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Auto trans service

Auto trans service

Auto trans service

Mfm threesome opinions are Brisbane's number one experts in service, replacement or repair of any automatic transmission. Jul 27, 9. We specialise in the most modern, computer controlled transmissions right through to early transmissions. With us - your car is in safe hands. Ill ring up Holden and see how much they sell there OEM trans oil for. Are you sure?

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Improves overall transmission durability and cleanliness. See Images Below. What is the difference between an Audi Inline mounted and Transverse mounted transmission? How To Step 12 Remove the oil fill plug while the car is at an idle and add more Audi automatic transmission fluid until it runs out. Ravenol's innovative and technologically advanced lubricant product line has out performed many of the leading motor oil companies. The filter is there to prevent this very debris from recirculating through Auto trans service transmission, but this also means that all of the fluid passes through it. Flushing your Audi transmission fluid should always be done in conjunction with the automatic filter replacement. Yet, for many Audi owners, this seems to be one of the most neglected area of maintenance. What is an Audi Tiptronic transmission? An automatic transmission shifts the car into different gears Breast and pregancy on the speed that you are driving. If you've ever seen the Auto trans service color of old transmission fluid, you'll agree that it seems very logical that changing the Audi automatic transmission fluid and filter are needed. A Auto trans service transmission is basic by comparison, and most of the things that go wrong with them are down to driver error, or at least exacerbated by the driver. Always wear gloves and safety goggles when handling Audi fluids.

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How To Step 10 Reinstall the Audi automatic transmission fluid oil fill plug hand tight. Torque the screws to factory specifications. How To Step 7 Align the new Audi automatic transmission fluid oil pan gasket with the oil pan and install the oil pan. For example, if your transmission fluid is black and smells burned, there is likely a problem internally. Around many Audis came equipped with a tiptronic transmission.

Auto trans service

Auto trans service. How much does Transmission Fluid Service cost?

How do Mechanics Change Transmission Fluid? Automatic only Install new pan gasket and filter if replaceable. Check for leaks. Test drive the vehicle. Our recommendation: A conservative rule of thumb is that a car should get a transmission fluid service every 40, miles. What are the common symptoms indicating you need to replace the transmission fluid?

Vehicle has a hard time running Vehicle stalls when going up or down a steep incline Check Engine Light is on Transmission makes noise How important is this service? Recent Transmission Fluid Service reviews. Excellent Rating. Average Rating 4.

Number of Reviews Rating Summary. James 28 years of experience. Request James. James did an exceptional job on may Cadillac SRX. He is very helpful and very easy to communicate with regarding questions I had about the repair. I will absolutely use him again. James was helpful in answering questions and explaining repairs in simple terms. He was straightforward and honest with what additional repairs were needed and which repairs could wait. Milenko 15 years of experience. Request Milenko. Milenko knows his business!!

He was punctual, personable and extremely knowledgeable of his profession. He did an excellent job! He explained what he performed on vehicle, showed me the parts he told out. He was very concerned about my brake pads being worn out and suggested getting that done soon.

Vadym 4 years of experience. Request Vadym. Vadym was on time, competent, and got the job done. This service is fantastic! I would recommend Vadym anytime! I recommended Your Mechanic to all my friends! Vadym did a great job on three services that required a lot of work and specific parts. He worked to make sure that all the parts were available before performing service and communicated well about any delays.

Juan 8 years of experience. Request Juan. Juan was an amazing mechanic. The steps are also applicable to Audi A6, Allroad, A4, and A8 models with 5 speed tiptronic transmissions. Changing ATF is most easily done in conjunction with the Audi transmission filter maintenance. Changing Audi automatic transmission fluid is most easily done in conjunction with the Audi transmission filter maintenance. Why contaminate clean fluid with the sediment that's stored in the old automatic transmission filter?

Our automatic transmission fluid service kits are available for nearly every Audi model for a great price! We can even drop ship our Audi automatic transmission fluid and filter kits directly to your Audi mechanic, which makes changing Audi automatic transmission fluid even easier.

Only an authorized Audi Vw dealer can access the bill of material info , which reveals what transmission was used in your car, the transmission code, and the subsequent fluid. Blauparts is an independent Audi Vw parts specialist and does not have access to this bill of material info. Also, customers can check their Audi factory service manual for what ATF is recommended for use in their vehicle. There are a few ways to find your transmission codes and specifics. First, you'll need to locate your Vehicle Identification Label.

The Vehicle Identification Label can usually be found on the well area that carries the spare tire in the trunk. The transmission code s are usually located on the same row as the engine code.

See Images Below. The Vehicle Identification Label is usually attached inside the smaller Maintenance booklet on the Warranty Voucher page. Your VIN vehicle identification number is the one sure way to find out what type of transmission your model has. The factory manual refers to VAG special tool for pumping the Audi automatic transmission fluid into the oil pan. To purchase this tool from the dealer is very expensive. Audi models came with many different transmissions.

These terms inline and transverse can refer to either the engine or the transmission. Most earlier Audi models came equipped with an inline mounted automatic transmission. An inline transmission is positioned in the engine compartment forward to aft front to rear in the body of the car. Some newer Audi models came equipped with transverse mounted automatic transmissions. Transverse mounted transmissions are positioned sideways left to right in the body of the car. Around many Audis came equipped with a tiptronic transmission.

Tiptronic is the term Audi uses to describe their manumatic type transmission. Automatic tiptronic transmissions allows the driver to switch over and manually control gear selection.

A few Audi models came equip with the direct shift gearbox DSG transmissions. These transmissions feature both manual and automatic modes of operation. The design yields better RPM control for more powerful and smoother shifting. Since , Ravenol of Germany has been at the forefront of innovation, creating the highest quality oils and lubricants specific to advanced engine and transmission designs. Ravenol is recognized throughout Europe as a leader in fluid technology, keeping pace with the latest fluid specifications.

They've succeeded in meeting and often exceeding the performance requirements set by leading European automobile manufacturers. Ravenol's innovative and technologically advanced lubricant product line has out performed many of the leading motor oil companies. Ravenol motor oils provide superior lubricant protection reducing friction, resulting in optimal fuel economy and low emissions under all driving conditions.

Ravenol lubricants are the best choice for the discriminating Audi owners. Ravenol oils contain proprietary additives that offer unique profile characteristics specifically formulated for the advanced requirements of European cars. Most German automotive owners want only the best fluids.

Blauparts believes in providing oils and lubricants that are formulated and engineered to meet your car's stringent specifications. Blauparts only stocks Audi automatic transmission fluid that is German made and meets approved Audi Vw specifications.

What type of transmission fluid does my Audi use? How do I find my Audi transmission codes? What is an Audi Tiptronic transmission? What is the difference between an Audi Inline mounted and Transverse mounted transmission? Audi Transmission Fluid Change Intervals Audi automatic transmission fluid levels should be checked at regular intervals. Flushing your Audi transmission fluid should always be done in conjunction with the automatic filter replacement.

Refer to the factory Robert Bentley Audi manual for detailed Audi transmission fluid system instructions. We recommend having an A. Audi Vw certified mechanic change your Audi transmission fluid. Always wear gloves and safety goggles when handling Audi fluids. How To Step 1 Make sure the vehicle is perfectly level.

When the transmission fluid is still warm, but the vehicle has cooled down, remove the Audi transmission drain plug and drain the fluid into an appropriate container. How To Step 2 Remove the automatic transmission fluid oil pan. How To Step 3 Clean the sediment out of the bottom of the transmission fluid oil pan. How To Step 4 Clean the magnets which have attracted metallic particles.

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Log in or Sign up. Welcome to Just Commodores, a site specifically designed for all people who share the same passion as yourself. Recent Posts Contact Us. Just Commodores. Jul 25, 1. From what I've read it seems to be that case that transmisison fluid is changed when its hot. What are the issues with doing it when its cold?

Is there any problem with using two different brands in the one service? VEdriver59 , Jul 25, Jul 25, 2. You don't need to have it hot to change it. It needs to be hot to check the level once you refill it. Sent from here, so you can read it there. Sabbath' , Jul 25, Jul 25, 3.

One other thing I would like to know. I have a read a thread in the VT - VX section, "Transmission fluid change" that the fluid from the torque converter can be drained by disconnecting the hose that runs from the front of the transmission to the radiator and letting the fluid empty into a container. The OP said that the engine would splutter when the fluid had been drained out of the trans. This seems like a good idea to me but I would'nt want to run the transmission dry.

What would happen it did run out of fluid? Has anyone had any experience with draining the fluid and torque converter on a VE using this method? Jul 25, 4. Gets the rest of old fluid out. Jul 25, 5. I found a video where a bloke shows how this can be done. He used the same fluid but he kept pouring new fluid in until the new fluid started coming out but at Dex 6 prices I think I'd want to use a cheap stuff to get the old stuff out but how to then get the cheap stuff out to put the Dex 6 in I don't know.

Jul 26, 6. I have had a good mechanic friend told me if you ever service a Holden ve tranny, always get the tranny fluid from Holden as all other after market brands can't be compared to the genuine stuff.

He also mentioned since these trannies are made by some Europien car company and they only really like the original fluid as aftermarket brands like castrol, penrite etc cant be conpared to thr oroginal fluid it comes with so if you do a tranny fluid change, go to a Holden healer and buy the OEM fluid for it.

Can anyone shed some light on this as I'm confused about which brand of fluid to use. Jul 26, 7. Interesting, i have heard a few different sides to the story depending on which box you have. When i talked to the local auto tranny shop he said he would actually prefer to run dex 3 in my car, i have the 4sp auto.

He reckons the 4 speed was designed to run on dex3 and runs smoother on it and lasts longer, but holden just decided to specify dex6 for it because they had a patent on it so they make money on the fluid because you have to buy it from holden. Holden wouldnt do that would they? Which box have you got? Jul 26, 8. I've got the same mate, a 4 speed box in my ve.

I never heard that it could possibly run it on dex 3 oil. My mechanic flipped out when I said I wanted to an aftermarket oil for my tranny as there no way near good as the OEM fluid. Ill ring up Holden and see how much they sell there OEM trans oil for. Jul 27, 9. WazzaV8 , Jul 27, Jul 27, Last edited: Jul 27, Jul 29, I'll do that but with 7. VEdriver59 , Jul 29, Aug 29, Does anyone here have a guide on this?

Can't for the life of me find the plug to put the new fluid in. Gokz , Aug 29, Aug 30, There is a torx bolt on either the passenger or driver side and below it on the bottom is the drain plug. MichaelVE , Aug 30, Aug 31, Members Ride: VE Omega sedan 3. I have a Omega, 3. I intend to keep my car for a few years, and I am wary of false economy. I should add that when I had the service, my tranny was behaving badly, and the full service restored it like new.

Shorty33 , Aug 31, Sep 2, My ve omega has the 4 speed Auto did have ,klms on it. I took it in for a tranny service and asked if they use the dex 6 fluid etc as I wanted to make sure the dex 6 went in. I got that kind of look from him like I dont know what im talking about and he is the expert. I asked when he finished if he found any metal shaving etc he said " Not really just that the filter was really dirty and said shes still hanging together " Anyways now I have done klms since the service and the tranny shifts worse than ever especially when the fluid is cold.

When cold around 50 klm per hour the car doesnt know which gear to pick it up then changes down then up again. Never did this before my only reason for service was to get the brown coloured fluid change. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

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Auto trans service