Gilmore girls fanfiction open your eyes-Delayed Reaction Chapter 1, a gilmore girls fanfic | FanFiction

AN: Welcome one and all to my new story. I hope you will give it a chance if you enjoyed my other stories. Here's the first chapter, and I'll update as often as possible. Please read and leave a review! Colin and Finn are seniors at Chilton.

Gilmore girls fanfiction open your eyes

Gilmore girls fanfiction open your eyes

After listening to Colin and Finn's yokr, she couldn't stand the boy already, and she didn't even meet him yet. His smirk grew larger, if that was possible, "Nice to meet you, Rory. Surprisingly, she looks distraught Massaging prostate the idea. He seemed to like her though, or maybe he just liked annoying her. It was most likely a good idea to keep him as far away as possible. Over a year later, he sees her again, briefly.

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When his brother left town and his dad died, he turned his father's old hardware store into a diner, Winchester's. Tossing the note in the garbage, she pulled out her cellphone and dialed the familar number of her boyfriend. Mission, Impossible? Let me know :. As Simple and Complicated AN: Thanks for the reviews. His money obviously got Extremly large penis everything. Plus the fact that I'm about to meet the guy responsible for the destruction of boarding schools all over Europe. You're So Right No wonder sex is so popular. Opening my eyes, I quickly looked around.

Jess slams into the back of his seat, eyes wide open.

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The day Stars Hollow lost some of its sparkle started out like any other day. The sun was shining and lit up the entire town that more than anything resembled a fairytale. It was the same as always. The town's self-proclaimed leader, Taylor Doose, was berating his employees outside his ice cream shop, keeping an observant eye on his market located not too far away.

At the same time the town's biggest gossip, Miss Patty, was busy preparing her tiny ballerinas for yet another local festival out on the lawn in front of Luke's Diner. Luke Danes himself was deeply consumed in yelling at his customers, ranting about their disgusting eating habits. He shouted at his pain in the ass, but nonetheless friend, Kirk, to get the hell away from the donuts. Because no matter what Kirk thought about it, it really wasn't eat two donuts and get the third one for free if no one saw it disappear.

Luke's girlfriend of a few weeks, Lorelai Gilmore, sat at the counter with her usual cup of coffee and was following her boyfriend's movements with eager blue eyes. The look in her eyes promised mischief in the making. Next to her, Lorelai's only child, Rory, was sitting — also holding on to a cup of coffee while her own smile was gracing her delicate features.

It can't be good for his blood pressure. They listened keenly to Luke's threats that rang out loudly in the diner. He was too busy to keep an eye on his captive audience. Lorelai widened her cerulean eyes when Rory spoke. She didn't even look at her daughter as her gaze swung from Luke to Kirk as though she was enjoying a fierce tennis match; just waiting for one of the players to smash their racket — so to speak.

Rory's blue eyes, so like her mother's, widened in comprehension and she said in a stage whisper, "Free java. A few moments later the youngest Gilmore watched in awe as her mom emptied her cup before stealthily walking by Luke, nodding her head in feigned agreement to his complaints over the still aggravating Kirk. She grabbed the coffee pot, pouring them both a fresh cup as she muttered, "You tell him Luke," Mission completed, Lorelai swiftly returned to her seat next to Rory, beaming proudly at her success.

Rory stared at her mother with a big smile on her delicate face and Lorelai lifted her chin in acknowledgement of the silent praise. Finally a couple of minutes later, Luke was wrapping up his third rant of the admittedly still early day and came over to the Gilmores with his usual notepad out. Luke glanced briefly at the two women before going back to the notepad and he asked without looking at them.

Lorelai puckered her lips in response and said. Luke frowned and looked around the half empty diner, but all three of them knew he couldn't deny his girlfriend anything and soon after, he quickly bent forward planting a very chaste kiss on Lorelai's still pouting lips.

You should restock, in my expert opinion. Rory laughed gently at the couple's antics, which some people might just call foreplay.

When Lorelai didn't react, but kept gazing adoringly up at her boyfriend, Rory rolled her eyes before pulling her mother to her feet saying, "as much as I love to watch the two of you kill my innocence, I've really gotta get going. Mom- remember, you said you'd walk me out to my car? Lorelai sighed dramatically and took one last swig of her beloved coffee. Luke shook his head as he watched the two women in his life that he loved more than anything, leaving his diner. Kirk suddenly appeared right in front of him and held forth a handbag that Luke immediately recognized as Lorelai's and said, "My girlfriend likes handbags.

If this isn't yours, can I have it…for my girlfriend Lulu? Who's really into handbags. Luke gave his token growl, ripped the handbag from Kirk and quickly ran after his own girlfriend. He knew that he'd never hear the end of it if she was to face the day without it and all its hidden snacks and knickknacks. She didn't hear him. It looked like she was eagerly telling a story to the person on the other end of her cell phone as she continued to walk away from him.

To Luke, the rest happened as if in slow motion. Rory's half turned body prevented her from seeing the truck that came racing uncharacteristically fast towards her from behind. Lorelai, who was still on the phone, looked up just then and saw the truck. She seemed to know what Luke already knew; that the truck was too fast and Rory didn't stand a chance. Then the eldest Gilmore did what any parent would have done; threw her phone to the ground and shoved her daughter out of harm's way and took the hit herself.

Luke was already running, desperately trying to reach his lover before she was slammed into the pavement. But he knew he'd be too late no matter how fast he ran. Rory stood paralyzed a few feet away from the scene, numbly gazing upon her mother's unmoving body. Luke finally reached them and pushed Taylor out of his way when the so called leader of their town had tried to get a closer look and fell down beside the now fiercely bleeding Lorelai.

Don't do this to me — to us! Come on! But for the first time since Lorelai Gilmore had walked into his life all those years ago, she didn't have a snappy comeback and remained silent. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Gilmore Girls. I don't own GG but I'd sure love to. I hope you all enjoy! Any other day The day Stars Hollow lost some of its sparkle started out like any other day. In response Luke deadpanned her mockery like he always did.

Rory, however did hear him and stopped to turn around with a smile on her face. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. Chapter 8 9. Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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By the time she reached the lunch table, she was near collasping from exhaustion and anger. Rory shook her head slowly, staring at her two friends in disbelief. Paris has a lot to learn. Gilmore Girls: Beginnings. He found a job as a housekeeper at the independence inn and over the years has worked his way up to become the executive manager. She froze, her face going deathly pale. Groaning again, she rolled her car out of the parking lot and onto the highway.

Gilmore girls fanfiction open your eyes

Gilmore girls fanfiction open your eyes.


Time After Time (A Gilmore Girls Fanfic) Chapter 2, a gilmore girls fanfic | FanFiction

AN: Thanks for all the reviews and support! You guys are awesome, as always. Warning: There will be some Lit-ish stuff in this chapter, but I promise it won't be around much longer. And I also promise it has a very good point. Um, the action is going to be picking up very soon in this story, so be patients.

And please leave me a review! I love them. Colin stared at her for a moment, "Why don't we name what isn't so bad about him? The list would be much shorter. She was in serious condition for a bit. Logan and her are extremely close, and he was scared out of his mind. Mitchum was a few hours away and didn't think it was worth his time to show up.

His mother was there long enough to talk to the doctors, get the facts, and leave. He decided Logan's entire life for him, he has no say whatsoever. So no, love, he's not very lucky to have Mitchum Huntzberger as a father," Finn added.

She turned around to face him, barely noticing the blonde girl at his side, "Me ever liking you. At all. The group began making their way out of the school, with Rory trying to avoid being next to Logan in any way possible. She had to admit she felt bad for bugging him about this life, but that was where any good feelings towards him ended. Besides the coffee he gave her at the newspaper meeting, he had done nothing to change her feelings towards him.

He was still cocky, lazy, and by the number of girls surrounding him constantly, a playboy. He seemed to like her though, or maybe he just liked annoying her. She was putting her money on the second option. She sighed slightly as she sent him a sideways glance.

He was talking to Stephanie, who had a smile plastered on her face as she sent a comment back. How did he get all these people to like him? Maybe she was just immune to his charm. Rory snapped out of her thoughts and turned her head towards Colin, confused, "What do I say to what?

But stop looking at me like that," she exhaled, "And you know the rules. No touching me when Jess is around. Don't even--". Maybe it's because you always touch my mother's ass infront of him, but that's just a guess. Rory laughed slightly, liking the new girl already. She was surprised she hadn't met her before, but Stephanie was a senior and Rory did tend to limit her social circles.

Besides that, the girls Stephanie hung out with weren't exactly outstanding Chilton citizens. Rory shrugged, at least there was another girl in the group now, and she seemed to distract Logan a little bit.

Rory steered the line of cars into her driveway, thinking it wise to park there and then walk to Luke's. Her mother was standing on the porch, grinning, and Rory was glad she remembered to call her mother and say that her friends were coming in for dinner, or somewhere in between dinner and lunch. Rory shook her head, only her mother would leave work early to eat with her daughter's friends. Lorelai smiled and walked over to Finn, wrapping her arm around his waist, "I always wanted to have an affair with a foreign man.

So let's -- hang on," Lorelai paused and walked over to Logan and Stephanie, "You're new. Logan smiled, and Rory watched as he turned on his charm, "Logan Huntzberger. You're Rory's mother, I assume. She shook Logan's hand, then turned around to Rory, eyes wide, and mouthed 'Cute!

Rory rolled her eyes. What was this power he had over people? Logan's mouth dropped open, but he quickly recovered, "No, I like girls very, very much. He smirked, a deep, amused smirk that she couldn't tear her eyes away from, no matter how much she wanted to. And then, just as quickly as he appeared by her side, he moved up next to Colin and began chatting away. She held back slightly, watching his confident swagger as they strolled along the Stars Hollow sidewalk.

And then she felt something she wasn't expecting, a wave of sadness at his absensce from her side. She shook her head slightly. She hated him. He was annoying, and cocky, and stubburn. There was nothing about him she even remotely liked. Slowly, the feeling was forced down and she followed the group into the diner. A momentary lapse of judgement, that was all.

She wasn't losing her mind or anything. Rory walked into the open arms of her father, hugging him tightly before sitting down between him and Colin, "They were insisting. Rory rolled her eyes and padded up the stairs to Luke's apartment. She was hoping Jess would come down and join, but she knew that was doubtful.

It would probably only end in a Colin, Finn, and Jess argument anyway. And with Logan added to the mix? It was most likely a good idea to keep him as far away as possible.

She barely had to knock on the door before Jess pulled it open. He smiled as she stepped over to him, melting as he pressed his lips to hers. Luke arrived with their food a few minutes later, and Rory ate as fast as she could while trying to advoid being noticed. After what seemed like hours, she heard footsteps coming down the stairs and soon Jess's hands were on her shoulders.

She could feel the eyes of her friends on her as she stood up from the table, and finally Jess seemed to notice the two new additions to the group. Logan grinned, and Rory bit back a sigh as he reached over the table and offered his hand to Jess. Her boyfriend looked confused for a second, before accepting the outstretched hand.

Rory was staring at Logan in amazement as he nodded his head and returned to his seat. No rude, offhanded comments, no sarcastic remarks. The last thing she expected from Logan was a polite introduction.

Maybe, just maybe, there was more to Logan Huntzberger than met the eye. Stephanie knew Logan when he was in boarding school in Europe and she just moved here at the beginning of the year. Cocky, lazy, annoying. But also funny, and rather mature towards Jess, might I add. And yet your instantly ready to run off with Logan or something. What's the deal? As soon as Rory reached her bedroom, she all but collasped onto her bed with a sigh.

What was with everyone's Logan obsession? She just didn't see it. And her mother of all people! Lorelai wanted her to have nothing to do with Colin and Finn for the longest time, simply because they didn't fit into her idea of what Rory's life should be.

And yet Logan, who was more self confident and probably rich than both of them combined, was being welcomed with opened arms. Sure, she appreciated his actions towards Jess earlier, but that was all. And as for her feelings during the walk to Luke's? She contributed them to hunger. Her brain didn't work properly when she was hungry and coffee deprived. Just the thought of him made his blood boil. He thought he was God's gift to Chilton, no, probably to the world.

She let her eyes wonder to a picture of her and Jess hanging on her bedroom wall. She smiled. At least she had him, she would always have him. Logan walked into school the next morning looking slightly upset. He leaned heavily against the wall near Colin's locker and realeased his breath slowly.

The stares of Rory, Colin, Finn, and Stephanie were trained on him as he closed his eyes and then opened them again. I would be the first recorded case of death by no interest whatsoever.

Gilmore girls fanfiction open your eyes

Gilmore girls fanfiction open your eyes