tags Portal bangkok.

Bangkok sex stories

Bangkok sex stories

Bangkok sex stories

Bangkok sex stories

Bangkok sex stories. Upload successful


What Happens In Bangkok REALLY HAPPENS In Bangkok

Getting from Luang Prabang, Laos to Bangkok, Thailand seemed like an epic voyage filled with multiple mini-adventures like yet another crappy night bus from Luang Prabang to Vientiane, getting dropped off at a gate, in the rain, where a woman let us in in her PJs and welcomed us to sit in her home until their office opened a dog peed on the floor which they just walked around, when I went to use the restroom the rain fell on me as well, and the woman continued to walk around cleaning things up in her teeny-tiny night dress , an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet in an upscale hotel, a train from Vientiane just across the river to Thailand and then our big beautiful night bus, which I LOVED!

I turned my super spacious bunk, with a privacy curtain, into an office on tracks. We used second class, had individual bunks, and air-conditioning. I not only was able to make good use of my time while traveling, but I also slept amazingly well! We arrived in Bangkok around 6am, and surfaced to find a tuk-tuk and bartered him down to a somewhat reasonable price to take us to our hostel: Mile Map Hostel.

We were there a few hours too early to check in, so we left our bags and went to find something to eat for breakfast! We, of course, sprung for iced coffee, something I crave daily in the U. Yum, yum, yum! After checking into our room and getting upgraded, for the first time in my life, to a private room instead of an 8-person dorm we decided to hit the streets of Bangkok and explore a bit!

We had pad thai from a street vendor who sat us at a table and then went across the street to cook it for us. After lunch we went to this amazing little cafe I had read about for some writing time! Too Fast To Sleep is this stunning cafe filled with books, cozy places to sit, sketchy internet and delicious smoothies! It is, however, a perfect place to read or meet up with friends for coffee or a smoothie.

My little office for the day. Then, on the way back to our hostel I was taking a shortcut on the map, looking down at it and not paying attention to where I was going. At that point I looked up and realized we were most definitely in the sex district of Patpong. This was not a place that either of us had any sort of desire to visit, but we did. This was where I learned that what happens in Bangkok, really happens in Bangkok.

I was shocked as men grabbed my arm asking if I wanted to go inside with them, people walked up to us with sex position cards and women were dancing on poles. We went to the night market which just so happened to also be in Patpong. It was here that we first got offered tickets to the Ping Pong Show. We were all amazed by this, and I was still curious, to be honest.

The next night while back at the night market a tiny Thai woman told us to follow her and grabbed my arm. We went up the stairs to the building below… Pardon the language. I went upstairs passing men leaving; Stacey and I exchanged glances of curiosity and a bit of fear. Inside, we found a stage with 8 topless women who immediately pulled their bottoms down as we walked in.

The woman handed us a list of shows that the women would perform and a price. We were curious enough to want to see if this is what truly happened, but not enough to watch the show. As the lady gave us beers and shoved us in a booth she also handed us a ping pong paddle. We looked at each other in terror as I looked up to see a woman pulling about 5 feet of fake flowers strewn together out of herself… We got up and tried to leave as the woman followed us demanding money and I said I would only pay for the beers, handed her some Baht and got the heck out of there.

Bangkok at night is a beautiful site. This is the common area of the Mile Map Hostel. I really liked staying here. The only thing I will say not to do here is laundry.

One of the coolest experiences we had in Bangkok was doing the Dialogue in the Dark. We ordered snacks, went to a market and rode a car all in the dark and it was a truly amazing experience and was really eye-opening. I think everyone should visit this just to experience, only for about an hour, how a blind person lives out his or her every day life.

This is Istanbul. The View from Terminal The San Francisco Level. The Japan Level above and below. We found this beautiful mural on a random street in Bangkok, right before we took our bus to Kanchanaburi.

It was the perfect inspiration, filled with elephants, for our time at the zoo! Paige Wunder is based in the Ozarks where she lives with her husband. When she's not hiking in the mountains or planning a backpacking trip, she's taking a road trip or sampling some delicious craft beer. I feel pity for them too. I truly had no intention of visiting the red-light district, but I have to admit my sense of curiosity got the better of me for a few minutes when I accidentally wandered into it.

When I visit Bangkok again there will be no red-light district for me. But two minutes of reflecting on the whole thing and I decide to avoid the red-light district after all! In any case, have a great day!! Oh, absolutely. I commend you for being better at controlling your curiosity than I was. Bangkok is indeed a happening place. There are so many facets of Bangkok, the spiritual, the material, the purely hedonistic and many more.

We were in Bangkok for a couple of days but saw only the city of temples and the Buddha, and some shopping. Pretty boring I guess! I was laughing a little when I read about a woman casually walking on dog pee!

Save the wifi issue, Too Fast To Sleep looked very nice. Faulty wifi with disgusting password is also a common problem in India!

Gosh, what an experience. Love the bus bunks though — they look really cool. Hahahah, I heard about the ping pong story 10 years ago from a veteran who served during the vietnam war. And how awesome that you got upgraded. Going from sharing with 8 people to a private room is a serious upgrade! Oh this has reminded me of our visit to Bangkok.

We did not have any crazy experiences in Patpong, maybe because we were a couple but we did get invited to a ping pong show lol. Bangkok is very crazy, I agree. Also, cheap! Join in the Adventure. All Rights Reserved.

My little office for the day Such a seriously cozy space! Bangkok at night is a beautiful site This is the common area of the Mile Map Hostel. Love this Post? Share It! Like this: Like Loading Enjoy This Post?

Check Out One of These! July 31, By Paige Wunder. My Photos Were Published in a Magazine! April 10, Previous Post Next Post. PaigeBrown August 2, at am I feel pity for them too. PaigeBrown August 3, at pm Oh, absolutely. Sandy N Vyjay September 5, at pm Bangkok is indeed a happening place. Tania Mukherjee September 20, at am I was laughing a little when I read about a woman casually walking on dog pee!

Medha Verma February 11, at am Oh this has reminded me of our visit to Bangkok. Instagram Instagram has returned invalid data. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Bangkok sex stories

Bangkok sex stories

Bangkok sex stories