Linux world domination-World Domination

Greg Kroah-Hartman is one of the friendliest faces of the Linux kernel community. He maintains the stable branch of the Linux kernel and participates in many more Linux projects. He works at the Linux Foundation as a fellow, a job that allows him to dedicate his time to the Linux kernel. I sat down with Greg to talk about the kernel, 25 years of Linux, and what he does with the rest of his life. We meet each other at almost every Linux-related conference.

Linux world domination

Linux world domination

Linux world domination

Linux world domination

Linux world domination

Since computer manufacturing is dominated by start up costs with much lower incremental costs, pricing of computer components is almost entirely a matter of unit volume. We can do the Right Thing, and eventually we must, but we can't always get it done soon enough to matter. Underlying these symptoms are serious structural problems. Be cool like everyone else and rent a server instead of buying your own. Thus price is almost entirely a matter of unit volume: the more individual purchases the Linux world domination costs can be amortized over, the cheaper each individual purchase becomes. They expect everybody else Linux world domination think the same way, because it's what they understand. The gauntlet you have to run to get codec support in this way is so daunting that even the authors of this paper, both among the hardest core of Linux experts, have never been able to keep basic functionality like playing DVDs stable across normal system upgrades. After all, performance benchmarks are an arbitrary way to measure performance in a way that never or rarely happens in the real world.

Vod major league ass. Vendor support for Linux

Accordingly, Linux cannot really expect to win by hosting a killer app that nobody else can Sex gallery of photos — our problem is more in the nature of how to avoid losing market share to a killer app running somewhere else. What will it take to win? Most content providers have no incentive to offer their content in Linux-friendly formats while we remain a tiny minority of desktop users. Is a hard deadline? None of these campaigns have met with any lasting success. Linux's established market share in the server market means that failure to provide Linux world domination specifications to the Linux community is a career limiting move for a server hardware company. Even distribution-makers won't carry these files, or even publicly Linux world domination to them for fear of contributory infringement lawsuits. The biggest question about Vista is: will there be one? It seems clear, even to him, that their remaining problems will be solved in the relatively near term. The wrold to PowerPC processors in the 's involved bundling an emulation layer into the Linjx system to run old 68k binaries, and the transition to Intel processors brings with it the "Rosetta" emulation layer to run PowerPC binaries.

In the s Linus Torvalds used to give a talk called World Domination on the early steps he believed Linux would need to take to achieve "world domination — fast" [ 1 ].

  • In the s Linus Torvalds used to give a talk called World Domination on the early steps he believed Linux would need to take to achieve "world domination — fast" [ 1 ].
  • World domination.
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  • After 25 years, we thought it'd be interesting to get the two of them together again.
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Open-source communities are proving to be a formidable match for single companies. Not since Linux took over, that is. Not when the community gets involved. This was not always obvious.

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It seems to encourage bad behavior. The UPS monitors morphed into laptop battery monitors years ago, and the pioneering seamless hardware autodetection work done by Red Hat kudzu and Knoppix has been adopted by other distributions. If that happens, your revenue prospects will be sharply limited by server market. So these days I often strive to have people not even notice when I'm on the road all that much. What is the current state of the three major contenders trying to become the new bit standard?

Linux world domination

Linux world domination

Linux world domination. Recent Articles


Karlin Lillington: After 25 years, Linux’s world domination is coming along nicely

Become a fan of Slashdot on Facebook. The fact is that most people today are using Linux without ever knowing it -- whether on their phones, online when using Google, Facebook, Twitter, GPS devices, and maybe even in their cars,.

Linux could very well be taking over the world, without us "using" it in the strict sense you mean -- that is, using it and knowing that you're using it. You and I are using numerous technologies to exchange these posts, without knowing what they all are. Linux is making it work, so unless you are using the device as a paper weight, you are perhaps unknowingly using Linux.

A user never directly interacts with the operating system. That's what the shell is for. You are using a shell yes, also a graphic user interface is a shell, albeit a much more complex one than a command line interface , and you could be totally agnostic to the underlying operating system. A shell is a special application that allows a user to request computing resources from the operating s.

When the real Fourth Reich comes [youtube. Right, because that worked out so well last time I would say Linux is already basking in the glow of having outstanding server share. It's just the desktop experience that leaves alot to be desired. Yeah, won't be the year of Linux, because it's not growing anywhere. Sure, it's used in a lot of places, but there's nothing new about I'd say, and I'll get hate for this but fuck it reality can suck, deal with it, is that Linux is becoming corporate's bitch which I really wouldn't want to celebrate.

I mean is there any point in celebrating a Linux kernel in a black box device that cannot even be updated, much less allow you to switch to another OS? I mean look at the list Linux on the desktop is actually pretty amazing. I've put two non-technical but not stupid, either family members on Linux and haven't had a single problem report from them. It's just works. My wife, a complete computer neophyte, asked me to put Linux on her laptop a few weeks ago.

Well, she didn't use those exact works. She actually said, "can you do to my laptop whatever you did to our daughters laptop to make it run fast". She really didn't have a lot of choice.

HP, Dell, Leveno and others make them and all have a very similar design - so similar it must have come from one source. My guess is this was a "tablet killer" design from Microsoft.

Which is kinda sad, because the hardware is fine for the price. What wrecked it literally was Windows Turns out 32GB is not enough space for Windows 10 to do it's upgrades, so eventually Microsoft's patches cause the the machine to run out of disk space and kills itself.

Windows 10 is also god-awfully slow on such low end hardware - it can take 15 seconds to response to a click on the Start button. That 4GB includes all the crap people usually use on a desktop, like PDF viewer, picture viewer, browser, email client, and something that Windows doesn't come with - Libre Office.

It doesn't suffer from flaky WiFi apparently a Windows driver problem , and the mouse and touch screen worked out of the box. The touch pad was glitchy out of the box on Windows - it needed an updated touch pad driver. No questions were asked after the transition. I guess a decade or so ago, the different place for the shutdown button or the different styling would have been jarring.

LXDE manages to be closer to the familiar XP interface than Windows 10 is, so it was actually a return to more familiar territory. To me it looks to be over. Linux has been faster by no small margin , smaller, more reliable and has a better chance of "just working" on more platforms than Windows for some time now. The issue was all those proprietary. But Google solved problem for us when they won the battle to move applications from the desktop to the cloud. To wit: my wife uses this laptop when she is away from her desktop to run her book keeping business.

She uses several accounting packages now - all are software as a service running in a web browser. It's a bit difficult to predict what will eventually happen to the desktop. But Windows still being around seems even less likely. It's being displaced on all fronts - on the server even Azure runs more Linux than windows, Linux is already the dominant "User" OS - more people use Android than anything else, and in the embedded space Windows CE has already been driven to extinction.

It turns of if you do build a better mouse trap the people will come - if you have the stamina to wait long enough. Few things I hate worse than a company that ships a Linux-enabled product the Gnu copyright buried in the back of the manual is a usual clue but is only provided with Windows, and maybe Mac, software. What did they do, lay off the Linux guy as soon as they got the kernel booted up?

Of course, the real reason is that the desktop software is mostly just an ad-injection platform anyway, so it's better to just toss it and use the reverse-engineered tool you downloaded from github in any case.

Actually, I'd say the desktop experience of many Linux distros already outshines the proprietary alternatives, even before you start delving into the far deeper options to fine-tune things to your own tastes.

What's lacking is the software support for a lot of major "must have" applications. WINE solves much most? Unfortunately, "through WINE" only counts if it's reliable. Especially for pro software, where proper font rendering is a generally a must-have feature. The eye- and brain-strain of reading badly rendered text for several hours a day just can't be reasonably justified. Games are admittedly a particular problem as well - but most of those actual. Actually, there are multiple Linux distros these days that are easy to use, and even easy to set up.

That's not the problem anymore. The difficulty with Linux on the desktop at this point is just 3rd party support. Hardware vendors don't prioritize Linux drivers. Software developers aren't prioritizing Linux ports.

Dual-boot and have Windows fsck up your boot-loader? Figure out this UEFI stuff? Not to mention hardware that's crap under Linux. Now if you get a box that actually works well with Linux, or better still comes with it pre-installed, that's an entirely different experience. Microsoft has been fighting tooth and nail to keep Linux Desktop at bay.

Giving away millions of free copies of Windows 10 was part of this strategy. This is being typed on a battered old laptop running Xubuntu with xfce. I think I booted Vista on once to check if it supported manual fan controls. It's probably 7 years old and works fine for me I am not a gamer on PC systems. They needn't bother. Giving away??? Hmm, shoving up your ass is, perhaps, a better description of their approach.

Or I might have been too paranoid at the time they were at it. The good news is, I haven't heard of any linux distro having a forced update to Windows 10 yet. It's greedy megacorps like Google, Facebook and whatnot that have taken over Linux as a commodity OS they have complete access to the source code of, and don't have to pay a cent in royalties to deploy by the hundreds of millions of seats. What's taken over the world is those companies' disgusting and heinous application stacks that happen to run on Linux.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Alibaba [ I feel the situation is overall MUCH better than it used to be in the past. In the past we had PCs on which you could install an OS of your choice, the hardware was well supported, mostly open and standardized.

Now we have phones and tablets which have essentially zero freedom, either they are fully locked down or your are stuck with a single unmaintained outdated Kernel. This is honestly even worse than Windows, as at least with Windows you had the option to upgrade if Microsoft released a new version.

With phones however there is no official AndroidOS release from Google that you can install on your phone, you have to use whatever hackjob the hardware manufacturer provided you with, which won't get any updates a few month after the release.

And of course it doesn't stop with hardware, all the software these days forces you into the cloud. Again, worse than the proprietary software in the past, that at least run and your machine and could be cracked, hacked and reverse engineered. Can't really do that with the cloud. Computing today has pretty much turned into a nightmare, one that you can't really escape from, as most of the proprietary services and hardware do not even have a practical open alternative.

That the companies release some code as Open Source doesn't really help much, as it's never the code that actually matters. Even with LineageOS you'd still be running an outdated kernel and having to use binary blobs, and it all has to be hacked together for the specific phone. This is quite different from a PC where you can just take a Debian release, run a mainline kernel and it will work on pretty much all the PCs.

Of course they're still psychopaths. So they think they can get the benefits from teamwork, without having to contribute themselves. That's what profit is, after all: The part that you take without giving back. I doubt that will work forever, though. They need custom things. And they are dependent on the community too. Sooner or later, some will contribute. Because the ideal state of capitalism and socialism, is actually the same state.

Linux world domination

Linux world domination