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The red and blue lights in the rear windows of the conversion van caused an even greater knot in my stomach. I hated to drive the conversion. It was huge compared to my A4 Audi. It handled like shit, lumbered slowly up to speed on the highway entrance ramp, and every breeze in the wind caused the side of the van to act as sail and move it back and forth in the lanes. I also had two speeding tickets and one DUI in the last year.

Literotica stripsearch

Literotica stripsearch

Literotica stripsearch

Literotica stripsearch

Literotica stripsearch

Literotica stripsearch I moved around and stared at her great legs and neatly trimmed bush, I kind of forgot about the pain in my ass. Forced to Strip on the Beach Two sisters are strip-searched by a horny guard. I stroked my meat for the ladies in uniform. Report Story. My brain was racing as Sir placed a straight-backed chair in front of me, what did he have planned? Literotica stripsearch Assignment Pt. I Catalina booty my eyes and stifled a moan as his fingers slowly probed into my vagina. After a short walk through the modern terminal I collected my luggage and approached the customs Lierotica. I thought she was going to lick the nightstick again. The reception desk was unmanned but after a minute the elevator doors opened and a uniformed nurse stepped out.

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The guys we were taking stripseagch Literotica stripsearch kids whose parents are never around to take them to anything. Williams placed my luggage back Literotica stripsearch the trolley and pushed it towards some offices with me It blows in france close behind. I found some refreshing bottled water in the small fridge and set about unpacking my bags. Send private anonymous feedback to the author click here to post a public comment instead. Literotica is a trademark. After a short walk through the modern terminal I collected my luggage and approached the customs area. The woman rolled down her window. You have made it at last; my name is Tricia, welcome to your new home. Fallon's Final Fling Ch. It was earlya few years before terrorism changed the world forever with the attacks on Literotica stripsearch York and Washington.

She looked like she just saw a ghost, her mind racing back to that fateful day when she ran into me.

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  • It was early , a few years before terrorism changed the world forever with the attacks on New York and Washington.
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The red and blue lights in the rear windows of the conversion van caused an even greater knot in my stomach. I hated to drive the conversion. It was huge compared to my A4 Audi. It handled like shit, lumbered slowly up to speed on the highway entrance ramp, and every breeze in the wind caused the side of the van to act as sail and move it back and forth in the lanes. I also had two speeding tickets and one DUI in the last year. I slowed the van down and eased to the side of the interstate making sure I cleared enough room for the officer to approach the van.

I had my driver's license at the ready and I kept checking my left rear view mirror waiting for the policeman. I was startled when there was a knock on the passenger window and a face peered around the passenger side window. I hit the down button on the power window and was startled again when the voice was that of a woman and not a man.

I handed her my license and I reached over to the glove department and found the registration. I handed the document to her. I quietly sat in the van wondering what the offense was that I was stopped for. It seemed like forever until she came back with my license and the registration. As she approached the van, a second police car came and pulled in front of me.

The traffic was quite heavy for a mid July evening. The sun had nearly set and the dust from the day could be seen in the reddening western sky. Edwards, My name is officer Tammy Tuttle. You were stopped for weaving from lane-to-lane.

Also, there has been an irregularity found with your license and registration," the officer explained to me in her clipped and official voice. Officer Tuttle cut me off, "That is no excuse for endangering others on a major interstate Mr. The interstate is too busy to have this conversation at this time. I started the van and followed the police car in front of me for another mile to the exit ramp. Officer Tuttle was right behind me. Little did I know this positioning was to be played out again.

Both of the patrol cars turned their lights off as we made our way down the ramp. We turned right and went about a half-mile from the highway turning into the parking lot of a shuttered restaurant. Officer Wolf was first out of her car and told me to pull my van next to her cruiser with the passenger side facing the old restaurant. I maneuvered the van a few feet from Officer Wolf's car and Officer Tuttle pulled in behind me. Edwards, please exit the van and stand next to your vehicle," Officer Wolf called out to me.

I got out and stood next to the black conversion van wearing my cutoffs, t-shirt, and sandals. Officers' Tuttle and Wolf both came up to me and stood in front and to my right. Officer Tuttle began. This vehicle cannot be operated and it will have to be towed to the impound lot. Officer Tammy Tuttle was about five eight, slightly overweight but curvy. Her uniform could barely contain her breasts.

I was guessing 38 C's or maybe a D cup for her. Her hair was tucked under her hat. Officer Tracey Wolf was shorter, about five six, and skinnier. Her chest was also large but not disproportionate to her body.

She was a blonde with dark roots. Her hand was also on the butt of her trooper special. Officer Wolf responded, "Just like a typical guy, always blaming your wife for the stuff you don't get done around the house.

Let me guess, next you're gonna tell Tammy and I that the van's a mess cause the kids trashed it and she never cleaned it up? Slowly I opened the door and the overhead lights went on in the rear seating area.

The plush bench seats and captain's chairs in were now visible in the very dark parking lot. I also noticed that not many cars came by this part of town.

The two officers peered in and looked around. There was the usual junk of juice boxes, crayons, paper, and pencils on the floor. I began to breathe a sign of relief. Officer Tuttle looked behind the back seat and saw the brown paper bag. Without saying a word, she reached back and pulled out the bag. Officer Wolf got behind me, her hand on the butt of her gun, while Officer Tuttle opened the bag. Edwards has here," Tuttle said to both of us. Officer Tuttle pulled out the six pack of beer.

Officer Tuttle pulled out three skin magazines of women with toys, lesbians, and women masturbating. When you whack-off, do you clean it up, or do you make your wife clean up your mess? I could feel the heat rising from skin into the summer night. Hell, I needed that beer now! Officer Tuttle began to pat me down, running her hands my front, sides and back of my shirt. Officer Wolf moved her hands across my ass, pulling my wallet out and tossing it on the ground. She moved her hands between my legs and yelled, "Weapon!

Edwards, we will need for you to hand over the weapon! Edwards, we cannot transport you while you are carrying a weapon.

If you do not remove it, we will remove it. Now how am I going to help them to understand that I do not have a gun on me. Officer Tuttle continued. Edwards, slowly turn-around, hands pointing away from your body.

Officer Tuttle cam up and pulled my t-shirt up. Tuttle threw the t-shirt into the van. I just went out for some beer and stuff. Naked women, fingering each other, licking one another, and using a vegetable to masturbate? You call that stuff! Thinking about being butt-fucked by a bunch of criminals or getting naked in front of two nice looking women was an easy choice.

I moved my hands to the snap button on my cut-off shorts and slid them down my legs. My dick in a shrunken state was about four inches long. The warm summer night and the two beautiful women made it swell slightly. I turned and faced the dimly lit van. I assumed the position and I heard a snapping sound. Officer Tammy Tuttle grabbed my balls and gave them a squeeze.

I heard Officer Wolf snicker. Tuttle reached further forward and began to stroke my dick. She was squatting down, her hand pumping my cock. My dick began to grow in size and circumference.

From the mere four inches, Tuttle's magic fingers had my one-eyed monster to seven inches in no time flat. While Tuttle stroked my dick, Officer Wolf was near my right cheek and her fingers were running through my crack. The snapping sound I heard a few minutes ago were the rubber gloves.

Tuttle stroked my dick; I was in extasy until Wolf began to plunge her latex covered finger into my ass. I felt the first digit enter my ass, then another, probing deeper into me.

I grimaced but my inhaling of air was met with a clarification from Officer Wolf, "You're lucky it's just my finger. If you didn't cooperate, it would have been Bubba's dick up your ass. As quickly as they started, they stopped. My dick bobbed in front of me. I turned around and sat on the edge of the runner of the door. It hurt a bit but at least edge was rounded and not sharp. Officer Wolf took a skin mag and put on my right side on the floor, another to the left, and the third in front of me on the ground.

Their nightstick flashlights illuminated the magazines. Tammy and I are going to watch you stroke your meat and shoot a load for us. If you don't do it, we'll take you in not only as a traffic violator but public indecency. Got it?

She was now wearing only her shoes and her red panties. The sergeant had disappeared inside of our van, and then reappeared holding Mom's purse. The money offered to relocate for this job was too much for me to resist, with little to spend it on I could save and return home with a large deposit for my own home. Coleman exited the squad and approached the woman's driver-side door. While Mom got the car started, a funny odor wafted through the van. She looked good tonight in a tight orange tank top that clung a little to her big tits, and a blue denim skirt that was hemmed a little below mid-thigh level. Adult Store Movies Webcams.

Literotica stripsearch

Literotica stripsearch

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She looked like she just saw a ghost, her mind racing back to that fateful day when she ran into me. We sat down on the steel table that has held many a naked ass, over the years. Looking at her arrest report, it had been about three years, since she last sat on this table, but this time she had a pair of jeans protecting her from the cold. One night, I even helped her out of a sticky jam, she had gotten herself into, with a couple of bad dudes, in the Crazy Horse parking lot.

Then I met her again, when she came in to the station to do some paper work on the incident. While she was there, I asked her is she would mind doing a brief interview, or follow-up as I put it, about her arrest. She was definitely hesitant to share her personal feelings with me, but she finally and somewhat reluctantly agreed, to return the favor and submit to an interview about that fateful day, three years ago.

After I let her sit in the processing room for several minutes, so she could go back in time. I asked her if she was ready. She took a deep breath and said she was, so I pressed the record button on my tape recorder and started with the interview. I just wanted to be with him, if you know what I mean. I have short brown hair, and green eyes. Safe to say she was a looker. Safe to say, she had a body that could make a grown man cry. I was even like half undressed when your spotlight, lit up our car, scared the piss out of me, almost literately!

I had my top off, and I think my underwear was even around my ankles. I was desperately trying to dress, while screaming at him to stop," she said, as she blushed. Wonderful took off on foot, leaving me dazed in confused in the car. What were you thinking? I had never been arrested before, not even close.

He told me the car was stolen, when you were chasing us. Man, I could have killed him. I had my fingerprints taken and then the dreaded mug shots. Yah, when the camera flashed, it hit me that I was an adult now. Processing room. Do not enter. Prisoner search in progress, or something like that. I wanted to call my parents, but you said I would have to wait until after.

Yah go a head and laugh asshole! I was literally shaking, and my face felt like it was on fire, sort of like it feels now. Geez, now you want to take it slow, typical," she said with a laugh. I mean you saw me in my bra anyways and then I handed it to you. Well Beavis, I was only wearing a lacy blue and white bra, some bikini like panties. They were black, it was also a thong Hey I was on a date. Oh and I had my sister's high heels on.

I never figured I would be standing in front of And what was going on in you head now? I was still praying when I felt like you punched me in the stomach, and God had let me down, yet again tonight. Yah, well what was I going to do? I unsnapped it and handed it over. Speaking of God, God bless the person who came up with the front latch. Where did you come up with that one? And your feelings. Well you ordered me to turn around again, which I was almost happy to do, as your eyes were burning a hole through my breasts, but it was short lived, cause you asked for my panties I remember almost laughing.

I mean, my breasts were one thing But I bit my tongue and pulled them down, and handed them over. I could feel my heart beat in my throat, but I also felt a strange sense of relief.

What sick fuck came up with them? I mean one woman, at some place and time, concealed some drugs in her privates, and the rest of us, have had to pay for it ever since. Well you had me open my mouth and you used a tongue depressor to search it. I did this, while also cursing you. I was also cursing my girlfriend, for talking me into shaving my pus, down there, cause I was even more embarrassed.

I mean, I knew you could see everything, especially when you moved in-between my knees and spread them apart. Searching my pussy You happy now? Never mind, I already know the answer to that one. The End. Authors Note. Just a little note as to how this story came together.

Although friend might be stretching it, especially after this story, which took us about four hours, twelve Buds and five or six screwdrivers to complete. Frankly, I just knew her from a local pub, I've been known to down a few at. And here is how that even happened.

BUT she had to help me write a story for my collection. She reluctantly agreed, even after she read some of my strip search stories. I asked her if she had ever been strip-searched in real life, and she snapped a "No" back at me After some liquid courage, I asked her if she was ready, and she said, "Yah, let's get this over. With evil laughter inside, I quickly spun around and watched the show.

Hell, she had a killer body. She was an erection maker to be sure, but her sly smile faded and she cursed me out, for making her, show me, her pussy, they always hate that part, especially the spreading of their pussy-lips with their fingers part. She also said I should consider her body, "No Man's Land. Which left me disappointed to say the least. Finally she dressed while I burned her body to my memory, for future use.

Then we sat down and wrote this little story, her embarrassing "Strip" fresh in her mind and a little chip on her shoulder, which I think came out in the story, so Sorry if it reads a little rough, or maybe it was that the blood in my body, was all seemingly in the wrong head at the time. Either way, it was still a fun night.

Better than watching the Red Sox anyways. And the funny part! Turns out her car needs more work than she thought, so maybe I can use my powers of persuasion, More Dead Presidents to get her to help write, or at least inspire another story.

So stay tuned for more adventures from Deputy Duffy. Thanks for your time and hope you enjoyed it. Report Story. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. Password: Forgot your password? Security code:. Submit bug report. Next 2 Pages: 1 2 1 2 Go. Stories Poems Story Series. Tags Portal Chat Forum. Adult Store Movies Webcams. Username: Password: Forgot your password? Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation.

Literotica stripsearch

Literotica stripsearch