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Us bank tracy ca

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Bank name, account number and transit or routing number if trwcy funds are going to a specific bank account in the Us bank tracy ca. We also offer cash-out options if you have expenses to take care of. Wednesday p. Contact me at our San Diego location at Understanding Your Loan Choices. Search locations. Presidents Day - a. If you might have to move again soon, then an adjustable-rate mortgage might be a suitable choice. Business customers expecting to make a deposit too large for an envelope can contact the branch to apply for key access, which accommodates larger packages. Contact Us.

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Us bank tracy ca

Us bank tracy ca

Us bank tracy ca. Save for something big


US Bank Locations in California

Free stock with this link only. Check for close. I have tried both your SB telephone numbers and get a "not available" recording. How can I reach a human being in SB? Went to this branch this morning. No p banker available to attend to me. There was only a teller and a security person.

The security guy said there was a meeting and were informed there is a customer. When I left there were 2 people in one of the offices looks like employees. Security guy is outside smoking. Left after 30 minutes of waiting. Looks like this branch is not interested in doing business and taking care of customers. Now you are tell me pay LKR.

I had such a great experience with Derek Armstrong he was very polite well-mannered and helped with my situation I am so pleased I got him as my banker he I will go to him from now on I Was So Satisfied Customer!!

We are pulling our money out of us bank! They won't let you deposit a check without your account number. Then you tell them your doing someone a favor. They tell you they need your id to deposit a check for them.

Plus tellers are very rude. Will never go back to this bank again. The most ignorant customer service rep. I have been there 4 times to move money and have had to have my lawyer intervene due to misinformation and lost paper work.

You need to update your Saturday "lobby" hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only a fool would put up with their crap!! Cara Heine runs a corrupt, discriminatory, and fraudulent enterprise. During my tenure at US Bank, I was belittled, harrassed, witnessed several illegal transactions, and was vilified for being gay. When I pointed out these infractions to Cara, she swept everything under the rug, and threatened me not to say a work.

I only hope that you get caught and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You do not scare me, because I have truth on my side. In my prior message, I made a mistake when I mentioned I was looking for a house to purchase. Leonard R. I am trying to buy a house in Goleta where I retired several years ago and was a customer of your bank. Hopefully, I will be able to transfer my account from the West Sacramento branch back to Goleta when that occurs.

In the meantime, I wanted to find out if you have safety deposit boxes for rent and for how much. I also wondered if you had any line on single level detached houses available for sale. I have received nothing but the best customer service from branches in The Dalles,OR.

Everyone has always gone out of their way to be helpful and make me comfortable. I would recommend to those who have posted numerous negative remarks under the same name or anonymously to simply bank elsewhere or get a life! Muskego ,Wi us bank stinks,I keep getting locked out of my account.

The only way to get back in is to call up the bank during banking hours. I do not have a pin number. If I did I could reset my password with out calling the bank during banking only hours. I keep asking for a pin number at the office of Muskego us bank.

They tell me I don't need one. I tell them I do need one I am again locked out ,cannot do any billing at night or week ends because the bank is not open then for them to reset my password. Cara Heine, the Branch Manager, is never on site, past 2pm.

She goes to yoga, and leaves her staff high and dry. She doesn't give a dam about US Bank. Whenever I go into this branch, Cara Heine, the branch manager, is never there. I tried to deposit a check, which was a life insurance policy on my mother who had just passed away. The girl at the teller line incomes me that there wasn't a branch manager or assistant manager who could help me.

As it turns out, Cara Heine goes to yoga every day by pm, and to Hell with anyone who needs help. I would recommend being drawn and quartered at your own choice before walking into this branch and dealing with the branch manager. If it were possible that a human were genetically grown from a vat of cow shit, this would be that person, with those ethics, that judgmental attitude, and such a holier than thou attitude that it makes me want to vomit in disgust.

I will be closing all accounts. Recommending the same for all my friends, and I hope that not a single customer sets foot in this travesty of a hellhole. After reading the reviews, sounds to me as if these people live in the wrong state. Everyone has always been professional with a sweet touch of personal care. We had always paid our bills on time but had so much debt, we were spinning our wheels. Great people to deal with.

Most disgusting display of customer service, lady told me over the phone before I drove down there they had enough cash to cash my check but when I got there they said they didn't for non customers which we know was a fib because a friend at another branch said that's not how it works.

Liars and I will always tell people to never use us bank!!! The check was from my mom so I will be closing her account for sure. She gave us a card saying her name is Brinder Kaur and even that I think was a lie. This bank states, that they are very ethical, inclusive, and gay friendly. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only does Cara Heine hate gay employees, she wants to destroy them, on a personal, and professional level.

I was harassed, belittled, and threatened on a daily basis, because I spoke out against fraudulent activity going on at this branch. I was met with dismissiveness, inequity, and lack of concern over very serious problems. I pity anyone who works for Cara Heine. The branch staff at N.

Oak do ok! The manager was more interested in trying to look good than in trying to work with me as a customer to help set up my accounts. I will have to drive farther from my home to avoid this branch I am a victim of fraud and the so called manager David Velasquez did not help whatsoever. After I told him he needs to investigate further into why this has happened second time happening he said "we are not the police we can't do that".

This man needs to be fired! I have notified higher lever management and will report this company to the BBB if no corrective action has been taken.

US bank has lost a customer. I was brought to US Bank, in Spokane, Washington, to train in store employees on the basics of retail banking.

I immediately met with hostility, discrimination, and lack of concern, over several concerns, which were illegal and fraudulent in natire. Cara Heine is evil. Run very far away from this branch. Very poor customer service. I used to enjoy banking here, but ever since they changed the staff their amount of disinterest is palpable. I work at a bank in Fort Collins and today I called this bank to ask if they would verify funds on a larger check that our customer deposited.

The girl I spoke to, Michelle I believe, was very short with me. When I asked if she would verify the funds she just said, "No. What's wrong with saying, "I'm sorry, we don't verify checks as it's against our policy"?

I would have been perfectly content with that answer instead of a flat "no". When I called later to speak to a manager, I told him what happened and he just stated verifying checks was against their policy. That wasn't my problem, the way I was spoken to was the problem. It just didn't seem to click with them. I truly hope you don't speak to your customers like that because that's a surefire way to lose them. We won't be calling here again for assistance.

I sent you a text last week ,however, I have not heard from you either. I hope this will reach you. I have no money to pay rent, a lady from El Monte church allowed me to stay in her home at this point.

Us bank tracy ca

Us bank tracy ca