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A recent move by United Airlines to purchase brand new 76 seat regional jets but only use two-thirds of the seating capacity raises just that question. United ushered in by touting a new era of premium luxury for customers. The airline backed up the claim this month by kitting out a new fleet of regional jets in style, with ten first-class seats, 20 extra -leg- room economy plus seats, and only 20 regular coach class seats in the back. In addition, each aircraft will have a snack station and four California-sized closets. It might be.

Regional jet models

Regional jet models

Business jets Light-sport aircraft Roadable aircraft. The fare is based on the child's age on the date of travel. The small regional jets once loved because they replaced rickety, Regional jet models, slow turboprops have multiplied into the majority of domestic airline flights in the U. Select Regional jet models departure date. Click on 'Price Breakdown' to find out more. US passengers were disappointed by these, lacking aircraft lavatories or flight attendants of larger jet aircraft. The Mitsubishi SpaceJet creates opportunities for this key segment. After evaluating Fokker's opportunities and challenges, Bombardier dropped the Do it nude on 27 February. Space where it matters.

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Editorial uses of this product are allowed, but other uses such as within computer games may require legal Reginal from third party intellectual property owners. In collections. German airline Lufthansa CityLinea subsidiary of the nations flag carrier operator Lufthansaserved as the launch customer for the CRJ On 10 May Regional jet models, the first of three CRJ Regional jet models conducted its maiden flight. Larger aircraft came back on regional Regiomal for their efficiency and on short routes turboprops don't lose too much time for a lower cost, reversing the s trend. The boom in regional jets did not exclusively benefit the CRJ series; simultaneously, Brazilian manufacturer and rival moeels Embraer also worked to increase their output of regional jets. Aviation Week and Space Technology. Namespaces Article Talk. Bombardier CRJ series. Jan 10, The Caravelle used the forward Regiomal nose section of the de Havilland Cometthe first commercial jetlinernot effective for continental-European flights. Complete Confidence. In turn, large routes Irish punk pants served by suboptimal seat jets which accelerated demand for those types in North America. Second, the extremely small airplanes are actually quite inefficient to run.

The small regional jets once loved because they replaced rickety, noisy, slow turboprops have multiplied into the majority of domestic airline flights in the U.

  • The regional jet has had a significant impact on the airline industry, providing an option to efficiently ferry people to and from smaller airports where large airplanes are simply not a necessity.
  • A regional jet RJ is a jet airliner and a regional airliner with less than seats.
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A regional jet RJ is a jet airliner and a regional airliner with less than seats. The s saw the emergence of the most widespread Canadair Regional Jet and its Embraer Regional Jet counterpart, then the larger Embraer E-Jet and multiple competing projects. In the US, they are limited in size by scope clauses. Regional Jet is an industry jargon and not a regulatory category. Embry—Riddle Aeronautical University defines the regional jet as up to seats capacity.

The scope clauses , limiting the aircraft size and number in US regional airlines , is often a design point for regional jets. Since , American Airlines , Delta Air Lines and United Airlines cap their regional airlines' jets at 76 seats and maximum take-off weight at 86, lb 39 t.

These aircraft are widely used by commuter airlines such as SkyWest and American Eagle. The low rate of fuel consumption, which translates to low cost of operation, makes regional jets ideal for use as commuter aircraft or to connect lower traffic airports to large or medium hub airports. In was introduced the Sud Aviation Caravelle 80— seats , ordered by Flag Carriers , the first purpose-built short-haul jetliner, a twin turbojet design for inter-European routes.

The Caravelle used the forward fuselage nose section of the de Havilland Comet , the first commercial jetliner , not effective for continental-European flights. In , Aeroflot introduced the 32 seat Yakovlev Yak and the 65—85 seats Fokker F28 Fellowship was introduced in In , the 40—44 seats VFW-Fokker saw service entry with its distinctive overwing engines, 19 were built. Some business jets like the British Aerospace first delivery: and Dassault Falcon 20 were operated by small airlines from the s, and the small Aerospatiale Corvette was used as a regional airliner from the s.

In , the US Airline Deregulation Act led to route liberalization , favouring small airliners demand. US passengers were disappointed by these, lacking aircraft lavatories or flight attendants of larger jet aircraft. As feeder routes grew, regional airlines replaced these small aircraft with larger turboprop airliners to feed larger airline hubs. Early small jets had higher operating costs than turboprops on short routes.

The gap narrowed with better turbofans, and closed with the higher utilization due to higher speeds. Low aircraft noise and short takeoffs were suited to city-center to city-center service, a small market niche, like the de Havilland Canada Dash 7 , but four engines led to higher maintenance costs than twin-engine designs and BAe did not produce a lower operating cost twin-engine design, unlike the Dash 8. In was introduced the 97— seats Fokker , a stretched F28, followed by the shorter, 72—85 seats Fokker 70 in Turboprop manufacturers wanted to develop their portfolio.

Canadair 's purchase by Bombardier in enabled a seat stretched development of its Challenger business jet , green-lighted by then chief executive Laurent Beaudoin in March They replaced the turboprops thanks to their better perceived image and larger range. On small-capacity long routes, they could offer a better service by increasing frequencies at a smaller capacity and could replace mainline jet airliners like McDonnell Douglas DC-9s and Boeing s.

Since , the Fairchild Dornier JET was also competing but the type did not enter large scale production as Fairchild Dornier went bankrupt, also ending the larger Fairchild Dornier family development. After evaluating Fokker's opportunities and challenges, Bombardier dropped the prospect on 27 February. The share of US domestic flying by 32 to seats regional jets grew to one-third from to , as network carriers subcontracted low-volume routes to cheaper commuter airlines with smaller planes.

Amid regional jet usage saturation, bankruptcy of regional airlines and shrinking of Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines , cramped seaters were evolving to more spacious 70— seaters, limited by union rules. In late , Bombardier suspended its CRJ production line. Between through , large planes were grounded while 1, regional jets were added. US major carriers high pilots' wages led them to subcontract flights to regional airlines with lower labor costs.

Pilot unions then demanded to regulate subcontracted aircraft size to a 50 seats maximum scope clause. In turn, large routes were served by suboptimal seat jets which accelerated demand for those types in North America. Embraer envisioned a market for more than aircraft and planned to produce up to 80 a year, but at peak delivered ERJs in while Bombardier delivered CRJs in Airlines renegotiated scope clause limits to seat jets as the market consolidates.

Larger aircraft came back on regional routes for their efficiency and on short routes turboprops don't lose too much time for a lower cost, reversing the s trend. A majority of them will be scrapped. Bombardier and Embraer have been locked in a series of counter-lawsuits over export taxes and subsidies.

Although not as economical as the turboprop, by flying directly to and from smaller airports, they reduced the need for low-cost regional airliners. Introduced in , the Antonov An has been successfully certified and tested and the production has started with three machines already built. Most of the orders are from post-Soviet markets and the Middle East, for European markets are still fairly hesitant to adopt aircraft from the former Soviet Union.

In , after attempting to renegotiate scope clauses, United Airlines ultimately decided to order fifty CRJs for its regional affiliates; the aircraft will be sourced from existing CRJ airframes and reconfigured with 50 seats in three classes.

Bombardier will recertify the aircraft as the CRJ model, with a lower MTOW to comply with the scope clauses, and hopes to sell this new configuration to replace up to existing seaters with US regional airlines. By August , there were 1, seat jets operated worldwide including in the US, often more than 20 years old.

SkyWest wants to replace of its ageing Bombardier CRJs and ERJs and while Many have logged 30, cycles, their life may be extended to 60, cycles for more years of service. SkyWest asked Bombardier, Embraer and Mitsubishi Aircraft to develop a new aircraft but the market is regulated by scope clauses. A smaller airplane is more costly per seat mile than a larger plane, but it mostly depends on the airline: in , Bombardier was estimating regional jet costs at 9 to 10 US cents per seat mile while flying a Boeing costs less than 8 cents per seat mile at Southwest Airlines but 15 cents at Continental Airlines.

While designed primarily for medium stage lengths, regional jets may now be found supplementing major trunk routes alongside traditional larger jet aircraft. RJs have also meant a return of jet service to cities where full-size jet service had departed over a decade ago, such as Macon, Georgia , and Brownsville, Texas.

The idea that regional jets would provide point-to-point service and bypass the hub-and-spoke system may not be materializing as it was expected. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It has been suggested that Competition in the Regional jet market be merged into this article.

Discuss Proposed since October For the airline operator, see Regional Jet airline. Rhoades, Blaise P. Waguespack Jr. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Flight Global. April 10, February 27, USA Today. The Globe and Mail. Wall Street Journal. Archived from the original on August 20, The Oklahoman. Sputnik News. SuperJet International. Aviation Week and Space Technology. June Aviation International News. July 10, Aviation Week Network.

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Regional jet models

Regional jet models

Regional jet models

Regional jet models

Regional jet models. Love travel?

These modifications were designed to allow operations under their major airline contract "scope clause" which restricted major airlines' connection carriers from operating equipment carrying 50 or more passengers to guard against usurpation of Air Line Pilots Association and Allied Pilots Association pilots' union contract ; these scope clauses have been since relaxed when union contracts were re-written between unions and the three remaining U.

Similarly, Comair 's fleet of seat CRJs were sold at a discounted price to discourage Comair from purchasing the less expensive and smaller Embraer During the middle of the s, Bombardier's commercial aircraft division had incurred persistent operational losses, which motivated management to initiate restructuring and cost-cutting efforts.

While no further CRJ or CRJ jet liners have been constructed since , over the years since then, various technologies and innovations have been retrofitted onto examples of the type, which have largely remained in commercial service.

Several models of the CRJ have been produced, ranging in capacity from 40 to 50 passengers. The initial version of this article was based on a public domain article from Greg Goebel's Vectorsite. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Bombardier CRJ Regional jet airliner.

This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. February Aviation portal Canada portal. Aviation Week. May 20, Retrieved 20 November Flight International. Retrieved 11 August December Aviation Week and Space Technology. Aircraft are retiring younger, but will that last? Retrieved The Aviation Herald. Retrieved 20 January The Aviation herald. Retrieved 5 April Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Jun 6, Retrieved 14 June Retrieved 2 September The Gazette of Central Asia.

Jan 10, June The Global Commercial Aviation Industry. Routledge, Hecker, Jayetta Z. Jane's All The World's Aircraft — Roberts, Dean C. Entering the Civil Aircraft Industry. Dog Ear Publishing, Vasigh, Bijan. Ross Publishing, Bombardier aircraft. Dash 8. Canadair aircraft. As the world's most successful family of regional aircraft with over 1, regional jets in service and over operators in 90 countries, a CRJ Series aircraft takes off or lands every 5 seconds.

The CRJ Series performance on reliability is over From a lower price of entry to getting a jet in the sky faster, pre-owned can be an excellent value and smart choice. Our focus is the management and remarketing of Bombardier's previously owned used commercial aircraft portfolio, specifically the CRJ Series. Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. More than 50 years of vision and innovation! Bombardier Commercial Aircraft in numbers.

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These days, few new planes generate the sort of buzz that the original jumbo—the Boeing —or the supersonic Concorde did back in the s. After all, when First Lady Pat Nixon cracked a bottle of Champagne over the first bulbous-nosed in , it literally launched the era of mass tourism across the Atlantic. But many aviation insiders say that while the latest jets coming off the assembly line may not have the distinctive look of those early icons, they will have as great an influence on the way we fly—if not more so.

Expect to see it in: early in the U. The buzz: Domestic flights that will get a lot comfier in coach. On the A, both the seat size at least 18 inches and the seating layout 2x3 stand out from the typical, you've-probably-seen-this-and-hated-it configuration on single-aisle planes: six seats across, each with a width of 17 inches.

Legroom , unfortunately, is totally up to the airline. The two windows at each row, and capacious overhead bins , will also combat claustrophobia. The A also guzzles a lot less fuel than earlier regional planes, which means airlines will be more willing to take a gamble on new routes. Delta Air Lines was an early convert, ordering 75 C Series planes with deliveries to start next year; more recently, JetBlue snapped up 60 of the jets.

In July, JetBlue founder David Neeleman tentatively ordered up to 60 As for his embryonic startup, Moxy , which plans to fly to mid-size markets in the U.

Expect to see it: throughout The buzz: A better ride than the typical regional jet. The E2 carries the same number of passengers and has many of the same advantages of the A, if not more: seating will be 2x2, with no dreaded middle seats , according to The Points Guy.

Airlines are also being offered a staggered business class seating layout with extra privacy. And the next one out of the starting gate is its larger sibling, the Airbus A, a super-size edition of the A Launch customer Qatar Airways will configure the A to add an extra ten business class seats and 34 in coach over the version, for a total of passengers. The will also carry a bigger fuel tank to haul all that extra weight, and even so, it can fly 9, miles without stopping though not as far as the 9, maximum distance that the version can make.

Expect to see it in: The buzz: A worthy heir to the mantle. The X is billed by the plane-maker as the biggest and best of the whole product line, with capacity for passengers in a multi-class layout, virtually on a par with its bulbous-nosed predecessor although it lacks the beloved upper deck of the former.

Emirates is expected to launch the jumbo into service in ; Lufthansa, Qatar, and Singapore are among the first round of customers. Expect to see it in: The buzz: It'll fly you from Tokyo to San Francisco in less than six hours. One possible customer might be Japan Airlines, an early investor in the company, which has an option to buy up to 20 of the seat airliners, which will fly at just over twice the speed of sound: Mach 2.

The planes will likely be restricted to subsonic speeds, or under mph, over land. Still, the idea of flying in half the current time from the East Coast to London , or from the West Coast to Japan is hard to resist. The company claims that fares will be roughly equivalent to business class prices , even though Concorde fares soared well beyond the first class tab. See you in the air. Will be used in accordance with our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Share via Twitter. Share via facebook dialog. Share via Pinterest. Share via Email. Here are some of the newer airplanes that could change your travels:.

The Airbus A has longer range than a standard regional jet. Qatar Airways is the launch customer of the Boeing X. Boom says its fares will be roughly equivalent to business class prices. Related Stories, hidden Related Stories show. The Complete Guide to Cruise. Get the magazine. Daily Traveler.

Regional jet models

Regional jet models